Rubber Research, Inc. Initiates Contact with California to Recycle End-Of-Life Rubber Tires

RRI is poised to provide major support for the State of California’s efforts to meet its mandate to manage more than 75 million discarded rubber tires.

Hong Kong – January 21, 2013 — Rubber Research, Inc. (RRI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Rubber Research Group, has initiated contact with the State of California as part of its attempt to enter the tire reclamation market there. California currently has a mandate to manage the more than 75 million tires in the state that require recycling. RRI’s exclusive, green technologies in the rubber recycling industry make it an ideal choice to support the state’s efforts.

Rubber Research Inc. and its subsidiaries have long been at the forefront of the development of processes unique in the field of rubber reuse and recycling, especially through its patented TireCycle® technology. TireCycle® is the only technology in the world that reactivates used crumb rubber to virgin rubber equivalent in an environmentally sound and cost savings manner. With its recent purchase of Hi-Tek Rubber, Inc. and more plant purchases in the pipeline, Rubber Research, Inc. has become the first venture in the industry to successfully combine the recycling process with end product manufacturing.

“Markets now exist for more than 80% of recycled scrap tires,” notes Gary Ziehr, CEO of Rubber Research, Inc., “up from 17% about twenty years ago. RRI is poised to become the industry leader in the global ecological and market efforts to recycle.”

Rubber Research Group specializes in sourcing, designing, and installing real time solutions, including energy and material recovery, in order to reduce the rapidly increasing number of end-of-life tires discarded annually.

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