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Baton Rouge Based Roof Crafters Launches New CRM Software For Clients

CRM Product Launch from Roof Crafters

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 2016-Oct-12 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — Chuck Magee, construction professional and owner of Louisiana-based roofing company Roof Crafters, is proud to offer Louisiana clients more access and insight into the progress of their roofing projects.


As the most technically advanced roofing contractor anywhere, Chuck Magee and Roof Crafters have taken full advantage of cloud technology and developed their own proprietary cloud-based software system. This intuitive, easy-to-use system is only available in Louisiana to Roof Crafters clients.

Utilizing SSA Store Share Access, Roof Crafter clients will be able to track and keep up with all aspects of their roofing and roof related jobs, including warranty information, shingle type, shingle color and when the roof was installed. Pictures at various stages of the project are also provided.

Keeping this information properly stored and easily accessible is also vitally important for many clients that are having roof repairs performed due to damage from weather or other accidents. The portal makes it easy for clients to retrieve information for insurance purposes, or even if they wish to sell their house a number of years later and want to provide the buyers with the correct information about the roofing materials.

Working in construction for over two decades, Chuck Magee realized that a client-access system such as the one developed by Roof Crafters was sorely needed in the industry. Being able to access information at their leisure helps clients feel better about their projects and provides them with a more comprehensive, detailed record.

As a trusted expert in the industry, it was especially important to Chuck that his clients could get as much assistance and information as they needed when they needed it. He states that he is “especially excited to launch this new software for Roof Crafters clients to stay up to date on their roofing projects.”

Chuck knows that every roofing job is different, and having completed a re-roofing of his own home, he has firsthand experience of the challenges and inconveniences these projects can cause for his clients. This makes him a much more understanding and sympathetic consultant for those in the middle of a difficult roofing project, and it is why he thinks that the CRM product developed by Roof Crafters will be such a benefit to the residents of Louisiana.
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Roof Crafters LLC,
Chuck Magee,
4520 Sherwood Forrest Blvd Baton Rouge, LA
70816 225-667-1189, 888-846-1558,

Roof Crafters Gives Away New Roof

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 2016-Jun-22 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — After Roof Crafters gives away new roof, Mid-city homeowner Yolanda White was delighted to hear her leaking roof would get fixed when a team of volunteers from Tulsa, Ok. came to town. Then the news got better.

After Roof Crafters gives away new roof, Mid-city homeowner Yolanda White was delighted to hear her leaking roof would get fixed when a team of volunteers from Tulsa, Ok. came to town. Then the news got better.

The project at White’s house changed when Vaughn, an Owens-Corning Platinum Contractor, contacted Magee, another Platinum Preferred installer with Owens Corning, to see if Magee had a “backup crew” available in case inclement weather or other difficulties forced the Tulsa team to return home before the project was complete. Being community minded Roof Crafters gives away new roof by providing all the labor to install the roofing system.

“[Magee] said, ‘Hey, I’ve got a crew that will do the whole thing,’” Vaughn said. Materials were donated by ABC Supply, a nationwide supplier.

White’s one-story home was elevated after the storm, but the roof was not replaced at the time. White has lived in the 50-year old house for 15 years.

Team coordinator Dr. Amy Emerson said the team wanted to help White because she gives so much to others.

“She is an incredible lady who uses her vacation time each year to cook two hot meals for children in the Hollygrove neighborhood, who attend a week-long summer camp,” Emerson said. “It’s fun to see all kinds of people come together to do this project.”

Other activities held in conjunction with the team’s visit included a “Pete the Cat” literacy event, based on the popular children’s series books by Eric Litwin. Free books were provided for children that attended. The churches are co-led by ministers Charles Marsalis and Kirk Garrison.

While the long-standing partnership with the Oklahoma team has made them “family,” White said the focus of the week was on the children and not the adults workers. “Even though it’s just for a few days, the children are getting something they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.”

Marilyn Stewart writes about people and events of the faith community in Orleans Parish. Send information three weeks in advance to marilynstewart.nola@gmail.com.


Roof Crafters LLC,
Chuck Magee,
18021 N. Service Road I12 Hammond, LA
70403 225-667-1189,

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Minneapolis Roofing Company to Provide a Free Roof to Deserving Homeowner in Hennepin County

Storm Group Roofing is asking the public to vote on which Minneapolis homeowner it thinks is most deserving of free roofing services.

Minneapolis, MN, USA (September 1, 2015) — Storm Group Roofing, a Minneapolis roofing and storm damage repair company, will provide a new roof, free of charge, to a deserving local homeowner as part of the No Roof Left Behind campaign. During the week of September 8th-16th, the public will vote on which local homeowner they feel is most deserving on the No Roof Left Behind website. The winning nominee will be announced on September 30th and installation of the new roof, including an all day celebration, is scheduled to take place on Thursday, October 8th.

No Roof Left Behind is a nationwide program that allows members in a community to help their neighbors that have fallen on hard times. A local roofing contractor offers free roofing services then community members nominate and vote on who they feel is most deserving of this work. Storm Group Roofing is the first Minneapolis roofing company to be involved with the No Roof Left Behind initiative in Hennepin County.

“I feel incredibly lucky to be able to live and work here in Minneapolis,” said Dmitry Lipinskiy, owner of Storm Group Roofing. “No Roof Left Behind is a great way for Storm Group to give back to the community that has given us so much!”

Starting on September 8th, the public is asked to vote on which of the nominees they feel is most deserving of a new roof. To read each nominee’s story, see pictures of their roofs, and vote for a winner, visit Storm Group Roofing’s No Roof Left Behind page at: https://noroofleftbehind.com/program/mn/1204. The nominees include: a single mother living in a 109-year-old home, a widower who looks after her grandchildren in a storm damage home, a World War II veteran and his wife hoping to remain in a safe home, and a 25-year long north Minneapolis resident whose savings were recently drained by medical bills.

“These homeowners’ stories are inspiring and at times, heartbreaking,” said Lipinskiy. “I am committed to helping each of them in any way we can. Even if they don’t win, Storm Group will ensure that all of their roofs are safe and secure until next year’s No Roof Left Behind campaign.”

Storm Group Roofing is inviting all members of the community to get involved with the No Roof Left Behind campaign. Local businesses and residents interested in donating services, products, or time are asked to contact Dmitry Lipinskiy for more information.

Media Contact:
Dmitry Lipinskiy
Storm Group Roofing, L.L.C.
7308 Aspen Lane, N. Ste. 118,
Brooklyn Park, Minnesota 55428

About No Roof Left Behind

No Roof Left Behind is a nationwide program that gives members of the community a way to help their neighbors that have fallen on hard times. The No Roof Left Behind program provides a local roofing contractor the framework to provide a new roof at no cost to a deserving homeowner in need.

About Storm Group Roofing

Storm Group Roofing provides superior roofing services for the entire Twin Cities metro area. The Minneapolis roofing contractor also offers premium gutter installation, vinyl siding installation, and ice dam removal services for residential and commercial properties.

Kansas City Roofing

Roof shapes, roofing materials, and roofing construction can vary from region to region, dependant on issues like the availability of supplies and climate conditions. Whether is a home or any other building, a roof is definitely a crucial barrier that are required. Its job would be to protect the contents and structure in the creating below it, and to be able to do this, it must be in great shape. If you’re thinking about a Kansas City roofing project, look no further.

Re roofing a home is a strong investment, and one which ought to final for many years to arrive. Usually, the existence span of the roof might be shortened by sunlight publicity, and hotter climates. Asphalt shingles ought to last between 15 and 20 many years depending on the climate. Solid wood shingles average 10 to 40 years, while slate roofs can last from thirty to 100 many years. Any warranties you get at the time you re roof will most likely not consist of labor, so keep that in mind.

Let us take a look at a few kinds of roofing materials:

Asphalt – These shingles have come a long way in their day. Back again then, there have been only available in two colors, darkish green or black. Today’s asphalt shingles can be found inside a wide range of colors, textures and designs. The premium edition of those shingles not only look excellent, but consist of extra reinforcement from fiberglass, and a few come with a 35 year guarantee, which means you will not have to believe about changing your roof for awhile.

Cedar Shake Roofing – Wood shingles date back towards the Colonial period, and they lend a rustic charm to any roof. Real cedar shakes would be the minimum climate resistant and durable option for roofing material, although they’re nonetheless popular. You will find artificial shake tiles accessible that mimic the appear but final lengthier and fare better in the components.

It’s suggested for you personally to look out for the roof condition when they need repair or replacing. Periodically perform a visual examine for just about any loose or missing shingles, and pay near focus to any stains in your ceiling or walls that may signal a leak within the roof.

When searching into Kansas City roofing, be sure to take into consideration your home design, the present roofing materials and just how it’s held up, and also the design in your community. Colour and design choice is really an individual choice and one your contractor will help you with if you desire.

Kansas City roofing companies are popping up left and right..but can you really trust them? Hire a reputable and professional roofing company in Kansas City like Westwood Roofing. Not only does Westwood provide superior roofing but also Kansas City vinyl siding. Call them today for your free estimate at 913-362-ROOF.

Atlantic Remodeling Named Presenting Sponsor For 16th Annual “March For The Animals” To Benefit Maryland SPCA

The Atlantic Remodeling Corporation has been named Presenting Sponsor of the 16th annual “March for the Animals” being held Sunday, April 17, at Druid Hill Park.

Baltimore, MD, April 09, 2011 — The Atlantic Remodeling Corporation ( http://www.atlanticremodeling.com ) has been named Presenting Sponsor of the 16th annual “March for the Animals” being held Sunday, April 17, at Druid Hill Park. The 1.5 mile walk-a-thon around Druid Hill Reservoir is the major charity event conducted by volunteers to raise funds for the Maryland SPCA.

This marks the second year that Atlantic Remodeling has served as the lead sponsor of “March for the Animals,” which involves hundreds of animals lovers and their pets in a day of demonstrations, contests and entertainment. Last year’s event raised $364,000 to benefit the work of the Maryland SPCA, which was founded in Baltimore in 1869 and is one of the nation’s oldest animal welfare organizations.

Betram Lebhar, IV, Atlantic Remodeling’s president and CEO, noted that last year his company also launched a golf tournament, banquet and auction — the “Atlantic Remodeling Play-A-Round for Pets” — at the Mountain Branch Golf Course in Joppa to raise funds for the SPCA.

“Atlantic Remodeling is committed to community service, and we are proud to be major benefactors of the Maryland SPCA, which does so much for the care and adoption of more than 3,000 homeless animals each year — and does so without any government support,” Lebhar said.

Lebhar also noted that Atlantic Remodeling sponsors a special SPCA program that provides for the adoption of an animal over seven years of age for free. For more information about Atlantic Remodeling and its support of SPCA, visit the company’s website at http://www.atlanticremodeling.com. The SPCA website is http://www.mdspca.org.

The Atlantic Remodeling Corporation, now in its 11th year, specializes in the installation of energy-efficient windows, siding and roofing. Operating in the Baltimore/Washington area, the company has been cited as among the best 50 remodeling companies in the nation by Remodeling magazine.

Press & Media Contact:
Hirsh Goldberg
The Atlantic Remodeling Corporation
8015 Corporate Drive
Baltimore, MD 21236
Tel: 410-933-1025 / 443-286-5106