Deliver Express Is Now Available on BundleHunt Spring Bundle

Zevrix Solutions announces that its automatic file transfer solution Deliver Express is available on software discount site BundleHunt as part of its Spring Bundle. Using the site’s unique discount concept, users can purchase Deliver Express as part of a bundle of 10 top rated apps for $22 only. Deliver Express sends files automatically from watched hot folders with automatic email notifications and supports FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3, WebDAV, Google Storage and other major services.

Toronto (ON), Canada — Zevrix Solutions today announces that its automatic file transfer solution Deliver Express is available on software discount site BundleHunt. Using the site’s unique discount concept, customers can purchase Deliver Express as part of a $22 bundle of 10 top rated apps. The discount lets users save up to $500 on the entire bundle. BundleHunt is operated by a group of developers, marketers and social media experts who put together bundles of high quality software, aimed at empowering the creative community.

“What’s great about Deliver Express for organizations is the unattended nature of using a hot folder,” writes Jeffrey Mincey on “It’s perfect for all kinds of file delivery. Sensitive documents, encrypted files, financial information, graphic files, photographs, large files and so on.”

Deliver Express is an ideal solution for companies and users that constantly send files to specific destinations. It’s designed to simplify and streamline file transfer operations of ad agencies, photographers, recording studios, printers, publishers and other businesses. Users only need to copy files to the hot folders, and they will be sent automatically with email confirmations issued upon delivery. Recipients can easily retrieve the files through the link in notification email.

Deliver Express offers the following key features:
Send files automatically from watched hot folders
-Supports FTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3 and other remote and local servers
Automatic email notifications
-Hyperlink to file in notification email
-Submit files from both Mac and PC stations
Transfer large files easily
-Detailed delivery history

Pricing and Availability:
Deliver Express can be purchased on as part of a $22 bundle of 10 apps. Trial version is also available for download. Deliver Express requires Mac OS X 10.5-10.11.

About Zevrix Solutions
Located in Toronto, Canada, Zevrix Solutions provides productivity solutions for Adobe Creative Suite software, PDF and graphic file diagnostics, file delivery and Microsoft Office on Mac OS. Zevrix is dedicated to help professionals increase their profits through automating everyday tasks, producing error-free documents, saving disk space and cutting production costs. For more information, visit

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SolaTrim™ Adds National Solar Distributors Inc. as Third Canadian Supplier for Innovative Solar Protective Barriers

More Canadian Solar Installers Adopt SolaTrim Protection System to Aid Compliance with Recent Pest Abatement Subrule Added to Canadian Electrical Code.

Sacramento, CA, USA — SolaTrim™ LLC (, innovators in protective barriers to beautify and safeguard residential solar systems, has signed National Solar Distributors of Edmonton, Alberta, (NSD, as the company’s third Canadian distributor this year. NSD will be offering SolaTrim’s solar panel protection system to residential solar system integrators across Canada.

Known as “Canada’s Friendly Solar Distributor”, National Solar Distributors is a wholesale distributor of photovoltaic systems and components with more than 25 years of combined solar experience. National Solar carries a wide array of products for residential and commercial solar installations, including industrial and small off-grid installations. The company maintains a carefully cultivated inventory of high-quality, reliable, and innovative products as part of their commitment to deliver the right products at the right time at a great price. SolaTrim protective barriers are now part of the NSD product catalogue.

“We’re thrilled to be bringing on the SolaTrim product. Installers have been knocking down our doors for an attractive and robust solution to comply with new pest protection rules, and SolaTrim definitely covers all of those bases. When a homeowner commits to 25+ years of a PV system, it has to look and perform well, and SolaTrim is a big part of that.” said Matthew Lannigan, Managing Director of National Solar Distributors. “For us, it’s night and day between this any anything else on the market. This is a unique product that addresses a variety of solar installation issues and we know it will be a hit with our customers.”

SolaTrim is an all-weather aluminum barrier applied to rooftop solar array perimeters to prevent pests from nesting under the solar panels while providing a clean, finished look to any solar installation. SolaTrim provides an out-of-the-box solution that complies with the changes to Rule 50-018 of the 2015 CE Code – Part 1, which will require photovoltaic source circuits installed on or above a building to be protected against damage from rodents unless DC arc-fault protection is located at the module. An Appendix B note has also been added indicating that material such as expanded metal, solid metal, and screening can be used to enclose photovoltaic source circuit conductors as protection against damage from rodents.” (

The SolaTrim panels come with a peel-and-stick adhesive that attaches permanently to the solar modules and requires no screws, clips or fasteners that could either fail, negatively affect the system’s appearance, or void the solar module manufacturers’ warranty. SolaTrim’s panels are stiffened by design to resist warping or bending and diamond-stamped to facilitate airflow. The adhesive has been tested to withstand extreme weather conditions, is engineered to permanently prevent birds and rodents from nesting under the solar array, and is designed to last for the life of the system.

“This is the third Canadian distribution agreement we have reached in recent months,” said Bob Smith, co-founder and President of SolaTrim. “We’re pleased to see a growing demand for our protective barrier across Canada as more solar installers appreciate the SolaTrim concept: an aesthetic barrier that can protect and beautify rooftop solar systems, prevent rodent infestation, and even resist winter ice dams and snow loads. This is definitely something Canadian Solar companies can use. SolaTrim is a great addition to any system, but with the new Electrical Code revision in effect, we are prepared to see a steady increase in demand for SolaTrim protective panels from National Solar Distributors along with our other Canadian partners.”

About National Solar Distributors
Founded in 2014 by experienced solar professionals, National Solar Distributors is a wholesale distributor of Solar PV components. Their mission is to meet the needs of the Solar Industry all across Canada for a wide variety of solar energy applications. The company carries a range of high quality modules and hardware for installers across Canada. National Solar Distributors is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta. For more information, visit

About SolaTrim
SolaTrim LLC is an innovator in providing new solutions to protect and beautify residential solar systems as well as protect the homeowner solar investment. The SolaTrim barrier system adds an attractive skirting to rooftop solar arrays while protecting the system from pests, debris and other environmental threats. Solar integrators across the country are turning to SolaTrim as a permanent solution that will beautify rooftop solar while reducing unnecessary service & warranty calls.

Headquartered in Sacramento, California, SolaTrim is committed to developing affordable, dependable, and attractive made-in-the-USA solar aftermarket products to support America’s renewable energy initiatives. For more information, visit

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