Promising Signals for Christmas Party Bookings in 2012

Are we seeing the come-back of the corporate Christmas party? Statistics are showing some exciting predictions for Christmas event organisers in 2012.

With more than half of the year behind us now, it must be very pleasing to see some promising statistics coming from this year’s bookings, showing a brighter year for Office Christmas in 2012. Previous years have been rough on Christmas event organisers, but judging on bookings placed January to June 2012, we are about to see a change. Office Christmas are the UK’s leading corporate Christmas Party organisers, who have some interesting statistics to share with us.

In previous years, corporate Christmas parties have been played down in attempt to budget in states of economic uncertainty. However this year we are seeing a change, with growth in the group size of bookings going up to 41% year over year (YOY) for exclusive (private) Christmas party bookings, and an average group size of 183 pax. There is only a slight increase in the price per a person with a 1% YOY, but this is still a positive outcome for the first half of 2012.

Shared (joiner) Christmas parties are also flourishing, producing a 35% YOY and an average group size of 35 pax. Office Christmas have seen a healthy increase of 9% YOY on the price per person with an average customer costing £76 per a head.

Alasdair Adam, MD of Office Christmas commented “Companies have battened down the hatches for the past few years to protect their businesses from harsh conditions and sadly the Christmas party can suffer as a result. A good value for money office Christmas party is the best way to say thank you to staff for sticking with the firm through the tough times and can be achieved from as little as £50 a head – a small price to pay for staff loyalty and appreciation.”

Office Christmas has over 10 years of experience in organising professional events in the UK and Europe. offers themed and bespoke office Christmas parties for companies of any size wanting exclusive or shared work parties.

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