THE GLAMMERS presents “Six Hours Later”, the new single from the indie rock trio. An experience that goes beyond music

THE SETTING: a pub in Edinburg, Scotland, where indie bands play their music. THE STARS: a Scottish guitarist and singer, a French drummer, and an Argentinean bassist – all in their twenties.

Hollywood, CA, April 16, 2012 – THE SETTING: a pub in Edinburg, Scotland, where indie bands play their music. THE STARS: a Scottish guitarist and singer, a French drummer, and an Argentinean bassist – all in their twenties. THE SCENE: three young musicians meet one night, become friends, and form a band that in 2007 rocked with a couple of singles. The result of this equation is the power trio THE GLAMMERS (, now launching their new single, Six Hours Later.

“Six hours later” talks about the first encounter of the band. The song is the first track of the group’s first album – to be launched this year. It is an autobiographic song played in the purest indie rock style. Syd, She and Rex Glammer, the group members, wanted to tell the story of their very first encounter; each of them coming from different countries and backgrounds. To learn how it all started, let’s go back in time and discover a little bit more about each member of THE GLAMMERS.

SYD GLAMMER, the guitarist and lead singer, was born to Scottish parents (an unconventional couple – an inventor and an archeologist). Introverted but very creative, SYD spent his childhood listening to his father’s vinyl records – Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Doors, just too name a few. When his parents tragically were killed in a plane crash, Syd enrolled in an art school in Edinburg, his hometown. SYD is dedicated to his passion – the rock and roll from the 1960s and 70s. He also collects vintage sound equipment.

REX GLAMMER, the drummer, was born in Annecy, France, and is the son of a hippie couple who lived in an agricultural community in the Alps. As his grandparents participated in the historic May 1968 worker strikes in Paris, REX carries on his family political convictions. Among his favorite music artists are The Kinks, The Who, Leonard Cohen, and Patti Smith. He also loves Banksy’s graffiti and always tries to explore the cities he visits, photographing graffiti for his collection.

SHE GLAMMER, the bassist, is an Argentinean girl from Buenos Aires. She might as well be considered a world citizen since she spent her childhood travelling with her parents who are diplomats. Fascinated by drawings, tattoos and fashion, SHE listens to Blondie, Madonna (of course!), Velvet Underground, Sex Pistols, and David Bowie. When she was 17, she packed her bags put her contrabass in her backpack and travelled the world playing in different bands.

The trio met and found that they were passionate for music and had undeniable talent when it comes to music and art. SYD enrolled in Edinburg Art School after spending his childhood being homeschooled. REX was sent to the art school when his parents noticed his incredible talent. And SHE… well, she arrived in Edinburg carrying her backpack and her double bass after roaming about Europe. To make a living during her travels, She started working in that pub where SYD and REX frequented, and where indie bands played every night. It took just one encounter to unite the three to form a band.

The first two songs from THE GLAMMERS to debut in myspace were, “Messensheriff” and “Don’t Lose It” (listen at The hit songs had more than 1.5 million views (music and videos). After these releases, THE GLAMMERS took some time to revamp their vow to create cool indie rock music.

The global launch of “Six hours later”, planned for April 10th, brings back the band’s indie roots, the rough lyrics, and the stylish universe of a band that transcends reality in search of an experience that goes beyond music. The single will be sold on iTunes and, in addition to other online stores (learn more at the band’s official website:

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Gucci Mane Doing Big Projects in Tampa, FL

Gucci Mane Makes Appearance at Club Underground While Working on Major Film Project

Tampa, FL, April 13, 2012 – Hip-Hop star Gucci Mane is not being the ordinary rapper nowadays. He’s been busy focusing on branching out of the music world and making a transition to the big screen. Gucci recently took over the city of Tampa to work on the film “Spring Breakers” and to also make an appearance at Club Underground. The Atlanta, GA native has been excited about working on the new movie and getting his acting on. “Spring Breakers” is slated for an early 2013 release and features mega stars James Franco and Selena Gomez along with a host of other celebrity cameos. James Franco is best known for his role as The Green Goblin in the Spider Man Movie series. Selena Gomez who is another major film artist stars on Disney’s “Witches of Waverly Place” and has also starred in “Ramona & Beezus in 2011.”

Gucci Mane made an appearance at Club Underground where he partied with adoring fans and members of his entourage. The Southern breed emcee is a regular performer at Club Underground, so Gucci popping up wasn’t a big surprise for many of the regular club goers. Club Underground is usually one of Gucci’s favorite spots to party when he’s in Tampa. On Saturday, Club Underground featured Gucci Mane for their Celebrity Easter Weekend and offered drink specials and a live DJ all night long.

Gucci is in the works of releasing new music and several other film appearances for 2012 and 2013. “Gucci Mane has a charismatic appeal and knows how to appeal to his audience. I only expect big things from him in the very near future.” Replied, Durby Brandon of Capital Connections Agency. For information regarding Gucci Mane or info about “Spring Breakers” log on to:

Club Underground is located at: Club Underground is located at 802-806 e Whiting Street (On the Corner of Jefferson) Downtown Tampa, FL. To book an event at Club Underground or to perform at during a live show please calls 813-221-3582.

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