Cybersecurity Advice for SMEs Adjusting To The New Norm And Workforce Trends

Nijmegen, The Netherlands | February 8, 2021 — Modern businesses are adjusting to the rise and advancement of the digital era (and all that comes with it) more and more. In many ways, ensuring the ongoing longevity and success of a business in this modern era is very much intrinsically linked to being willing and able to adapt and realign with the way that the modern world is moving.

Like never before, we have seen a tremendous amount of attention to detail and overall emphasis that is specifically geared towards allowing businesses to enhance and improve from the ground up.

Modern workforce trends are also becoming more enhanced and improved all the time. In fact, the enhancement and improvement of modern businesses is intrinsically linked to the willingness and capability for modern businesses to adapt and overcome challenges, improving significantly in the process.

For many businesses, this is a learning curve that they are still navigating. For small businesses specifically, there is quite a lot to be said about how small businesses can adjust to this new norm and the workforce trends that are coming along with it.

Shifting or expanding online

Some small businesses, believe it or not, still operate largely (if not entirely) on a traditional foundation.

While this is not necessarily a bad thing, we are definitively evolving into the digital era with exceedingly rapid pace. So, adapting to the new norm is crucial. And one of the best ways that small businesses especially can achieve this is to shift or expand their business online.

With more focus on modernisation in the professional landscape, the heightened focus on the online platform is driving businesses to new heights. And small businesses can always utilise that to their advantage.

Prioritising cybersecurity measures

Of course, one of the biggest and most important ways that small businesses can adapt to the new norm and take advantage of workforce trends is to prioritise cybersecurity measures.

Whether it is the full scale use of consumer-focused VPN services or the incorporation of a business-created cybersecurity framework that entirely encapsulates a business’ approach to privacy and security in the digital era and beyond, prioritising cybersecurity measures makes a world of difference in all the right ways.

The more that small businesses focus their energy, money, efforts, and time online, the more important cybersecurity is going to come.

Investing in convenience and efficiency

The digital era has created an inevitable amount of investment and active prioritisation surrounding convenience and efficiency. For small businesses today and in the future and beyond, one of the best ways that they can adapt and thrive in the new norm and prioritise workforce trends now and into the future is to invest in convenience and efficiency.

These are the cornerstones to longevity and success for any business in the digital era and they are even more instrumental for small businesses of all natures, origins, shapes and scales. In many ways, this is expected to be just the tip of the iceberg with the best still yet to come.

Continual and Continuous Monitoring

Cybersecurity is never a one-off affair. It is important to maintain visibility over network endpoints, including employee devices and activities, while respecting their privacy. Apparently, most attacks begin on endpoints used by people—not the firewall or your servers. With the remote work trend, businesses have more endpoints to manage because opportunities for attacks are multiplied.

Endpoint monitoring should be continual (major assessments at regular intervals) and continuous (on-going process). The aim of monitoring details of activities taking place on your network, especially the movement of files is to ensure greater visibility and eliminate blind spots.

Risk Assessment

While transitioning a workspace in line with modern trends, it is crucial to identify the changing nature of risks as well as new loopholes that may have opened up due to such a transition. Therefore, the risk assessment required in this situation would be geared towards analyzing the extent to which business operations rely on certain security functions, as well as the manner in which such functions have become affected due to the transition.

That is basically about answering the questions: what risks were the business exposed to before? And what risks are the business exposed to now? Changes are being effected so rapidly now but security-blind transitions only lead to latter regrets.


No one knows precisely how long the COVID-19 scourge will last. But we know that it has altered the nature of work significantly for years to come. The recommendations above will help SMEs maintain a strong cybersecurity posture amidst the rapid changes taking place.

A summarized checklist for effecting transitions is the following:

* Incorporate privacy and security considerations
* Ensure continuous efficiency (business as usual, or the nearest to it)
* Monitor network activities always
* Evaluate risks and security gaps

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Cumming Lawn Care Service Now Doing Tough Landscaping Work With New Mini Skid Steer

Lawn care is already back-breaking enough, and as the seasons change, lawn needs change as well.

Cumming, GA – USA | February 8, 2021 — Lawn care is already back-breaking enough, and as the seasons change, lawn needs change as well. In the South, lawns tend to grow fast and tend to continue to grow in most months of the year. It ends up becoming a lot of work, particularly for residents with larger than average yards.

For this reason, many Atlanta residents choose to use lawn care services. Most lawn care services stick to their own expertise: whether it’s lawn care, landscaping, or removing obstructions such as trees or large rocks.

This Atlanta lawn care service has decided to branch out, so to speak, into offering more tree removal services thanks to their recent purchase of a mini skid steer.

“This mini skid steer can do the back-breaking work of 2-3 men,” says Joshua Sargent, founder of Absolute Lawn Pros. “Absolute Lawn Pros can now take on more types of jobs, completing them a lot more efficiently and at a higher standard.”

Mini skid steers are commonly used by landscaping companies and construction companies to move obstacles like large rocks. However they can be used for a wide variety of tasks, and the operator is only limited by the attachments they put on them.

Absolute Lawn Pros has been offering landscaping services since the beginning, however thanks to the new mini skid steer that the company is using for clients, Absolute Lawn Pros is better able to remove common obstructions like trees, boulders, tree stumps, and anything else that is buried under a yard.”

What kind of landscaping services can Absolute Lawn Pros do now?

“These landscaping services include sod installation, tree, stump, and shrub removal, and tree installation. Our team offered them before, but now they can be done in a fraction of the time with much less labor.”

How does this purchase set Absolute Lawn Pros apart from other landscaping companies in the area?

“The team at Absolute Lawn Pros has always been proud of their ability to set the standard for lawn care in Atlanta. The team works tirelessly, day after day, year-round, to provide lawn care, lawn maintenance, and landscaping that exceeds expectations. This purchase will improve the guys’ morale by lessening the physical strain that these jobs put on their bodies.”

“The new mini skid steer allows Absolute Lawn Pros to offer a wider variety of landscaping services at a higher standard and with lower labor costs. Our team passes the savings along to the consumer, as well.”

Absolute Lawn Pros is a lawn care service based in Cumming. They also operate in Johns Creek, Suwanee, and Alpharetta.

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Absolute Lawn Pros, Inc
745 Atlanta Rd, Suite 201
Cumming, GA 30040
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+1 678-758-1876