Luxury Tours India- Experience the charms from your eyes

India has various travel destinations like Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Goa, Kovalam, Bangalore, Shimla, Ooty etc. The Indian government is taking special care of some tourist destinations which have been recognized for luxury tours. These destinations have great ambience and you can enjoy various cuisines during your tour of these location. You can enjoy your Luxury Tours India.

Whatever you have chosen your tour package the main attraction from where your tour will start is Delhi. The Delhi is the capital of India and has many historical heritage centers that are alluring many travelers from its charms. India Gate, Akshardham temple, Lotus temple, President House, Red fort are some mesmerizing charms of Delhi which is seen by many travelers per day.To cater the accommodation option Delhi hotels has wide range of option in luxury as well as budget hotels. In luxury hotels you have Leela Kempinski, ITC Maurya Delhi, etc and in Budget hotels you have Hotel Ginger, Hotel Megha, Hotel Florence and etc. If you are moving Delhi book an accommodation here to make your stay comfortable and relax.

Well there are various options are available to make your journey to India luxury and comfortable. If you are very fond of traveling through the train then India has a number of luxury trains which not only gives you mesmerizing trip but also showcase you some of the best historical heritages of India which was first residence of Rajas and Maharajas. These trains are designed after keeping the luxury in mind. Elegant furniture, restaurants, luxurious rooms, recreation facilities and many more are available on board to make your tour comfortable and wonderful.

You will enjoy the hospitality of these trains, from beginning to ending you will only mesmerized by the charms of trains and exotic destinations. Staffs of these trains are able to speak fluent English and are friendly nature. So juts see India on boarding at any luxury trains and watch the beauties by which these trains passes through. So enjoy your journey with luxury tour packages India of Go Heritage India Journey and make yourself lucky..

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Janitorial Services Centennial CO Cleaning up Your Environment

Before you embark on the search for the best janitorial services Centennial CO, you need to ensure you are aware of what to look for. Choosing a commercial cleaning service to maintain their facility should be a relatively easy task. Depending on the kind of business and size of your facility you can narrow down the list of commercial cleaning services to take into consideration. Janitorial services Centennial CO range from small, mid-size and large, and all have their own menu of services to offer.
Firstly, make sure you determine what services the janitorial services Centennial CO specialize in and whether they service multiple locations if necessary. Make sure you ask if they have the man-power to accomplish the services you require and check to know their level of experience. What types of cleaning products do they use and what types of clients do they currently provide services for? Do they have references? A commercial cleaning company who will give you at least 3 references of current clients also is a strong indication this company is confident of their abilities to provide the services you need and in the way you deserve to have your facility look. Of importance is whether they have experience with other businesses like yours? Once you get answers to these questions, then you are sure of making the right decision for your janitorial services Centennial CO provider.
Liability insurance is another important factor that most people tend to overlook yet it is very important. Choose a commercial cleaning service that has insurance to protect you and your commercial facility in case of damage to your property and injury to the cleaners while they are on your property. The type of janitorial services Centennial CO that you choose to work on your premises will determine the quality of service you get.

Accurate Janitorial
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Janitorial Services Centennial CO
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Vail Ski Rentals Something You Will Never Forget

Skiing enthusiasts ranging from children, adults, males and females are always looking for a place where they can enjoy a skiing vacation. A family ski trip is one of the most enjoyable family events that can be participated by both the children and parents alike and thus the need for getting the right Vail Ski Rentals. It is important remembering that during the peak season, it becomes very difficult to get ski rentals at any Vail shop due to the high demand for these skiing accessories. Parents are advised to plan way ahead and book their skiing gear and that of their children as well as those for their children early enough when it is still off season to ensure they cut on costs.
If you are new into skiing, it will probably be more advisable for you to get Vail Ski Rentals rather than purchasing new equipment. One advantage of renting your skiing equipment way before the peak season is that it will always be less expensive and you can pick up your equipment ahead of time instead of waiting in long lines and paying higher rental prices. Basic rental packages will include skis, boots and poles. You should have a choice of beginner, intermediate or performance skis. However, you will need to purchase your own knee guards, gloves as well as ensure that come with warm clothes and water resistant jackets.
Family accommodation facilities that accommodate more than one person are also available at Vail not so far away from the snow filled mountains. You could find the big rooms where up to six people can be accommodated in one room. It is also to ensure that the rooms are well equipped with heating sources to be warm and comfortable after a long day on the mountains.

Black Tie Ski Rentals of Vail
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Vail Ski Rentals
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New Flag Cases with Certificate and Medal – a Great Retirement gift for any retired military personal is the same seller that supplied former U.S. President Ronald Reagan’s flag display case.

Deer Park, NY, April 20, 2012 – Are you looking for a unique military gift idea? Do you need to honor a deceased member of your family who served in the U.S. Armed Forces? Is a birthday coming up for your son or daughter in the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps or Coast Guard?

Look no further than this beautiful flag and medal display case! It is proudly made in the USA from top-quality materials. is the same seller that supplied former U.S. President Ronald Reagan’s flag display case. Don’t fall for imitation: buy the original!

This flag and badge case comes in two sizes: 3’ x 5’ and 5’ x 9.5’ (burial flag). The 3’ x 5’ is a perfect military gift idea, while the 5’ x 9.5’ (burial flag) is a perfect memorial to your deceased loved one.

The 3’ x 5’ is now at a low sale price of $175.00. That’s $20.00 off! And for a 5’ x 9.5’, just add $79.99.

Did your husband, wife, brother, sister, father or mother retire from the U.S. Armed Forces? This flag and badge display case makes a wonderful retirement gift. With rich accents and made of the highest-quality materials available, this flag and certificate case is sure to please that special retiree!

There are two woods available on this beautiful piece. The flag and certificate case comes standard in real cherry. But for only $25.00 more, you can upgrade to a top-quality oak! Both come from the best possible lumber sources, and will be the perfect accent to any room, including your home office, your living room or mantel over the fireplace.

You can further customize your gift for that special someone by adding engravings to this beautiful piece. There are several options to choose from, but a black on brass engraving can be added for only $20.00.

And don’t forget to add the service medallion for the branch of the U.S. military in which your loved one serve. Add one for only $24.99! is your online leader for military gift ideas, including burial flag cases, casket flag display, military medals and awards display cases, challenge coin display cases, sword display cases and historical flags. takes pride in helping military families just like yours! Your order will be fulfilled with the care and honor it deserves.

This flag and badge display case, with so many options for customization, is a sure winner for the military loved one in your life!

Don’t delay, this offer will end soon! The sale price is a true bargain, and with a satisfaction guarantee and always the highest-quality gifts. You can’t lose!

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David Elgavisch
Flags Connections
1940 Deer Park Ave Suite 372
Deer Park, NY 11729

New Review Site Delivers Independent Theatre Opinion, a new site dedicated to bringing informed and independent theatre review and opinion to stage fans, has been launched in the UK.

The site has been introduced to address a demand for genuine, unbiased theatre reviews which are different from the now-standard sites which are full of intrusive advertising. will offer true, honest reviews of shows like Chicago and Billy Elliot from people who have actually been to see them and who are not promoting anything. has been built by Robert Stuart, a big fan of theatre and shows, who was tired of trawling through websites which consisted of nothing but advertisements. The new site will offer impartial opinion, show times and the chance to buy London theatre tickets too.

Robert Stuart says, “There was clearly a gap in the market for a genuine, honest theatre review website – hence why I decided to introduce There are far too many websites around which are advertising based and which actively promote shows – I wanted to have a place where all fans of theatre can share genuine reviews.”

In recent times the economic crisis has resulted in lots of people choosing not to go to see shows any longer for fear of wasting their money. intends to address this by giving people unbiased, genuine reviews via which they can make informed choices about which shows to go and see.

In addition to its review services will also host show time and date information and will let people search for the highest-rated shows by peer review. Users will also be able to buy tickets for shows all over the country through the site.

About was born in an attempt to give the public a say in the world of theatre by offering an independent forum for them to share their opinions. The intent is to promote open discussion regarding the theatre, which could very well lead to improvement as theatres will have to face reality and will no longer be subject to only a handful of critics who have a channel to the public.



But when will I see Granny?

Imagine a situation where both parents work and care is divided between both maternal and paternal grandparents. In an ideal world this arrangement would continue after a divorce or separation, but frequently all goodwill breaks down leaving children having to cope with new arrangements and often the loss or deterioration of a relationship with one or both sets of grandparents.

I often get asked ‘but what about my rights?’ by caring grandparents who are desperate to continue a relationship with their grandchildren. The sad, depressing, answer is that grandparents have no automatic right to make an application to the Court for contact or residence, unless the children have been living with them for at least 3 years.

Grandparents have an additional hurdle, of having to first apply to Court for‘leave’ to make an application. This application is sent to both parents, who have the opportunity to oppose, or agree to leave being granted. Only if the Judge is satisfied that it is in the child’s best interest for the application to be granted will the matter move to the next stage when a Judge will consider what, if any contact, there should be between grandparent and grandchild. That contact has to be viewed in context as often the children will be spending time with the ‘other’ parent. Frequently, the Court has to juggle complex arrangements to try to accommodate all members of the family (and the child’s school or social commitments).

The Government applauds grandparents for the vital role they play in shaping a child’s future, providing unpaid childcare so parents can return to work. However, since 1989 successive governments have so far refused to amend the law to provide grandparents the automatic right to make an application to the Court to preserve their unique relationship with grandchildren. Following the Family Justice Review, there has been a recommendation that Grandparents should be included in ‘parenting agreements’ setting out the time that children of separated parents should spend not only with Mum and Dad, but Granny and Grandpa too.

Whilst the judicial system may not be quick to help grandparents, I have used other dispute resolution such as mediation, collaborative law and family conferencing to assist in breaking the deadlock between family members and re-establishing contact.

Contact Details: Written by Juliet Harvey from Greene & Greene Solicitors
T: 01284 717448


Celebrate Earth Day with a Song – School Teacher Gives Away A Song – Save The Planet

The song gives you easy, simple steps, that you can take to make the world a better place for you and everyone on the planet.

Bartlett, IL, April 20, 2012 — Michael Droste, a teacher, composer, and musician from Illinois, is giving away a song called “Save The Planet.” “I wanted to get the ‘Save The Planet’ message out to people, and what better way than on Earth Day,” said Droste. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle need to be your new lexicon,” he added. “Put your paper and plastics in the recycle bin and not the landfill,” he implored. New LED lights are a little expensive now, but over time will get cheaper and brighter. Currently, consumers can still take advantage of compact fluorescent bulbs that offer dramatic savings in power consumption. Droste stated, “Energy conservation, recycling, and trying to live a ‘green lifestyle’ ate the key to out collective success.” Technological advances in solar panels, home power cubes, and electric cars will help, but seven billion people need to change also. “This song send a message of hope and that if we all work together we can truly change and protect our planet,” said Droste. It’s not just for us, but for future generations. “We are stewards of the planet and not the owners to pillage it’s resources blindly,” Droste concluded.

Interesting Facts:

The average house uses about 38 percent of its total annual energy use on heating

Producing 1 lb of bread requires 500 ga”ons of water

1 lb of hamburger or steak uses some 2,600 ga”ons of water

The single Save The Planet by Michael Droste is available through the Itunes, Amazon and other online music retailers. You can also download this song for free at

About Michael Droste:
Mr. Droste was awarded a music scholarship to De Paul University (Chicago) where he received both his Bachelor and Master of Music degrees. He is a teacher in the west suburbs of Chicago.

Michael Droste
PO Box 1025
Streamwood, IL 60107-1025

Norton Rose Group Relies on NextPlane Federation Cloud Service to Connect Global Network of Law Offices

Cloud-based Federation Platform Connects Disparate UC Systems to Deliver Presence, IM, and Multi-User Chat to 38 Law Offices Around the Globe.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (April 20, 2012) — NextPlane, Inc., ( the market leader in cloud-based unified communications (UC) federation services , today announced that Norton Rose Group is now using the NextPlane Federation Cloud Service. Norton Rose, one of the top 10 law firms in the word with 2,500 lawyers and 38 offices, has adopted NextPlane’s Federation-as-a-Service (FaaS) to link UC platforms in London, Australia, Canada, and South Africa. By adopting NextPlane Federation Cloud Service, Norton Rose can maintain disparate UC platforms in regional offices and still support all common UC services including standard presence, custom status, enhanced presence, instant messaging, and multi-user chat.

As part of its global expansion, Norton Rose LLP merged with Deacons, one of the largest law firms in Australia, to form the Norton Rose Group. To facilitate the new integrated law practice, Norton Rose Group had to find a means to connect the WebEx Connect UC service being used in LLP with the Microsoft OCS platform being used in Australia. Rather than forcing the different offices to change to a common platform, Norton Rose Group opted to license NextPlane’s Federation Cloud to federate UC communications between the different systems. Within two weeks of signing NextPlane as its federation provider, Norton Rose had an integrated UC system up and running.

“When managing communications for a global law firm having integrated presence and IM is crucial, particularly given the time differences between offices,” said Jason Berwick, Innovation Analyst for Norton Rose Group. “Adopting NextPlane as our federation partner eliminated the need to find a common UC service. It was like starting with a blank sheet of paper. We made a couple of DNS changes and we were good to go, and the entire process took less than two weeks.”

The NextPlane Federation Cloud Service enables disparate UC platforms to federate without any upfront capital expense. The Federation Cloud solution can federate users on Microsoft Lync 2010, OCS 2007 R2, OCS 2007 R1, and LCS 2005 environments seamlessly and securely with colleagues on IBM Sametime, Cisco CUPS, WebEx Connect, and Jabber XCP, Jive OpenFire, and Google Apps. It also eliminates the need to maintain multiple address domains, since the Federation Cloud Service does the translation so all users appear to be on one UC platform.

“Norton Rose is the ideal proving ground for the benefits of our Federation Cloud solution,” said Farzin Shahidi, CEO of NextPlane. “Our Federation Cloud Service is ideal for companies in transition, providing ongoing UC support during a merger or acquisition, and we support all the core UC capabilities across multiple platforms as though they were native services. Norton Rose has demonstrated that NextPlane’s Federation Cloud is quick to deploy, seamless, reliable, and scalable to meet any requirement.”

As the Norton Rose Group continues to expand, it relies on NextPlane to federate UC services. In addition to establishing Norton Rose Australia, the firm also has merged with Ogilvy Renault and Denys Reitz to form Norton Rose Canada LLP and Norton Rose South Africa. Berwick’s team now has a simple process for federating UC with any organization on almost any UC platform, either from UC connections in the office or from an iPad, iPhone, PC, or Web-connected device.

For more information, visit

About NextPlane, Inc.

NextPlane offers enterprise-class Federation as a Service (FaaS) solutions for unified communications (UC) platforms, seamlessly federating Microsoft Lync 2010, OCS 2007 R2, OCS 2007 and LCS 2005, IBM Sametime, Cisco Jabber XCP, Cisco Unified Presence Server 8.x, Cisco WebEx Connect, Jive OpenFire, and Google Apps. Using NextPlane Federation Cloud service, organizations can connect users from different companies regardless of underlying UC platforms – with shared presence, instant messaging, multi-user chat, voice, video, and other features – as if they are on the same platform.

NextPlane offers an ideal solution for companies migrating from one UC platform to another, or to integrate different legacy platforms following a company merger or a new contract or partnership. NextPlane even supports domain sharing, allowing two or more UC platforms to federate internally and externally using the same domain name.

For more information please visit, or contact sales at

Farzin Shahidi
NextPlane, Inc.
(650) 305-7404

Tom Woolf
Woolf Media & Marketing
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IAPAM announces a New Look for Website

Today, the IAPAM announces the launch of a NEW look for its website –

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – April 20, 2012 — The IAPAM’s website, (, offers physicians all the tools, resources and access to the training they need to add aesthetic medical modalities such as botox ®, dermal fillers, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, lasers/IPL for hair removal & skin rejuvenation, and hCG for weight loss to their practices. Today, the IAPAM announces the launch of a NEW look for its website – The IAPAM now offers physicians the most user-friendly, informative, content rich website in the botox ® training and aesthetic medicine arena.

The new look of the IAPAM’s website allows for intuitive navigation to information and training for botox, dermal fillers, lasers etc. as well as best practices regarding: current injectables, lasers/IPL, microdermabrasion and chemical peels. The new look of the website also includes easy access to dynamic content for both consumers and physicians in the aesthetic medicine field.

The IAPAM’s NEW look for its website echoes the comprehensiveness of the IAPAM’s suite of training programs.

1. The Aesthetic Medicine Symposium with Botox ® Training ( provides physicians:

– dedicated instruction from board-certified dermatologists, who are true experts of the skin and cosmetic injectables.
– hands-on practice in the best injection techniques.
– delivery of the botox ® training at a medical practice, not in a hotel room.
– an environment that does not allow exhibitors, giving doctors more time for education.
– the opportunity to attend the Symposium’s Aesthetic Practice Startup Workshop, which is the only medical spa program highlighting the latest information on medspa business development and social media marketing.
– a set of DVDs from the IAPAM’s Aesthetic Medicine Procedure Training series, covering:

a. Botulinum Toxin for Cosmetic Patients – lecture.
b. Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers for Cosmetic Patients – live demonstration.
c. Chemical Peel and Microdermabrasion – live demonstration of techniques.

2. The unique opportunity to attend the full-day session on hCG and Medical Weight Management ( This session will cover hCG for weight loss, prescription appetite suppressants, ketogenic diet based programs, meal replacement and B6/12 injections.

Physicians who have attended the Aesthetic Medicine Symposium with Botox ® Training and the IAPAM’s hCG Training testify to its comprehensiveness, which includes:

1. The latest trends in aesthetic medicine and how to use them to one’s advantage.
2. Steps on how to integrate medical aesthetics procedures or hCG for weight loss into a practice or build a patient base.
3. How to perform aesthetic patient consultations.
4. How to add the most profitable procedures, including: Botox ®, and dermal fillers (i.e. Juvederm ®, Restylane ®, and Perlane ®), chemical peels, physician directed skin care, and the hCG diet.
5. Hands-on Botulinum Toxin Type A (i.e. Botox ®, Dysport ®, Xeomin ®) training.
6. Hands-on IPL / laser training.
7. Hands-on medical microdermabrasion training.
8. How to maximize profits by offering hCG for weight loss or Chemical Peels, Physician-grade Cosmeceutical Skin Care lines, and much more.

All of the IAPAM’s Aesthetic Medicine Symposiums and hCG/Medical Weight Management seminars have sold out, so to secure your spot in the next session in 2012, go to, or contact the IAPAM at 1-800-219-5108 ext 704.

Botox is a trademark of Allergan, Inc.

About the IAPAM: The International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine

The International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine is a voluntary association of physicians and supporters, which sets standards for the aesthetic medical profession. The goal of the association is to offer education, ethical standards, credentialing, and member benefits. IAPAM membership is open to all licensed medical doctors (MDs), dentists (DDSs/DMDs) doctors of osteopathic medicine (DOs), physicians assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioners (NPs). Information about the association can be accessed through the IAPAM’s website at or by contacting:

Jeff Russell, Executive-Director
International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine (IAPAM)
1-800-219-5108 ext 704

DMC and Luxury Tour Company in Vietnam Benefit from the Internet

Luxury Travel Vietnam is one of premier luxury travel and tour operator in Asia and benefits from the internet and grows a double digit year on year since 2004.

Hanoi, Vietnam, April 20, 2012 — Luxury Travel Vietnam is one of premier luxury travel and tour operator in Asia and benefits from the internet and grows a double digit year on year since 2004.

During the past decades, the internet has become an indispensable part of modern life, bringing with it the commodity to enable consumers to research and purchase a wide range of products in the comfort of their homes and offices.

One of the industries most affected by this trend is the tourism industry, which more than any takes advantage of the internet’s capability to overcome distance and borders and makes it possible to effect purchases directly between Service Providers in the desired destinations and geographically distant clients.

In 2008, 70% of people search on the internet before travel according to double click and travel sales booked online will reach $105 billion, up 12% from 2007, according to latest eMarketer statistics.

However, this increase is lower than has been expected. The latest trend is distant from just adding standardized travel products such as accommodation and tours by booking online in a highly impersonal process. Instead, Jeff Grau, senior analyst at eMarketer observes a “renewed appreciation for the expertise and personalized services offered by traditional travel agents.”

With the current economic crisis and talks of a recession just around the corner, holidaymakers are going online to book with local suppliers. Representative Lee, says that Luxury Travel Vietnam provides speed, convenience and easy access to information – exactly what contemporary tourists need in this current climate, even if it is last-minute.

Luxury Travel Company website has been voted as top B2C websites in Vietnam in 2008. These 10 websites are TRUSTMARK of Vietnam on the Internet, Trustvn, which is a member of ATA (Asia Pacific Trustmark Alliance).

Luxury Travel’s clients can research packages, consult travel specialists knowledge, have them create an individual and unique travel package for them, and book their full travel service and make the money transaction all over the internet on

As the first online company in Vietnam to specialize in upscale travel, Luxury Travel Vietnam was established in 2004 by experienced tourist industry professionals.

“With internet, we have more customers; we provide high tech or high touch service even in the last minute. If a group or family needs information to book last-minute tours, we will reply within 24 hours, including Sundays and public holidays. Our clients are mainly foreign and Vietnamese tourists who are Internet-savvy. ” admits Ha.


Media Contact:
David Nguyen
Sales and Marketing Manager
Luxury Travel Group Ltd
05 Nguyen Truong To Str.,
Ba Dinh Dist, Hanoi 84444