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Discover the Untold Story of a Boy and His Angel in “Angel Watching Over Me”

“Angel Watching Over Me” introduces young readers and their parents to the love of God through His very special messengers chosen just for us.

Orlando, FL (USA), July 24th, 2017 — In good and bad times it is nice to know there is someone special watching over us; protecting, encouraging and sharing God’s love. “Angel Watching Over Me” introduces young readers and their parents to the love of God through His very special messengers chosen just for us. Published author and poet Evangeline B. White enters the world of children’s fiction with this delightful story that is soon to become a family classic. The first in the Where is Your Angel™ series, “Angel Watching Over Me” tells the story of “Handsome Lou” and the comfort and friendship he has with his very own angel.

“It is amazing how many children and adults believe in angels,” said Evangeline White. “Other childhood stories about the toothfairy and the Easter Bunny are soon discarded but our love and belief in angels carries through into our adult life. This series of books is designed to reinforce that belief and to give young readers something they can believe in throughout their life.”

Angel Watching Over Me” shares the story of “Handsome Lou” and his angel and how he is supported, comforted and protected. “Handsome Lou” enjoys playful games and even a few antics with his angel. Colorful illustrations by award winning illustrator Chad Thompson bring this special friendship to life.

“I hope that readers and their parents learn the message that there is a God who loves them, no matter what. Unlike fictional characters in our lives, God wants to be part of our story and angels are a wonderful way to reinforce the message that we are not alone in this world,” said White. “While some childhood fantasies pass away, God and his angels are real and will be around for our entire life; during the good and bad times.”

“Angel Watching Over Me” is a great gift for grandparents and parents to give and is also a wonderful book to purchase and donate to your local library, school or church.

“Remember that ‘awe’ you felt when you first learned about God and His love?” asks White. “My hope is that this series of books will remind us of the wonder and grace of God. It is easy to forget when we see the news or hear stories of bullying and harsh behavior, but my hope is that these books will bring a little angel dust into the lives of readers and their families.”

Angel Watching Over Me” has been well received. Here are just a few of the comments people have to say:
“This book and idea are wonderful…a good reminder that God watches over us and uses his angels to protect us and be his messengers. [Evangeline] is quite the poet.”
Sue G., Preschool Director

“Angel Watching Over Me” is a sweet story that points kids to Jesus and His grace for their lives. Through God’s messengers, the angels, [Evangeline] tells a story of God’s presence in the lives of every child, rooting her message in the mercy of God and not just moralism and good works. It’s a timely reminder that can be read all year, not just at Christmas.” Senior Pastor Mike Adkins; Grace Church

To learn more about “Angel Watching Over Me,” the first in the Where is Your Angel™ series, and to purchase your copy, visit www.whereisyourangel.com. This keepsake children’s story is available as a hard cover book which comes in a clear carrying case along with a special angel figure. Follow “Where is your angel” on Facebook for the latest information about upcoming publications, book signings and news. You can also follow us at:

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About Evangeline B. White:
Evangeline B. White is a published author and has been in the teaching field for over 15 years. She has taught 3 year olds to adult career changers. Her love of books is evident in her kids’ room where they have more books than toys. Her kids also had library cards before they could even crawl. She and her husband have served in their church for over 10 years. One thing Evangeline doesn’t leave home without is her angel.

To request an interview with Evangeline B. White, contact Judy or Karen at karen@whereisyourangel.com

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A Community Comes Together in the Delightful Children’s Story “Have You Seen Henry?”

Author Michael Worley has been creating stories and drawing cartoons since he was a little boy.

Dallas, TX (USA), May 13th, 2017 — Author Michael Worley has been creating stories and drawing cartoons since he was a little boy. His imagination has spawned several other children’s stories including “Sonny the Scarecrow”, “The Quiet Giant”, “A Dog’s Tale”, “Everett the Piano” and “Lacey Shoestring’s Amazing Red Wagon Adventure.” In “Have You Seen Henry?” Worley was inspired by an actual possum encounter in his backyard.

“There was something so intriguing and fun about the possum that wandered into my backyard that I couldn’t resist featuring him in a children’s story,” said Worley. “I love animals and how they interact and as I was writing the story of Henry I began to imagine a community of animals within a neighborhood who are willing to work together for a common good.”

Each of the characters in “Have You Seen Henry?” are beautifully brought to life by illustrator Jorge Chiquillo. Worley uses repetition and clever alliteration with each character’s name like Frieda Fox, Amy Armadillo, and Roger Rooster which help children remember a growing number of adorable animals who come to the aide of Henry’s wife, Henrietta. As the story progresses and tensions mount, Worley shows how friends can encourage and support each other even in difficult times.

“I hope children will learn a lesson in the value of friendship,” said Worley. “In my life I have seen first hand the benefits of willing to help others in their time of need. I believe it is an especially important lesson for children to learn from a young age. Rather than finding fault, we should look for ways to come together with kindness, generosity and friendship.”

“Michael has written such a fun story that children will want to read it over and over,” said Lisa Umina, founder and president of Halo Publishing International. “Each page of the story introduces a new character, building a growing community of friends who are on a hunt for the missing Henry. Children and parents will laugh out loud at the conclusion when they discover Henry in the last place imaginable.”

Worley is hard at work creating a new story about an unlikely alien named George the Goon that he hopes will be brought to life in a feature length animated movie. In the meantime, look for upcoming sequels to “Lacey Shoestring’s Amazing Red Wagon Adventure” and the further adventures of Rex the Dog and Rudy the Rabbit from “A Dog’s Tale.”

“Have You Seen Henry?” is now available at Halo Publishing, Amazon and Barnes and Noble, in hard cover for $17.95.

* Halo Publishing – http://halopublishing.com/7t-z/michael-d.-worley.html

* Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/Have-Seen-Henry-Michael-Worley/dp/1612445667/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1493842073&sr=1-1

* Barnes and Noble – http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/have-you-seen-henry-michael-d-worley/1126325945?ean=2940157570446

About Michael Worley:
The passion for writing stories and drawing cartoons started for Michael Worley while he was just a child. Michael is the author of Sonny the Scarecrow, Everett the Piano, The Quiet Giant, A Dog’s Tale, Lacey Shoestring’s Amazing Red Wagon Adventure, and Have You Seen Henry? Michael owned and operated Pyramid Productions, Inc., in Dallas, Texas for fourteen years. He produced script-to-screen turnkey film and video productions for corporate and commercial advertising. Michael presently owns and operates a successful residential property management company located in Dallas, Texas.

About Halo Publishing International:
Halo Publishing International is a self-publishing company that publishes adult fiction and non-fiction, children’s literature, self-help, spiritual, and faith-based books. We continually strive to help authors reach their publishing goals and provide many different services that help them do so. http://www.HaloPublishing.com

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New Children’s Picture Book with Stunning Artwork Explores the World of a Hopi Indian Girl

Newly released picture book about a Hopi Indian girl takes readers through many metaphorical doors to explore the different aspects that make each our lives: family, friendship, culture, education, creativity, and nature.

Washington, DC (USA), November 19th, 2015 — Newly released picture book about a Hopi (pronounced: hope-ee) Indian girl takes readers through many metaphorical doors to explore the different aspects that make each our lives: family, friendship, culture, education, creativity, and nature.

TALASI… A Story of Tenderness and Love exposes children to new experiences as Talasi explores her native world and later the modern culture of the white man while holding to Native American beliefs and traditions. This charming and lovingly illustrated picture book teaches young readers how love and friendships get us over the rough spots in life and to never stop exploring the world around them.

Many American children are growing up in a multicultural world and are curious to understand all the cultures surrounding them. “Traveling through Arizona, I was terrible curious myself about what life on an Indian reservation was like when I visited a Hopi tribe,” said author Ellen S. Cromwell. “I wanted to understand the culture of these amazing people and visited with a kikmongwi, primarily a religious leader for the tribe. This experience truly touched me.”

TALASI… A Story of Tenderness and Love is about a young Hopi Indian girl named Talasi. Her name comes from corn tassel flowers that surround her pueblo home in Arizona. Tassels are tall, slender flowers clustered at the very top of corn. Corn, in its many forms, provides basic nourishment for Hopi People.

Wonderfully written, this children’s book clearly reflects the author’s fascination with the Hopi people and their history. Hopi means “peaceful person” or “civilized person” in the Hopi language and Ellen S. Cromwell evokes a compelling portrait of the Hopi Indians and how they truly are a peaceful people. “The richness of Talasi’s Indian culture will expand the horizons of any child who reads this book,” said illustrator Desiree Sterbini. “I researched to make sure every illustration was authentic to the Hopi culture. I wanted the themes of love, family, and friendship to be something each child could relate to. The images are personal as they are from actual pictures of my mother-in-law and daughter.”

With the author and illustrator using personal, real life experiences and pictures to draw from, the book exemplifies what it means to value all cultures that make up the world we live in and that no matter what children can solve problems with love and courage. “A lot of the imagery is from personal experiences. I grew up as an immigrant in the Bronx and remember the neighborhood coming together to build this treehouse for all the kids to play in. It was amazing and we felt like we were on top of the world as kids up there,” said author Ellen S. Cromwell. “Those childhood experiences and what I learned from the Hopi tribe and its culture helped me create Talasi and her world.”

Not only does this picture book have multicultural overtones, but parents and educators will find the author used sight words and repetition to make this the perfect book for classrooms and bookshelves.

“Reading a book together as a family or in the classroom is one simple yet very special tradition,” said Halo Publisher Lisa M. Umina. “Readers of all ages will find this picture book is heartwarming and helps keep you and your children connected through the upcoming holiday season.”

You can purchase “TALASI… A Story of Tenderness and Love” through Halo Publishing’s website (http://halopublishing.com), Amazon, and B&N.

Author Ellen Cromwell is the founder of the Georgetown Hill Early Schools in Montgomery County, Maryland and has been an educator of young children since the 1970’s and is the author of three early childhood professional texts including Nurturing Readiness in Early Childhood Education, Allyn & Bacon, 2000. Wiggle-Dee-Dee, Splash Puddle Splash, and Are You Listening, Potbelly? are three recent children’s books she has authored. You can learn more at her website http://www.cromwellsplash.com

Artist, Desiree Sterbini creates award-winning works with oil pastels and colored pencils on textured paper and board. Her sensitive compositions are detailed with vibrant colors and strokes, created by stumps of rolled paper and brush. Women of color, children, the simple lives of ordinary people and nature are her primary subjects. Desiree received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and continues to study through workshops and studio classes. Her oil pastel paintings have been exhibited and featured throughout the DC metro area and nationally including, Embassy of Cote d’Ivoire, Fox News Washington DC Myvoicedc.com, Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery at the Smith Farm Center, Edison Place Gallery, L’Eclat de Verr Gallery, Sandy Springs Museum, Art Expo Las Vegas and 7 Women from 7 Countries exhibition, Doral, Florida. Desiree’s works have also been on loan in Port Louis, Mauritius Embassy through the United States Arts in Embassy Program. Along with works held in several private collections, Desiree’s talents are commissioned, including illustrated children’s books Splash Puddle Splash and Are You Listening Potbelly? written by Ellen S Cromwell.

TALASI… A Story of Tenderness and Love by Ellen S. Cromwell, publisher Halo Publishing, Int., ISBN: 978-1-61244-420-8; Price: $12.99 (paperback).

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Lifetime of Poems Detail Author’s True Feelings

Published by Halo Publishing International, The Light in Your Eyes represents what Cassman always remembered about her husband, Steve.

Houston, TX (USA), July 19, 2014 — The feelings Lisa Cassman couldn’t voice aloud, she expressed in poems. Her words document a lifetime of love, friendship, disappointment, hurt and success. She shares her journey with readers in her newest book, The Light in Your Eyes.

Published by Halo Publishing International, The Light in Your Eyes represents what Cassman always remembered about her husband, Steve. “We met for the first time as guileless teenagers at a Christian summer camp,” Cassman said. “I never forgot the light in his eyes.”

“I felt like I was in love. And what I couldn’t tell him in person, I wrote as a poem.”

Cassman said a lifetime later, they reconnected. They both had been married to other people, had children, and struggled through difficult broken marriages. The Light in Your Eyes has deep meaning for the author, because it is a walk through her life. “And I want people to realize that dreams can come true.”

Cassman said years ago, she took out a simple piece of paper and wrote down three goals she wanted to achieve – to be in a successful marriage, to travel and to write a book. She wrote her first book, The Road Less Traveled, A Guide to a Positive Marriage, while traveling with Steve, a semi-truck driver for Schneider National. Cassman said the book, also published by Halo Publishing International, has become a popular wedding gift.

Cassman said she hopes The Light in Your Eyes will inspire readers to remain hopeful about their dreams and goals, including what they want in relationships.

Halo Publisher Lisa Umina said The Light in Your Eyes represents Cassman’s life journey, but her words represent feelings many people have experienced. “She talks about dreaming, friendship, falling in love, feeling hurt, etc., all parts of life most people can relate to,” Umina said.

For more information on this book, interested parties may log on to www.halopublishing.com.

About the Author:
Lisa Cassman earned her bachelor’s degree in Christian counseling from the Pastoral Christian Counseling School. She works today offering couples unique and positive ways to a more successful marriage and plans to host marriage seminars based on her book. She and her husband, Steve, are both natives of Minnesota and reside in Mora. Together, they have four sons and six grandchildren.

To reach author Lisa Cassman, visit her website, lisacassman.net, visit her Facebook page, lcassman, or e-mail her at lac7mn@gmail.com.

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