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Los Gatos-based Custom-home builder Mehus Construction Continues Legacy of Honesty, Integrity and Craftsmanship

LOS GATOS — Since 1975, Mehus Construction has set a standard of quality that is unmatched among Bay Area custom home builders.

Los Gatos, CA, September 29, 2019 — Since 1975, Mehus Construction has set a standard of quality that is unmatched among Bay Area custom home builders.

It began with a clear vision from founder Paul Mehus, who believed in building strong relationships with clients and running his business like a family. That collaborative approach has led to a stunning, visual résumé of custom homes across the Bay Area landscape.

Paul Mehus passed away in May of 2019, but his legacy of honesty, integrity and craftsmanship never wavered following his retirement in 2011.

Aaron Ewing became president of the company that year, furthering Mehus’ proven business model — building impeccable custom homes with integrity and transparency, while creating lasting relationships along the way.

Ewing literally learned the business from the ground up, starting at Mehus on the demolition crew in 1991. Ewing quickly transitioned into other roles, including carpentry, painting, project estimating and, ultimately project management. During these transitions, his field skills were enhanced by construction management studies at San Jose State University.

Ewing’s advancement to company president also brought current VP Fernando DaCosta into the fold. He joined the team in 2011 as a project manager, developing strong relationships with subcontractors and homeowners. The son of a real estate developer, DaCosta grew up in Southern California helping his father flip homes as part of the demo crew. “My dad taught me to work through challenges and do things right,” DaCosta notes.

A former member of a U.S. Navy search-and-rescue team and later “hot shot” helicopter crew member for the U.S. Forest Service, DaCosta embraces the importance of teamwork and family. His role as VP and business partner involves business development, quality control and “connecting with people.”

Together, Ewing and DaCosta have assembled and nurtured a team of professionals that maintain a strict standard of quality and craftsmanship. It involves a relentless pursuit of perfection, a healthy respect for communication and a vow to earn and preserve every client’s trust.

The Mehus way.

Find out more at www.mehus.com.


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Grenadier Homes Names TrizCom Agency of Record

<strong>Grenadier Homes –- a developer and builder of townhomes, patio homes and custom-designed homes – has selected Dallas-based public relations firm TrizCom as its agency of record.

Dallas, TX (USA), January 15, 2013 — Grenadier Homes – a developer and builder of townhomes, patio homes and custom-designed homes – has selected Dallas-based public relations firm TrizCom as its agency of record.

Although the company was founded in 1990 by Anthony Natale and John Egnatis, Grenadier Homes ( http://www.grenadierhomes.com ) can trace its roots back to the 1960s when Natale’s father, Nick, built a custom-designed home for the Egnatis family. Natale and Egnatis became neighbors and close friends because of the build, frequently playing hockey together in the winter on a frozen pond called Grenadier. The build had a major impact on both of them and many years later, they created Grenadier Homes with that in mind – to make a positive difference in people’s lives through homebuilding.

Over the years, Grenadier Homes has developed a reputation as an industry leader in customer service, workmanship, integrity and innovation. Grenadier Homes doesn’t simply put up houses – it builds dreams.

“At the end of the day, our success and our joy come from the fact that homeowners are happy. We base everything on our customers – on finding a way to make their dreams a reality, of creating homes that fit their lifestyles like never before,” notes Natale. “It’s not just about building houses – it’s about fulfilling dreams.”

The company continually strives to create the ultimate homebuyer experience for its customers, offering additional services to make the building and purchasing process as stress-free as possible.

“Building a new home is a major life decision for many customers and that can be a very frustrating experience. If we can take some of the stress out, then the customers will be happier. They’ll make better decisions about what they want, and they’ll feel better about the end result,” adds Egnatis.

In addition to building and design services, Grenadier Homes ( http://www.grenadierhomes.com ) offers its customers assistance with selling and financing their current homes, a mortgage calculator to make the financial data clearer, a private mortgage insurance buyout program, and a contingency program that provides customers with a 100 percent refund if they aren’t able to sell their homes.

“Grenadier Homes has a reputation as an honest company that provides excellent customer service and quality work,” said Jo Trizila, president of TrizCom. “Our companies see eye-to-eye on how we do business, and we are honored to represent them.”

About Grenadier Homes:
Founded in 1990, Grenadier Homes develops and builds townhomes, patio homes and custom-designed homes throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. During the past 22 years, Grenadier Homes has completed several multi-million dollar projects and has sold more than $200 million in housing. Grenadier Homes is recognized throughout the industry as a leader in customer service, workmanship, integrity, innovation and perseverance. For more information, visit http://www.grenadierhomes.com.

About TrizCom Inc:
TrizCom is a multi-talented, high-caliber public relations company. Located in Dallas, with footprints across the United States, TrizCom serves clients in a wide variety of industries and specialties. For more information, visit http://www.trizcom.com.

Press & Media Contact:
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Lucky Kat TV and Retro Bill to Release Live Action/Animation DVD to Help Prevent Bullying: The 7 RIGHT ONs of Good Character

Lucky Kat TV and North America’s leading Kindergarten – 12th grade motivational speaker, Retro Bill, have recently partnered to release a combination live action/animation DVD The 7 RIGHT ONs of Good Character.

Los Angeles, CA (USA), October 23, 2012 — Lucky Kat TV ( http://www.luckykattv.com ) and North America’s leading Kindergarten – 12th grade motivational speaker, Retro Bill, have recently partnered to release a combination live action/animation DVD The 7 RIGHT ONs of Good Character. This highly anticipated video is available for purchase at award winning children’s “edutainment” site http://www.luckykattv.com.

Lucky Kat TV’s plucky characters, Lucky Kat and Lexie Kat ( http://www.luckykattv.com ), shine alongside Retro Bill in the high-energy, attention-grabbing video that blends Retro Bill’s signature fast paced live action with animation. Together, the team illustrates the seven elements of good character; how to use these traits to navigate everyday situations and the importance of a positive attitude, owning their actions and never giving up! Practicing these traits help kids to refrain from bullying, respond to bullying, and make positive life choices:

Golden Rule

Own It!
Never Give Up!

In his trademark upbeat and high-energy style, Retro Bill moves between the worlds of live action and animation with Lucky & Lexie. Together, they bring to life The 7 RIGHT ONs of Good Character.

According to Retro Bill, “When I met the team at Lucky Kat TV it was creative kismet. We each deliver the same message of self-empowerment to children, and it’s always been my dream to blend live action with animation. I think parents, teachers, coaches and mentors alike will find the tools we offer to be helpful in their continued effort to promote self-esteem, safety and cooperation in kids!”

Retro Bill – the alter ego of writer, producer and director Bill Russ – delivers a powerful message to children across the nation – dreams do come true. Taking his high-energy anthem on the road some 300 days each year across the U.S. and Canada, Retro Bill speaks to millions of children and parents about physical and online safety, bullying, and self-esteem.

“The epidemic of bullying across our communities and schools has rightfully garnered national attention. We believe building strong character in our children is the first step in prevention, and Retro Bill’s unique style connects with kids in a meaningful way. He never patronizes them, and instead illustrates how to enlist help and embrace their own better instincts to stay safe and healthy,” said Lucky Kat TV’s Tammy Schroeder.

About Lucky Kat TV.com:
Lucky Kat TV.com is an edutainment gaming and video website designed to entertain children in a safe and creative environment. Reinforcing fundamental academics based on educational Standards, the activities and games featured on Lucky Kat TV.com empower critical thinking skills in children ages 5 – 11. Kids are encouraged to unleash the power of their imaginations and create video content to share with other Lucky Kat TV.com fans. In 2012, Lucky Kat TV.com was awarded the coveted Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) seal of approval and Mom’s Choice Award. Visit Lucky Kat TV online at http://www.luckykattv.com.

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