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New technology solves digital overload for family memories

San Diego, CA, December 14, 2015 — /EPR NETWORK/ — Have you ever had the issue of looking for a specific photo and can’t find it? You thumb scroll endlessly but there’s no effective way to sift through all those photos every time you’re looking for something specific.

OurHive™ is the newest family app that combines patented technology and a private family network to deal with this growing issue of digital overload. The app is now live on Google Play, the App Store and as a Web App at www.GetOurHive.com.

OurHive combines the best features of a photo and video application with a private social network created especially for families. With the OurHive app, family photos and videos can be automatically tagged, organized and instantly shared with only the people you care most about. Once a private Hive is created, family members can upload and share photos and videos with each other using their iPhones, iPads, Android phones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers. All files are archived in high resolution and can be viewed and downloaded anytime.

“For many families, life is full of sacred moments that should be treasured and preserved for generations to come,” said Stephen D. Rosen, co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer of OurHive. “Today’s digital world has made sharing information convenient, but too often that sharing is made with impersonal detachment. OurHive is for people who appreciate the special intimacy that comes with sharing special memories.”

Photo and video sharing within mass-market social networks can sometimes be compromised by unauthorized use and manipulation of media. Special attention has been made with OurHive’s cloud interface to ensure the best security. Photos and videos are encrypted every step in the journey from devices to OurHive servers and back again, and the content can only be accessed by invited, password-protected members.

Because archiving and tracking family photo albums is important, the OurHive app was designed to make tagging and organization simple and accessible. Every photo and video you take with the iOS or Android app ‘automagically’ adds a caption and location from your calendar, along with the closest address when GPS is enabled. You can then edit the filename, add tags and captions and give your photos the same context that writing on the back in ink used to for print photographs.

“Whether it’s your child’s first birthday or grandma’s retirement party, OurHive encourages the family to share all of the pictures and videos they take — not just a few chosen ones that you put on Facebook or Instagram,” said Jeff Symon, co-founder and president. “With OurHive, anyone in your Hive can download any picture they want from any of their internet-connected devices. No more having to remember to text or email individual photos later.”

How OurHive Works

Starting your own Hive begins with one family member starting a free 20GB Family Hive by visiting GetOurHive.com or downloading the “OurHive” app on Google Play and the App Store. They can then invite as many family members or close friends as they want into their secure, private Hive. Each user can then download the free app on the iOS or Android device of their choice and start contributing and sharing family memories.

OurHive™ automatically stores your photos and videos in high resolution in your own private network. Anyone in your family Hive can download anytime they want and future updates will allow for even more functionality.

Visit us a www.GetOurHive.com to sign up and learn more, and join the conversation athttps://www.facebook.com/getourhive

Contact-Details: Kyle Strickland – kyle@ourhive.biz

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Feel the Benefit of McKinney Storage Facility

Presently there are companies that present stockroom and storage places for safe keeping of personal income. Yet it’s not simple to find a keeping place that you can believe in and also present your whole confidence that your valuables are safely stored. If you’re in dire need for a dependable self storage, the Mckinney self storage is actually the right answer for your storage place. They offer excellent and maximum program when it comes to storing services. They’re fanatical to keeping as well as to guarding your valuables for long term or even short term period. Mckinney self storage is situated in McKinney, Tx. It’s close to the junction of Virginia Pkwy and Custer Road just right down the avenue from Home Depot and Sonic for you to be more distinct. If perhaps you want to understand more concerning the accessibility of storage place, feel free to call or drop by today.

Mckinney self storage spots are often times called mini storage area or perhaps cell storage. The storage products come in distinct styles that are separated with in the facility. It has excellent amenities and friendly customer program. Has a state of the art service, cost-free use of leasing truck upon moving in. They provide a complete line of containers and packaging items and good expert service to assist you. All you have to spend is for the storage place that you need. They provide storing services for a big or small items. You can have regular access to them, the restrooms are fresh and clean and climate manipulated, holding tank disposals. The clients could get his or her own lock. At the same time, Mckinney self storage generally presents some level of safety. It has private code access, 24 hour video monitoring system, metal steel, anti-pick pin disc lock, on site person managers and insurance policy all these are completed for security reasons. The climate controlled facilities provide the maximum security for your valuable needs. It’s really easy because of the access of wide-concrete drive up units.

Storing your items is really essential for you. For you to get rest assured, you can ask from them self storage insurance. In that way you will get an assurance of the safety of your belongings. In case of robbery as well as harm your belongings are covered by insurance plan.

Picking Mckinney self storage is risk free. It is definitely your smart choice and cash saving storage facility.

In the event you have to have self storage in McKinney remember to take a look at METRO Storage, 1442 N. Church Street, McKinney Texas for McKinney Self Storage.

Declutter Your House-Hold with Robinsons International Storage and Removals

Are you fed up with falling over boxes and running out of space in your attic or garage?

Do you get tired and frustrated when you have to turn your friends away because you can’t accommodate guests as your spare room is full?

In these particular circumstances placing your goods in short-term storage is the ideal solution.

Many people are still unaware that storage and removals are an integral part of the service offered by removals specialists Robinson’s International.

As one of the UK’s leading removals and storage companies, established for over 100 years, Robinson’s offers a whole range of services, with no amount too small or too large.

Robinson’s Head of Moving & Storage Nicki French said: “Whatever you need to store, long-term or short-term, from a document or IT equipment to a grand piano, we’ve got room for it.”

For removals, each of the purpose-built vehicles is designed to accommodate the storage containers. Containers are delivered to your residence, loaded and secured and then transferred back to the warehouse.

When you choose Robinsons for storage you can be sure your possessions are in safe reputable hands, with maximum protection until you’re ready for them.

The storage facilities are security alarmed, clean, dry and free from pests with regular pest control. For peace of mind each facility has its own fully automatic fire detection and reporting systems.

And this month Robinsons are offering everyone the opportunity to cut the cost of their storage removals, to save you money for Christmas. They are offering you free delivery of any items coming into store; so that old television set and box of baby clothes can go too; whatever the item Robinsons has the solution.

Established in 1895, they have been a leading provider of quality moving and storage services in the UK, Europe and internationally for well over a century.

For more information on storage and removals call 0800833638 or visit Robinsons, at www.robinsons-intl.com

Quality free delivery on Removals and storage at Robinsons International

Fancy free delivery on Removals and storage ?

Robinsons International is giving everyone the chance this month to cut costs this Christmas time on any items coming into storage.

Robinsons has the answer for any situation; whether you are down-sizing house and requiring storage; looking to de-clutter; moving two homes into one or needing space for redecorating or building work.

When you choose Robinsons International you can be sure your possessions are in safe reputable hands, with maximum security and protection and hassle-free.

A consultant will visit your home to give you an accurate quotation for the packing, removal and storage of your items, with no obligation.

They have only experts and specially trained crews who will carefully pack your belongings you’re your home directly into containers inside the vehicle, with the risk of damage kept to an absolute minimum.

All containers are packed under your supervision and a full inventory for each container is made as it is filled for your reference.

Each of the purpose-built vehicles in transportation is designed to accommodate the storage containers. Containers are delivered to your residence on the back of our vehicles, loaded and secured and then transferred back to the warehouse.

Whether or not you’re moving house, the storage service safeguards your home contents or other bulky possessions until you’re ready for them.

Each storage centre is security alarmed, clean, dry and free from pests with regular pest control. For peace of mind each facility has its’ own fully automatic fire detection and reporting systems.

Should you require your goods to be returned at short notice, they offer quick and easy access to all storage containers.

You are welcome to inspect or collect items at any time during normal office hours, or they can arrange return delivery and unpacking at your convenience.

Robinsons also offer customers extremely competitive rates of insurance for goods in transit.

Established in 1895, they have been a leading provider of quality Removals and storage services in the UK, Europe and internationally for well over a century.

For more information on Removals and storage , call 0800 833 638 or visit Robinsons today, at www.robinsons-intl.com.