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Local Author, Joseph Sabol Publishes “Adoptee: A Childhood of Torment”

An Inspirational Tale of Overcoming an Abusive Childhood.

Cleveland, OH (USA), May 26th, 2016 — What begins as a tragic story of childhood bullying coupled with emotional and physical abuse turns into an inspirational story of one local resident who has become an award winning entrepreneur. Joseph Sabol’s story, as chronicled in his self-published autobiography Adoptee: A Childhood of Torment, pulls no punches, quite literally, when retelling his story of being in the foster system prior to being adopted by John and Tilly Sabol.

“I suffered years of bullying, beatings and humiliating treatment even after I was adopted,” said Joseph Sabol. “All through my school years the other students and even some of the nuns and teachers would make fun of me, beat me and abuse me to a point where most would give up and escape through drugs or alcohol. However, I learned early on that the way to survive was to turn and face my abusers and stand up for myself.”

Joseph attributes much of his ability to survive and thrive to his adoptive parents. They provided the support and strength he needed to continue going back to an abusive environment each day. Adoptee: A Childhood of Torment, not only graphically describes what it was like to face such intensive abuse but also chronicles Sabol’s search for his birth mother and father. At the time of his search, Ohio was a closed state for an adoptee seeking information about their birth parents, however, that didn’t deter Sabol from his quest.

One reader and fellow student of Sabol’s had this to say about the book:
“The author’s ability to tell his story and understand his victimization and go on to a successful happy life can be an example for all! I am proud to call him my classmate.”

Having survived more than a decade of torment, Joseph has grown to be a successful business owner and now wants to share his message of survival with the world.

“There is a way out of this kind of life,” says Sabol. “I want to reach others who might be trapped in a life of emotional and physical abuse and let them know there is a way to survive and thrive. You have to seek help from those you trust. You have to ask, you can’t allow your abusers to take away your voice.”

Joseph Sabol is currently working with executives in the entertainment industry to find a way to bring his story to a larger audience. For more information or to purchase Joseph Sabol’s book Adoptee: A Childhood of Torment, visit Amazon or Barnes and Nobel.

About Joseph M. Sabol:
Joseph Sabol resides in Cleveland and is the owner of J&J Video Productions, voted Cleveland’s #1 Wedding Video Production Company 2010-2016. He attended Penn State University where he holds two degrees. He also earned a graduate degree from Biosystems Institute, Tempe Arizona and went on to become an AMA Board Certified and Registered Respiratory Therapist.

Today, Joseph is an avid videophile and photographer. He and his wife, Diane, are actively involved in their church.

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