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Bible College Now Offers Book Publishing Program

February 07, 2011 – Trinity Bible College is now committed to offering a training course with one of the most effective toolkits which will direct you to gaining good book writing and publishing skills. This will assist you to publish the book in the best way possible and support you to outline the best marketing strategy. Our book publishing training programme incorporates a 4 audio CD and manual that will be sent to you as soon as you enroll so that you can use it at home. The materials will take you through the full writing, editing and publishing stages. The manual contains easy and quick to read charts, chapters, calendars, tips, lists, blank forms as well as need to know information. These materials will give you the information you need to become a successful author in the world. The entire training would help you know the strategies that will make your book publishing affair a real business; something most successful authors have done in their starting stages.

Specifically, the book writing section would help you answer the 10 most significant questions which one has to answer before starting to write the book. These 10 questions will also be included in your publication budget of the book. There will also be 8 steps to make the process of book writing become simple and enjoyable. In addition to these, you will also be exposed to 10 other features that would make your book valuable and admirable to the readers. The programme would expose you to the five approaches you should employ in scheduling the book writing calendar and 5 ways of accurately editing the book to make it perfect. In order that you get used to a daily time scheduling process, we have included the Writer’s Success Calendar for your perusal.

To gain knowledge from the publishing section of our programme, you will learn some key points for the layout design which all successful writers have to know. You will also understand the necessary principles required for making a professional designed cover for the book which represents it fully and will lead people to buy it. The programme will also take you through a simple format of the strategies which are necessary in books publishing as well as the pros and cons of each of them. To understand the strategies, we will provide you with comparison charts which breaks the industry of book publishing down for you as an aspiring author. The charts further de-mystify the various options of publishing while making it simple and easy for you to select the preferred option. Bible College Book Publishing Program will also take you through the 10 quick facts regarding e-books that you are supposed to know as a writer. This information would assist you to become knowledgeable about the options as well as the ways of employing each option at several publishing career stages for serving various purposes. You therefore need to make an appointment with the Bible College for this opportunity.

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Company Contact : Dr. Ray Parker
Company Name : Trinity College of the Bible & Theological Seminary
Company Locations : Newburgh, IN, USA
Company Phone : 812-499-7105
Company Email:
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Are Traditional Toys Longer Lasting Than Their Modern Rivals?

Traditional toys are still massively important in a child’s development, with wooden toys, play toys and the older generation of toys still a fundamental part of what children should be playing with.

Bishops Frome, UK, February 04, 2011 — In a modern world where toys need more batteries than you could ever imagine and everything has to go through a console and TV, parents continually struggle to balance children having modern toys that every child wants compared to having toys that are more traditional, longer lasting and give the child something different. Traditional toys are still massively important in a child’s development, with wooden toys, play toys and the older generation of toys still a fundamental part of what children should be playing with.

Traditional toys ( ) are said to last longer than their modern alternatives, mainly because you find they are often more durable and sturdy, which means that a child can normally play with the toy for hours and not have the parent worrying about them breaking it. If you compare a wooden car made of decent materials to an electronic one with weak plastic, you can quickly see that there is far more chance of the plastic car cracking and then breaking compared to the wooden version.

The older generation of toys were mainly produced in an age where money was tight and children did not have a wealth of choice of products to play with. This meant that these kind of toys ( ) tended to last a little longer because manufacturers knew that there was little choice at the time and little money to spend, which meant any toy the child did have, had to last a long time.

One of the main issues with any electrical item, be it a toy or otherwise, is that they will of course tend to break more often than something without electronics inside of it, mainly because whenever you introduce any kind of computer related items into a toy you have more things to worry about. The more complicated the toy, the higher the chance that it could suffer some sort of malfunction at any time and this could therefore decrease the length in terms of the life of the toy.

Although the more traditional toys are often a little more expensive than modern toys, ( ) this can be balanced by the fact that they often last much longer and are often not so mass produced, which means your child or the recipient of the toy is getting something original, quite unique and of distinct quality.

It is fair to say that when you look at traditional toys and modern toys, there are places in the market and in the hearts of children for both types of toy, with each offering something different for the child. But when it comes to lasting longer in terms of durability, traditional toys do tend to be stronger and therefore go the distance, whereas modern technology can often make people as unhappy as it can make them happy, especially when it goes wrong.

Press & Media Contact:
Charlotte Evans
Les Blanquettes, Bishops Frome WR6 5AP
01885 490832

Zodiac Information and Gifts for Fans of Astrology

Astrologers, zodiac enthusiasts and horoscope lovers who are looking for unusual and unique zodiac gifts will be delighted with the re-launch of now contains a variety of zodiac gift items that can easily be customized with birth signs and symbols. All 12 zodiac symbols including: aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius, and pisces. has more than 2500 gifts, including zodiac themed: t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, sneakers, skateboards, postage stamps, magnets, mouse pads, stickers, binders, business cards, buttons, tote bags, baseball caps, invitations, greeting cards, postcards, iPhone cases, mailing labels, necklaces, coasters and more.

The gifts are branded with dazzling zodiac symbols and symbolic horoscope designs.Gift items are grouped by both zodiac sign and gift type making it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. is a premier shopping destination for stylish and trendy gifts for astrology lovers.

New gifts and designs are added regularly so check the website often.

For more information contact DR Management, at PO Box 153, Kingston, MA 02359. Email: and Internet

RealTime Publishing author, Alfred Pickup, Releases his Memoir Fish & Ships

RealTime Publishing are delighted to announce the releases of an adventure memoir by British author, Alfred Pickup.

Limerick, Ireland, February 02, 2011 — RealTime Publishing Announces Fish & Ships, an exciting adventure memoir from British author, Alfred Pickup.

RealTime Publishing, Inc. has published “Fish & Ships” by Alfred Pickup, which is the author’s first book to date. The 6 x 9 Paperback in the Memoir category is available worldwide on book retailer websites such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Borders for a suggested retail price of $15.95. ‘Fish & Ships’ is also available in multiple eBook formats from all the main online retail stores for $6.95. The webpage at was launched simultaneously with the book’s publication.

About the Book (Excerpts & Info):
After the fight, one of the physical training instructors came over and told me that I had to enter Collingrad’s boxing championships, due to my talented right hand (I had a good uppercut by all accounts). I had four fights and won them all by knockout in the first round, which meant I was now in the finals for middle weight. I was quite chuffed about all this; my class mates were all behind me. What I didn’t know at this time was a certain boxer called Paddy Graham was also in the final. Now, this guy was a Navy legend; he was southern area, ABA, and Northern Ireland amateur champion.

The night of the final arrived, I was in my corner dressed in a white Navy t-shirt, a pair of Navy issue sports shorts down to my knees, and a pair of plimsolls, when in came Paddy, dressed in silk shorts, a t-shirt covered in boxing honours, and proper boxing boots. I’m thinking, why me, o lord. My sphincter muscle is tightening up, my mouth is drier than a camel’s arse, adrenaline is coursing through my veins, the fight or flee mode is kicking in; my loyal mates are giving me a hundred to one chance. Seconds out, round one, Paddy comes out of his corner, blowing air through his nostrils like some insane bull. I move forward, I see a chance, there’s a gap between his gloves… (Chapter 2)

Fish and Ships by author Alfred Pickup takes readers behind the scenes and onboard the Royal Navy from the early 1960’s to mid 1980’s.
Travelling the world’s oceans meant facing powerful storms, on board fires, mechanical breakdowns, the threat of war, and shore leaves where young matelots with money in their pockets and adventure on their minds could get into all sorts of alcohol-infused shenanigans in local establishments.
Fish and Ships follows a twenty-five year career in the RN that would see Pickup rise to the rank of Chief Petty Officer and retire from service in his early forties to life as the owner of a fish and chips restaurant.

Fish & Ships offers readers a rare and honest glimpse into the adventure, excitement, and unique challenges of a career in the Royal Navy.

Expertly constructed at 218 pages, “Fish & Ships” is being aggressively promoted to appropriate markets with a focus on the Memoir/Autobiography category. With Global wholesale distribution through Ingram, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, Books a Million and Borders to name a few, and pervasive online availability through RealTime Publishing’s online retail outlet, Amazon and elsewhere, ‘Fish & Ships’ meets consumer demand through both retail and library markets with a suggested retail price of $15.95 and $6.95, respectively.

Additionally, ‘Fish & Ships’ can be ordered by retailers or wholesalers from the RealTime wholesale department by emailing To qualify for the maximum trade discount price set by the author, order in quantities of ten or more.
ISBN: 9781849610940 Format: 218 page 6 x 9 Paperback SRP: $15.95
ISBN: 9781849610926 Format: 102,000 word multi-format eBook SRP: $6.95

For more information or to contact the author, visit

About the Author:
Alfred Pickup was born in Austria in 1945 to a Jugoslavian mother and a German father. After the war and his fathers death, Alf’s mother marries an English soldier. In 1948, they leave Austria for England, and in 1952 half brother Denis arrives.

1955 see Alf’s parents devorce and he is fostered out to the old witch from hell, shared her two bedroomed prefab with her daughter, a 65 year old man, and six Pekenese show dogs. Alf became good at gardening and taking bloody dogs for walks. In 1959 the witch dies, and he moved in with his mother who is shacking up with married man who moves out, not beforleaving Alf’s mother pregnant with his half sister Ingrid. The next few years were spent as a suragate father.

Join navy 1961, met and married his wife in 1964. Now has two gorgous daughters, three grand duaghters and one grand son. Spent the next 23 years running a fish and chip shop, hence the book title.

Now Alf is happily retired.

About RealTime Publishing, Inc.:
RealTime Publishing offers custom book publishing services for authors seeking a cost-effective, fast, and flexible way to publish and distribute their books while retaining all their rights and full creative control. Available globally at and located in Limerick, Ireland, RealTime Publishing, Inc. represents the future of book publishing, today.

Press & Media Contact:
Richie O’Brien
RealTime Publishing, Inc
Ballycummin Village, Raheen
Limerick, Ireland

Custom 3D Laser Etched Crystal Gifts from Crystal Images USA

Muskegon, Michigan January 17, 2011- Crystal Images USA, one of the leading American companies in the crystal products industry, has recently added a new feature to their extensive offer of crystal awards, gifts and keepsakes. Custom 3D laser etched crystal gifts and awards are now available for purchase at very competitive prices.

Crystal Images USA is a family owned business which was established in 2004. Ever since, Crystal Images USA has been serving families, schools, churches and business clients with the utmost of professionalism. They provide customers with a wide selection of crystal gifts, awards, memory keepsakes and promotional products. The company employs the latest engraving and laser etching technology to offer the finest selection of custom 3D laser etched crystal products. They also take great pride in being able to offer the finest quality optical and lead-filled hand-cut crystal products available on the market today.

Crystal Images USA offers custom layouts for all their crystal products. Every item purchased from Crystal Images USA, including corporate awards and promotional products, can be uniquely personalized. Their artists are experienced professionals who can develop custom layouts that meet the client’s exact specifications. Their proprietary 2D+ software renders an astounding reproduction of images inside of top grade optical crystal. Crystal Images USA guarantees that, once engraved or etched, images, logos or text will not fade.

For their 3D laser etching, the company uses green light laser, which produces the highest quality in laser etching reproduction. Crystal photo cubes, crystal paperweights, crystal ornaments and many more can be professionally laser etched to meet even the most demanding tastes.

Crystal Images USA has some of the most competitive prices on the market today and offers special discounts on bulk orders of 25 or more pieces. The company is dedicated to customer satisfaction and will never fail to provide clients with top quality products, as well as professional customer service.

For more information about their products and special discounts, please visit or call toll free 866-360-8459.

Mountain bike team of Aryanic Co, in Amol Beliran

At the date of November 12, 2010 Mountain bike team of Aryanic Co., manufacture of well-known software such as highportal and highcm, played in Amol Beliran forest successfully.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), January 21, 2011 — At the date of November 12, 2010 Mountain bike team of Aryanic Co., manufacture of well-known software such as highportal and highcms, played in Amol Beliran forest successfully.

The 7 members of the team rode the 20 km path from Narenjestan to Beliran Village on their bikes in 5 hour. the area can be described as mountainous and covered with forest.

beliran is a gorgeous area south of Khazar Lake which it’s hot water spring is very similar to a hot water spring in Italy, that the both springs are declared as sisters.

The members of the aryanic team in this program were Tohid Noroozi, Kazem Kalhor, Samaneh Abol pour, Arezo Mirzaee, Saber Soleymani, Mohammad Behrouzi and Abdollah Asadolahi.

Press & Media Contact:
Anoush Ohadi
No 02, 14th Floor – Asmawi Tower
Taawun Road Sharjah
P.O.Box: 49239, Dubai
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Tel/Fax: 00971 6 5772340

Online Fine Art Gallery Offers Legends Painting to Support VH1’s Save The Music Foundation

Los Angeles, CA – January 18, 2011 – Paragon Fine Art is giving its customers online and in the Southern California area an opportunity to support music programs in public schools by purchasing prints from transformative artist Tim Rogerson. The painter created his interpretation of some of the most beloved stars of rock and roll music, all together in one groovy painting. Proceeds from the sale of these fine art paintings, and prints will benefit the VH1 Save The Music Foundation.

Rogerson chose the musicians to include in his painting carefully. From left to right the original painting includes BB King, Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Jimi Hendrix, John Frusciante, Keith Richards, Carlos Santana and Chuck Berry. All of these artists were included in Rolling Stone Magazine’s Top 100 guitarists of all time in 2003, except for John Mayer. When the magazine published its list of “New Guitar Gods” in 2007, however, Mayer and John Frusciante were included.

Customers who purchase one of the Legends limited edition fine art prints through Paragon Fine Art, proceeds will benefit VH1 – Save The Music Foundation. The foundation helps develop long-term, sustainable instrumental music programs in schools, which provide children with equal access to music education regardless of their financial situation and the budget constraints of their school. Visit to learn more.

Legends is the first of three paintings that will be introduced to support VH1 – Save The Music Foundation.

For more information about Tim Rogerson’s Legends limited edition fine art prints for sale, visit

About Paragon Fine Art:

Paragon Fine Art is a full service fine art gallery in the Los Angeles area committed to the philosophy of offering dealer prices to the public. They specialize in contemporary, traditional and commercial art by such artists as Pino, Aldo Luongo, Disney Fine Art, Ashley Coll, Stephanie Clair, Tomasz Rut, Peter Max, Pamela Sukhum, Vladimir Kush, Dino Rosin, Tina Palmer, and many more.

The staff members at Paragon Fine Art have been in the fine art business for more than 15 years and pride themselves in customer service and quality. They are thrilled with the continuing relationships they’ve made with their clients and look forward to many more. As a partner with Hamilton Selway Fine Art, Paragon has access to millions of dollars in fine art inventory – no middlemen or other dealers are involved (to add their mark-ups), making it possible to offer the best prices and guaranteed condition possible on a constantly changing inventory.

Contact Details:

Paragon Fine Art
13700 Tahiti Way #129
Marina Del Rey
CA 90292
United States
Phone: (310) 823-8024

Simple Tips on How Best You Can Stage Your Home

If you are interested in selling your home or property, you will tend top attract many interested buyers if you make certain alterations that include furnishing and design. Buyers are interested in eye catching property hence staging your home is important. Todays property market demands that you strategize well and act in the right way. You have to think of how you can add a value to your house whole making it attractive. This brings in the services of home staging providers who make it possible to sell your house faster and at a better price.

Homes Couture is a company that works in the entire Los Angeles and Orange County to offer you the home staging services you need. They ensure that the external and interior look of your house is attractive hence making it possible to attract sellers fast. Selling your home without these additions is like going to war bare handed hence its imperative that you consult these professionals to offer you smooth service that can allow you sell your property with ease. The necessary repairs are done and right furniture placed with the intention of attracting as many offers as possible.Staging your home makes it attractive. You may spend some money to spruce it up but you will definitely reap from your effort. You need to make the necessary alterations and put in place the right type of furniture that will attract as many offers as possible. You have to concentrate on certain areas of your house that attract attention and make the necessary chances since many potential home buyers are attracted by a general picture of how the house looks like. Many also go ahead to compare it with their current homes.

The front and back gardens of your gardens should be very smart. Home Couture can provide the technical expertise to enhance the exterior of your gardens. It’s not only the gardens that should be smart but also the furnishings which must match the general colors that the house is painted with. People look at so many aspects before making a final decision to buy a house. To be able to make a sale faster, it’s vital that the interiors and exteriors of your property should be charming.

The hedge fences, if any should be trimmed to make the home look attractive. All the parts of the home should be cleaned. It must be left completely clean. Even the smallest curves that are invisible should be wiped and left free of dust! Every thing inside should be arranged and left while very neat!

To be able to sell your home successfully, staging it is very important. You may have to spend a little more cash but this will help attract the necessary attention of potential buyers of your home. Everything must be kept in the right form. Any mistake will be a big blow to your sales campaign.

Home Couture is a registered company that was started by Richard Lupia .It operates in Los Angeles and Orange County and has both the experience and expertise to offer you great home staging services. You can visit their website to learn more about the company. For further information about home staging service, you can contact Richard Lupia at

For more information visit:

How necessary is Home Staging To Sell Your Property?

Home staging have emerged to be a very important thing that every homeowner must do before selling his or her house. This is important since it will not only help in selling the property faster but also it makes it possible to increase the sales value if the house hence offering you better returns. But how do you ensure that you stage your property well? It’s imperative that you get the necessary help from a professional home staging company. Home Couture is one of such companies that have the necessary experience and expertise to enable you achieves whatever you need!

You will save a lot of time and money by using home staging companies. You risk doing things the wrong way if you approach the whole task a lone hence increasing your chances of selling your property at low rates. You will also save a lot of time and may end up selling your property at a price that’s under the market value. Homes Couture has the experience to prepare your home in readiness for sale hence its imperative that you offer them then chance to enable you get whatever value you need!

To stage your property that’s located at the Orange and Los Angeles County, you can completely rely on the services of Homes Couture home staging company registered to offer home staging service within these two counties. Many people list their properties for sale while empty without understanding the need to make it appear great and attractive with the right furnishings. This has is mainly attributed to missteps among the sellers and many such property sales tend to backfire. What many individual sellers do not understand is that prospective home buyers would like to see how their would be future homes will look like while fully furnished and since an empty house cannot provide that look, making a sale is an uphill task

Many home buyers are interested as much in the beauty of the property as the cost. They mainly compare the furniture that’s inside the house and what’s in their own homes and if they end up liking it, they’ll likely move to purchase. It’s thus imperative that you stage your home accordingly before you list since this makes your property stand out from the rest. You have to make your house attractive as the first impression and feel is what decides whether your house will be sold out or not.A vast majority of the homes that have been sold are staged homes. They not only sell faster but also at a higher value. There are many people out there who look for value for money hence it s imperative that you furnish your house with the help of a home staging company. Making the property warm and cozy will definitely increase its chances of attracting a potential buyer within a short time as compared to an empty house.

Homes Couture is the pioneer in home staging services. A lot of information is available on their website that can help you figure out what’s right for your property. It’s a home staging company that has proved that the concept works and is in the process of producing episodes of their services called “The Million Dollar Stager”. The company stages homes all throughout southern California.

For more detailed information about home staging services provided by Homes Couture, feel free to contact Richard Lupia at

For more information visit:

New Godard and Disney Fine Art for Sale Just in Time for the New Year

Amour d’Art, a California-based online retailer specializing in fine art prints and paintings, has new paintings and prints for sale this New Year.

Santa Clara, CA – January 12, 2010 – New art from Michael Goddard and the Disney Art Gallery is available just in time for 2011 from Amour d’Art. The California-based art retailer has the perfect gift for almost any art lover, especially those who appreciate the naughty paintings of Michael Godard or the magical artworks inspired by Disney.

Michael Godard’s paintings are known for portraying life’s vices, from booze to gambling and everything between. Ever since he exploded onto the art world his works have appealed to both connoisseurs and a new generation of collectors. Godard is widely recognized as one of the most versatile, albeit controversial, artists of the moment.

Not everyone is looking for controversial paintings and prints. Some collectors prefer pieces from the Disney collection of fine art. Mickey, Minnie, Snow White, Pooh, Tigger and other beloved characters are immortalized in the latest artworks for sale from the masters at Disney.

Amour d’Art specializes in fine contemporary realism, impressionism and abstract art, encouraging buyers to choose what they like because it moves them and rewards their heart and mind. This online art gallery offers fine art prints including hand-signed limited edition etchings, lithographs and serigraphs, as well as oil and acrylic paintings, watercolors, drawings, hand-embellished art, glass sculptures and more. There’s something in this online gallery to suit almost any taste. Some of the artists include Pino, Britto, Godard, Behrens, S.Park, Shortridge, Royo, Tarkay, Buckels, Disney, Erte, Fazzino, Ledan, Max, Picart, Plisson, Powell, Rockwell and many more.

Amour d’Art offers limited editions and original art at competitive prices. For more information about this online art gallery, including the new Godard and Disney fine art for sale, visit

About Amour d’Art:

The philosophy behind Amour d’Art is simple: purchase what you like; it can give you joy, comfort, inspiration, and be energizing or calming. Every piece of art that Amour d’Art sells is personally verified for condition and authentication. Amour d’Art only ships artwork that is in excellent condition. Customers will always receive their art professionally wrapped and shipped, and all pieces are guaranteed. Amour d’Art is a going-green company and recycles most of its shipping materials.