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Monterey Symphony Launches Search for New Music Director

The Monterey Symphony has launched a search for a new music director. The new position will commence June 2021.

Monterey, CA, January 04, 2019 — The Monterey Symphony has launched a search for a new music director. The new position will commence June 2021.

The two-year search will be conducted by a committee, established in the Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Musician’s Union, and stipulates a committee of nine — five members representing management, and four representing musicians.

The symphony hopes to announce a new music director in April 2021, with the first concert with the new music director in October 2021. Candidates for the post will be invited for interviews in May 2019, and will be invited to conduct during the 2020-2021 season.

The music director, among other things, will select music to be performed at classical and other symphonic programs, select soloists, serve as the principal conductor, and work within the limits established by the organization’s budget, its bylaws and its internal policies.

The Music Director reports to the Board of Directors and works closely and cooperatively with them and the Executive Director in pursuing the organization’s objectives.

Monterey Symphony is seeking an exceptional conductor with significant experience leading professional ensembles at a high level, who has wide-ranging intellectual and cultural interests and excellent communication skills,” according to the symphony’s website. “They will be able to demonstrate the ability to inspire musicians, board members and staff and cultivate effective relationships with guest artists, composers and other artistic partners.”

The application procedure and more information on the duties and requirements of the position are available at: https://www.montereysymphony.org/employment.htm.


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National Black Gospel Sheet Music Source Is Now Available

It’s God’s Choice Christian Bookstore is one of the few sources of black gospel sheet music for musicians.

Landover, MD, USA — It’s God’s Choice Christian Bookstore (http://www.igccb.com) is now one of the largest sources of Black Gospel sheet music in the country. There are very few places where musicians can go to purchase Black Gospel sheet music because very few stores have been able to find a distribution channel that will provide the music. It’s God’s Choice has found several sources of Black Gospel and is providing it to church musicians and others nationwide and internationally.

“As a musician and a music teacher, I’m a witness to the fact that there aren’t many places where a musician can go in a store or online to find up-to-date Black Gospel sheet music. There are some songbooks that are available but not much in sheet music. It takes a lot of time learning and then teaching a new song to the church choir. It adds to the process when you have to transcribe the music first. With sheet music, the music is already written out which saves lots of time,” said Carolyn Walker, former church musician and current music buyer for the bookstore. “It’s God’s Choice is a blessing to gospel music lovers everywhere with over a thousand titles available,” said Thelma Lee.

The Black Gospel sheet music repertoire represent songs that have been sung by such famous singers as: Shirley Caesar, Fred Hammond, Richard Smallwood, Anthony Brown, William Murphy, Hezekiah Walker, Tasha Cobbs, Mississippi Mass Choir, Ricky Dillard, Martha Munizzi, Donald Lawrence, Charles Jenkins and many other well-known gospel singers, choirs and groups.

In 2002, It’s God’s Choice Christian Bookstore was founded by Thelma Lee, a former employee of Rejoice Christian Bookstore and who has over 15 years of experience in this field. It’s God’s Choice specializes in special orders and carries black gospel CDs, sheet music, songbooks, piano instructional books, bibles, books, greeting cards, gifts, church supplies, tambourines, and children items. In addition, the store special orders pastoral and choir robes. The store is now located at 7838 Central Avenue, Landover, MD 20785 inside D’s Hairstylist. Those items that are not in the store can probably be found at the website, which is http://www.igccb.com. For further information, please call Thelma Lee at 301-499-5799.

Media Contact:
Thelma Lee
It’s God’s Choice Christian Bookstore
7838 Central Avenue
Landover, MD 20785
Phone: 301-499-5799
Fax: 301-499-0349

Munite is truly revolutionizing the music world

May 24 2011 /RTPR/ – Hollywood, CA – Munite is truly revolutionizing the music world. It stands out among other music sites as a platform that connects everyone who is integral to the process of music creation and consumption. From the musicians and vocalists, to the engineers in the sound booth, to record labels, agents, managers and finally to the listeners, Munite offers a role for all music lovers.

Munite offers an array of features beyond just the conventional track, video, and picture hosting which it is quite adept at too. Munite makes it easy for aspiring musicians to kick- start their music career. Artists can promote their work to eager fans and labels who are continuously searching for great new music. With the Build a Band™ feature, Munite makes it easy to build your own band from a list of instrument-specific musicians in your area. Just a few clicks and members are in touch with potential bandmates. Another few clicks and members can be booking time with a music instructor or a new student. If that student needs to buy a guitar, it can be found in the classified ad section of the site. Jam sessions can be found and arranged through Munite as well.

Munite also provides musicians a unique and creative component for music collaboration, Mumiix™. Mumiix™ is an open access tool to create, mix, and share music in ways that were previously unimaginable. Mumiix™ makes it possible for beatboxers from Brooklyn to collaborate with classical guitarists from Spain. Mumiix™ provides the tools to make it happen online, without the limitations of geographical boundaries. Anyone can take part in a Mumiix™ project by simply inviting others or requesting invitations to join other members’ Mumiix™ projects. Even labels, managers, and producers can be a part of the virtual collaboration so that everyone works together to get the end result off the ground, on the airwaves, and onto the stage.

For more information about Munite.net or how to get started, please visit munite.net –“Uniting the Music World”.

Contact details:
Company Name: Munite.net
Contact Name: Munite Street Team
Contact Phone: (877) 469-6743
Contact Email: support@munite.net

Pinflap (Gregory Wooldridge) from Dallas will be performing his hit songs ‘the branch’, ‘holding’, ‘package sealed’ and ‘forever begins’ live at Dunn Bros Addison on Feb 26

Pinflap has been writing music for 28 years and performing in a variety of bands before embarking on a solo career. Best known for playing bass and later acoustic rhythm for the Cadillac Cowboys from 1991-97. More recently Pinflap has been carving out a successful solo career as a singer/songwriter and an acoustic guitarist.

Pinflap credits Lindsey Buckingham, James Taylor and Ian Anderson, as musicians who inspired his career. Having transitioned from Bass to Acoustic Pinflap never uses a guitar pick. His music style is hauntingly beautiful and simplistic but yet it is complex if not impossible to emulate.

He has a number of internationally acclaimed songs available on itunes including The Branch a favourite amongst internet radio audiences. ‘The Branch was inspired by singer/songwriter Michelle Branch’ said Pinflap. On release of the single Michelle Branch sent a message to Pinflap ‘‘ Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone write a song for me. Thank you! Sounds great’

Pinflap 2 his self titled CD is still available at all major e-retailers.

Supporting artist for Pinflap at Dunn Bros will be Buck Morgan who was inspired by John Prine, Kris Kristofferson and Bruce Springsteen and is drawn to singers/songwriters who tell a story, share an adventure and introduce you to a character.

‘I’d like to write a pop song some day. I’m still on my first hundred songs, and the songs are all so close to me. They’re literally family.’ Said Morgan.

President of Dallas Songwriters Assoc, Morgan always been a writer, first in newspapers, and later in public relations and is respected amongst his peers for his support of local musicians.


Reverbnation – http://www.reverbnation.com/pinflap
iTunes – http://ax.itunes.apple.com/au/artist/pinflap/id371260092 #itunes
Website – http://www.pinflap.com
Media Kit – Pinflap media kit 2011.pdf

Contact: Raine O’keeffe
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SKYPE: Raine.Okeeffe
PO Box 2088
North Parramatta NSW 1750

With the release of The Christmas song, Le Blues du businessman and LoveUmadly Eric van Aro proves to be one of the most versatile singers today

In 2001 Eric van Aro released his album “from the heart”, a collection of songs dating from the mid ’20s to the end of the last century that covers different styles including valse musette, world music, country & western, jazz, nursery rhymes, rap and hard rock.

“Friends”, the CD released in 2005, contains collaborations with musicians of the caliber of trumpet player Franco Ambrosetti, harmonica player Bruno de Filippi, drummer Flaviano Cuffari and many other Italian jazz and rock musicians. The album has won over the public and critics worldwide, establishing Eric van Aro as one of the most interesting and accomplished singers to have appeared on the jazz scene in the past few years.

With the release of DESERT MOTEL in 2008 Eric returns with an intriguing selection of songs from such tunesmiths as Winwood, Stills, Manilow, Webb and Metheny for a sublime musical Americana “on the road” experience.

In Summer 2010 Eric changes style and with the Beats4life label the first song JAZZ a collaboration with Marco Soundee, one of Italy’s major house music creators, is released in its various mixes and remixes to major acclaim from DJs around the world.

LoveUmadly (released on December 16ht 2010), The painting in my heart 2010 remix and UR are just a few of the exciting songs from the Soundee/vanAro/Beats4lifestable that will have audiences dance this coming year.

Meanwhile Eric’s COLLABORATIONS project for the ERAKI label is on its way and the first two songs are ready for release. Luca Verde, one of Italy’s major rock guitarists and producers gave the famous French ballad Le blues du businessman a hard rockingarrangement which Eric performs in its original language.

On the other hand Mel Torme’s The Christmas song receives an exciting Latin Jazztreatment with the fabulous IGUAZU acoustic trio.

To keep up with all the news and single releases drop by at www.vanaro.com orwww.youtube.com/erakientertainment!

Contact details:

ERAKI Entertainment

Casella Postale 91
6976 Castagnola – Switzerland
tel+fax: +41 91 9663226

e-mail: info@eraki.com