Announces the Top Deck Design Trends for 2016

The Minnesota deck builders at have released their annual list of the top deck design trends for 2016.

Burnsville, MN, USA —, a Minnesota deck building company, has announced their annual list of top deck design trends for summer 2016. The list is composed of design features that the deck builders report have increased in popularity over the previous year. These trends include everything from decking accessories to new colors of decking materials. The goal of this list is to help homeowners find inspiration for their own deck design when building a deck or refinishing a deck in the coming months.

As leading deck builders in Minnesota, the deck contractors at are constantly searching for the next big thing in decks and decking accessories. Each year, they compile the most popular (and most unique) trends for the upcoming outdoor deck season. The top three items from this year’s list include:

• Composite Decking Material: Over the last few years, composite decking and maintenance free decking materials have exploded in popularity. These decking materials don’t require staining and their maintenance costs are much lower than a standard wooden deck.

• Multi-Level Decks: Different than multi-story decks, multi-level decks feature a contemporary design that creates a natural separation of entertaining spaces. A raised dining space or sunken hot tub area are great ways to incorporate multiple levels in a deck design.

• Two-Toned Designs: Gone are the days when decks were only stained a single color. Incorporate complimentary colors in decking material or decking accessories. Matching lighter-colored deck railings with darker decking boards is an easy way to create a unique deck design with color.

To see the full list of top decking trends for 2016, visit the deck building company’s website at

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