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Cherokee Holdings, LLC Announces Two Important Upgrades to its Fracking Wastewater Recovery Process

Upgrades will increase speed and cut costs.

Singapore, December 31, 2012 — Cherokee Holdings LLC today announced two new upgrades to their hydraulic fracturing wastewater recovery processes which cover remediation of polluted water, salt water, and oil sludge. Cherokee Holdings LLC, an engineering firm, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Scalada Holdings, Ltd., a global leader in onsite treatment of flowback wastewater produced by fracking and other oil and gas production processes.

Cherokee’s announced upgrades to its unique and patented Elemental Ionization System will not only increase the speed of the process, but will also make it less expensive to operate.

Recent tests have proven the process remarkably effective for both highly saline and highly alkaline waters. The tests were carried out at the Great Salt Lake in Utah, one of the most saline water environments on earth, and at Rush Valley, Utah, where the alkali water content is similarly high. In both cases, potable drinking water was produced in less than two hours at a cost of less than ten cents a gallon.

A statement released by Cherokee stated, “The combination of onsite capability, speed, economy, and environmental protection will undoubtedly put Cherokee Holdings at the forefront of frack water remediation.”

It is estimated that in the United States alone, at least 9 billion liters of contaminated water are produced daily. By the year 2020, the global water treatment industry is estimated to reach $9 billion annually.

To learn more about Cherokee Holdings, LLC, Scalada Holdings Ltd., and their business of bringing green solutions to the global marketplace that produce sustainable outcomes, visit http://www.scaladaholdings.net.

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