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Southern CA Rock Band Dynamos To Release Driving New Single “Knowledge” on 2/23/18

The Song’s Accompanying Live-Tracked Music Video Out February 16!

Los Angeles, CA, February 08, 2018 – Southern California based and female-led rock group Dynamos are set to release their latest single “Knowledge” to online retail outlets worldwide on Feb 23, 2018. The moody, driving song will also be accompanied by a performance music video with all audio tracked live. This video (and its alternate audio of “Knowledge”) will be released on February 16th – one week in advance of the studio version’s release.

The opening bass, guitar, and drums of “Knowledge” suggest a sense of mystery which only grows as vocalist Nadia E begins her sultry and powerful delivery. The song’s lyrics further the mystery as the verse continues – culminating in the emphatic, “There’s a lot you don’t know about me…” A guitar solo, provided by Jacob Mayeda adds excitement and provides one of the song’s most important dynamic peaks. With the song’s energy continuing to drive right through its final note, “Knowledge” provokes listeners to question what they know while remaining true to Dynamos’ rock ‘n roll sound.

The performance music video was filmed in Los Angeles, CA, and features an all-new live recording of “Knowledge”. The band’s chemistry is on full display as audiences far and wide can get a sneak peek into the high-energy and fun Dynamos live show. Each member of the band brings a whole new dimension of musicianship to the video – proving that Dynamos’ own ‘knowledge’ of music sets them apart from emerging bands in the ever-crowded Los Angeles market – and beyond.

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About Dynamos:

Introducing a contemporary blend of traditional and modern rock music, Dynamos burst into the scene in 2017 with their debut EP, Cold Comfort. With their vibrant, striking instrumentals and passionate call and response, this American rock band intends to share their knowledge and love of music to the masses. Dynamos is led by front-woman and lead vocalist, Nadia E. She is accompanied by Nick Schaadt (music director, bass), Jacob Mayeda (lead guitar), Ian Nakazawa (drums), and Carlos Barrera (lead guitar). Nadia E. is known to rock the house with her soul-shaking voice and visual storytelling. Together, Dynamos combine technical expertise with pure raw energy to deliver a unique and captivating listening experience.

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Innovative Vocabulary Building Book Improves Language

Published by Halo Publishing International, Ten Dollar Words for Kids will empower readers with the knowledge and understanding of new words.

Houston, TX (USA), December 06, 2013 — Increasing a child’s vocabulary is easy if you simply introduce them to words, says dad Kevin Kennedy, author of the new book Ten Dollar Words for Kids.

“There are more than a million words in the English language, but we use very few,” Kennedy said. He started teaching his own children a variety of words early in their lives to help them have expanded vocabularies. It was almost a game, but the result is they know more words than their peers, explained Kennedy.

Published by Halo Publishing International, Ten Dollar Words for Kids will empower readers with the knowledge and understanding of new words. “It’s for kids to learn big and prosper,” said the author.

Halo Publisher Lisa Umina said Ten Dollar Words for Kids plants seeds for developing learning curiosity. “It inspires children to learn even more and an improved vocabulary will benefit them throughout their lives,” Umina said.

Kennedy has a vision to develop Ten Dollar Words for Kids books tailored to a variety of medicines such as dentistry, psychiatry, pediatrics, etc., and maybe even other complex professions. “Big words are there to use, not to wonder what they mean,” he said.

“A larger and more complex vocabulary at an early age is essential to setting our children up for success. Ten Dollar Words for Kids books are all about building the vocabulary of a child, and maybe a little about refreshing the minds of teens and adults in a most extraordinary way.”

Kennedy served in the U.S. Navy for more than 25 years, a service tradition modeled after his father and brother. The youngest child of loving and bright parents, Kennedy graduated from Upper Arlington High School, near Columbus, Ohio. He earned a bachelor’s degree at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and retired from the Navy in 2010. The author resides with his wife, Martha, in Chesapeake, Va. He is the father of four children, ages 27, 18 and twin 6-year-olds, all with better than average vocabularies.

To order Ten Dollar Words for Kids, visit http://www.halopublishing.com. To reach author Kevin Kennedy, e-mail him at Kevin.kennedy2@yahoo.com , call (757) 589-7554 or visit http://www.tendollarwordsforkids.com.

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