William B. Weeks Jr. Opened his New Blog Site WBWeeksJr.com

William is a Senior Partner at Gate One Marketing International and I decided to re-design my personal Website after losing my original site called under the Domain Name WilliamBWeeksJr.com.

Green Cove Springs, FL, August 08, 2012 – On February 2, 2012, I lost my original domain name called WilliamBWeeksJr.com because there was a problem with communications between myself and Go Daddy.com. Someone picked up my domain name because they saw how popular I was on the Internet and wanted to charge me 100x the original price. As a result. I decided to implement a new Website called WBWeeksJr.com. I launched the new site on May 1st, 2012.

This site is my my new blog page and provides all my articles on Internet Marketing with an emphasis on Search Engine Optimization, as well as updates on Google changes such as Penguin and Pandora updates that affect SEO for Internet Marketer’s.

To date, I have added 116 articles to help educate Internet Marketer’s and Small Businesses to enable them to have free access to articles that can help any business improve their Internet marketing campaigns.

My site along with our free training at Gate One Marketing International and my partners site by Per-Erik Olsen at http://pererikolsen.com/ can help improve every aspect of your business.

We will be releasing our new training program titled “Beginner’s Guide to Internet Marketing” in the next 60 days and we look forward to educating all Internet Marketer’s and Small Businesses on every aspect of Internet Marketing, how to get started and how to grow your business organically using the Internet.

Here is a description of the new product:

Beginner Course Work (26 Modules)

Intermediate Course Work (30+ Modules)

Advanced Course Work – Coming Soon!

We look forward to our release and hope you will join us in your success!

About Gate One Marketing:
Gate One Marketing is a results-driven international marketing services company dedicated to helping businesses and individuals acquire new customers and retain them. Gate One has almost 30 years of experience in Internet Marketing and offices in the USA, and Sweden. Go to http://gate1marketing.com

About WBWeeksJr.com
I am focused on writing articles and producing video’s that can help businesses and individuals with their Internet Sales and Marketing Campaigns worldwide, as well as personal stories to give you an insight into my life and travels.

I can help your business in any phase, from Start-up to existing Small Businesses and especially High Tech Start-ups Worldwide! High Tech Start-ups can have problems conveying their message and through my company Gate One Marketing, I can help!

The major problem with High Tech companies is they hire Website Developers who do not understand their business, my partner, Per-Erik Olsen and I have over 30 years experience in Semiconductors, System Simulation, and Modeling, Aerospace/Defense Systems, Data Acquisition and Control Systems, and Automated Test Equipment for the Department of Defense and the Swedish Space Industry.

In addition, We have designed websites for Authors, Artists, Charities, and virtually any business who requires a productive Website.

William B Weeks Jr.
Gate One Marketing
7200 Lake Ellenor Dr. #107
Orlando, FL 32809

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