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Award Winning Author Investigates Hair Loss in Compelling New Book “Hair Loss: Options for Restoration and Reversal”

Author Gustavo J. Gomez leaves not a single hair unturned in his latest epic non-fiction book “HAIR LOSS: Options for Restoration and Reversal.”

Miami, FL (USA), August 04, 2017 — Author Gustavo J. Gomez leaves not a single hair unturned in his latest epic non-fiction book “HAIR LOSS: Options for Restoration and Reversal.” The research involved in the three years it took to pen this comprehensive book is evident simply by perusing the Table of Contents. From the history of hair loss to medical treatments, psychological impacts and the variety of restorative treatments modalities, Gomez’s latest book is the only source needed for those who are struggling with hair loss or anticipate the eventuality due to hereditary traits.

“I began to experience hair loss at a relatively young age and knew that I needed to learn what could be done to reverse this distressful situation,” said Gustavo J. Gomez, Ph.D. award-winning author of “Private Money Lending: Learn How to Consistently Generate a Passive Income Stream.” “Thirty-five years ago, the treatments were limited, painful and not as aesthetically successful as we have today. My goal in writing this book was to create a single resource that would provide as much information as was available for those experiencing hair loss as well as for those medical and cosmetic professionals who encounter clients dealing with hair loss.

The author conducted in-depth research for this book with the intention of compiling the history, research, options and processes in one informational resource for the benefit of readers.

“Those experiencing hair loss need to protect what they have so when there is a solution, they can benefit,” said Gomez. “Research indicates that they are getting closer to a permanent solution. Therefore, it is important people do what they can to ensure the health and well-being of the hair they still have.”

Gomez discovered that most men and some women simply give up and accept their hair loss as their lot in life when, in reality, there is much that can be done to nurture and protect the hair they currently have. Hair loss is currently experienced by more than 80 million people worldwide, which encompass 50 million men and 30 million women, and Gomez’s book “HAIR LOSS: Options for Restoration and Reversal” provides information on the anatomy, physiology and the options currently available to ameliorate and preserve existing hair.

Being personally affected by hair loss, Gomez has undergone a variety of treatments, including hair transplants, scalp reduction, massage and topical solutions that have enabled him to preserve most of his hair thirty-five years after first experiencing hair loss. He encourages readers to take care of their hair like they do the rest of their body and life.

“I believe that everyone’s life objective should be to improve both intellectually and physically in order to achieve a proper physical and psychological balance and therefore, live the most fulfilling and satisfying life possible. An important component of reaching this psychological balance is keeping and preserving one’s hair.”

In his previous book “Private Money Lending: Learn How to Consistently Generate a Passive Income Stream,” Gomez approached the topic with the same singular dedication and laser focus that he brings to the pages of “HAIR LOSS.” He has already won five prestigious national and international awards for “Private Money Lending” and although “Hair Loss” has just hit the stores, high praise is already being showered upon this author for his newest book.

“This book will provide the consumer a wealth of information about what is important to know about the field of hair loss and its many restorative treatment modalities. In essence, the book will explain what works and what does not work. Only after being armed with the excellent information that permeates the pages of this well-organized and researched book will the consumer be sufficiently educated to make a sound and informed decision about selecting the right course of action”. Dr. M. A. Soler-Perez, MD

“Even though hair loss is frequently thought of as a strictly male affliction, the evidence shows that 25% or one in every four women will suffer some degree of hair loss. However, unlike in men where a certain degree of hair loss is often considered inconsequential and more sociably acceptable, for women, the psychological distress caused by hair loss and the feeling of being unattractive can be devastating for the sufferer’s self-image and emotional well-being. This book is an excellent source of information that will succinctly explain and guide the reader in fully understanding the causes of hair loss.I highly recommend this book as a must read.”M. C. Sarratea, MSN, ARNP, FNP-Bc

“HAIR LOSS” is essential reading for those already afflicted or beginning to experience a certain degree of hair loss. Fortunately for the stricken hair-loss research is making significant discoveries that could potentially lead to a permanent cure for androgenetic or common hair loss.

“HAIR LOSS: Options for Restoration and Reversal” is now available at Halo Publishing, Amazon and Barnes and Noble, in Hardcover for $34.95 and in Paperback for $25.95.

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About Gustavo J. Gomez, Ph.D.:
Gustavo has been a successful entrepreneur, educator, healthcare consultant, and businessman for the past thirty-five years. His educational background and business experience have made him exceptionally versatile, achieving numerous successes in both the healthcare and business fields. As a multiple-award-winning author possessing this academic versatility allows Gustavo the ability to research and write about healthcare, entrepreneurial and business-related issues.

His interest in the causes of hair-loss related issues surfaced 35 years ago when he began to experience some hair thinning. To prevent the problem from advancing beyond control, he began to educate himself about the causes and conditions that can lead to hair loss. In his search for a possible solution to correct and/or ameliorate his hair-loss condition, he experimented with a myriad of balding prevention recommendations.

This empirical journey of discovery is the reason behind the creation of this useful and informative book about alopecia (hair loss), its causes, treatments and promising future trends. In essence, it is still a journey that continues in an attempt to uncover the options for restoration and reversal of hair loss.

The objective of this new book, entitled “HAIR LOSS: Options for Restoration & Reversal” is to educate the consuming public about the effectiveness of the many available hair-loss treatment modalities the consumer will be subjected to. This is an important and valuable book for both men and women who are afflicted with hair loss problems. The book provides the reader with a historical perspective regarding hair loss, as well as the present and future trends of alopecia research.

About Halo Publishing International:
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The Journey for Mama’s Babies, a Non-fiction Book by Melissa R. Pandolf Released Worldwide

Melissa Pandolf, author and mother of four adopted children takes readers through her personal journey of the complex adoption process. The Journey for Mama’s babies is a story inspired by the process and unconditional love.

Patchogue, NY, USA (April 8, 2014) — The Journey for Mama’s Babies, enlightening, easy to read, and arrestingly honest, will captivate anyone who has ever navigated the intricacies of the adoption process or who cares about someone who has. Both inspiring and open-eyed, this tender, telling story of a family built across oceans, languages, and every imaginable obstacle will take hold of your heart, and make you hold your loved ones closer still. (http://www.facebook.com/thejourneyformamasbabies)

When Melissa Pandolf and her husband, Doug, began the adoption process, the hopeful mother-to-be had her sights set on quickly welcoming two beaming babies to make the Pandolf house a family home. However, after three years, four trips to Russia, one trip to Washington, DC, and two plane crashes that threatened to bring their dream down around them, she came to realize that a bigger destiny awaited them on the other side of the world. As the adoptive parents of four Russian siblings, the young Long Island couple learned the true meaning of family, and what it means to go the extra mile to give your children what they need.

Beginning with the first meeting with an adoption agency, The Journey for Mama’s Babies chronicles the Pandolfs’ three-year odyssey to bring their babies home. From her naïve initial assumptions about the process to her ultimate hard-won savvy and resolve, Pandolf shares every key aspect of the experience, including the unexpected depression that can be companion to this emotionally wrenching process. With clear-eyed candor, the author recounts the ups and downs, the unexpected twists, and the backward loops that frequently punctuated their mission.

“Finding the time to write about this amazing journey is an accomplishment in and of itself, but being able to produce a book that my children can read and re-read, and digest their journey at their own pace, of how they became “Mama’s Babies”, is by far the most proudest accomplishment of my life. I love my children fiercely and this book is just one way that I demonstrate my love for them,” says the author.

Being able to share the great lengths adoptive parents will go to in order to build their family through adoption, and also give non-adoptive families another angle to view adoption from, has been a blessing in disguise. I find that my readers are thankful for opening their eyes to a world that is full of assumptions.”

“Melissa has captured the complexity and the passion of the adoption process in this story. Her honest and ability to share even the most difficult aspects of the adoption process will help other families get through!” says Charlotte Torti MSW, LMSW, Senior Social Worker, Wide Horizons For Children.

The Journey for Mama’s Babies, by Melissa R. Pandolf, 194 pages in paperback, ISBN-10: 0615865429, ISBN-13: 978-0615865423, is published by Harpan Publishing (November 26, 2013). It is available through major on-line booksellers and select book stores.

About the Author:
Melissa R. Pandolf is the adoptive mom to four biological Russian siblings, two of whom have special needs. She recently celebrated her twentieth year serving in the United States military, and is currently serving in the Air National Guard. She has an AAS degree in financial management, as well as an associate degree in allied health services, from the Community College of the Air Force. She was born and raised in Huntington, New York and graduated from Walt Whitman High School in 1992. Melissa is a lifetime member of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1469 in Huntington, New York. She lives in Patchogue, Long Island, with her husband, four children, and the family dog. Her life, as crazy and hectic as it is, is perfect, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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