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IMTS Institute Helps 25,000+ Students Achieve their Study Dreams and Career Goals

Highly recommended institute in India; on Google, its current rating is 4.8 given by alumni and parents.

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India | June 02, 2021 — IMTS Institute, a Noida-based educational institute in India, announces that it has received 99% positive reviews with a 4.8-star rating out of 5 on Google Verified. Anyone across the globe can view these reviews on Google posted along with students’ verified names, some of them with application numbers and photos.

Google is the best platform to check the credibility of any organization, and it is also a fair platform to review any organization. IMTS Institute continuously strives to improve the education quality by giving the best support to all its students for the past 15 years. Some of its past students have given positive reviews about the institute. These students currently work with Google, Accenture, Facebook, TCS, HCL, Hero Honda, Maruti, and many more MNC companies.

IMTS Institute distance education provides free career counselling for a wide range of courses approved by UGC and other authorities to its students in the fields of Management, Technical, Traditional, Computer, Research, Diploma, and certification courses. The institute offers the best support to all its students.

Below are some of the questions asked by the students and candidates with the IMTS Senior Management team:

Is IMTS Noida approved by UGC?

IMTS Institute is an authorized university admission & study partner for lots of universities. It offers free career counselling to students by helping them to choose the right path for a successful future. It also provides counselling for UGC & Govt. recognized courses to help students.

If students are not from India, then how can they take admission?

If a student is not from India, then he/she need to take online counselling before taking admission. The IMTS institute’s expert counsellors will guide students over the phone or video call with the best online support. After successful counselling, students can take admission in respective courses from the available universities as per their requirements.

Does IMTS Noida take any service charges for their services?

IMTS offers all services on behalf of the university. In most cases, it don’t charge anything apart from the university fee.

IMTS Institute has helped 25,000+ students achieving their study dreams and career goals, out of which, around 500+ students have given 99% positive reviews on IMTS institute with a 4.8-star rating out of 5 on Google, which is quite a good rating.

The institute suggests students and candidates not trust any non-reliable websites, who write reviews about the IMTS Institute. It recommends students only to trust Government official websites such as UGC (University Grants Commission) and MHRD for Education Institute and Universities.

Which IMTS Institute is a genuine one?

IMTS institute fake or real: IMTS NOIDA is the real institute with a website: www.imtsinstitute.com running for the last 15 years. Some fake institutes use similar names to misguide people.

Such fake institutes are not connected with the IMTS Institute. The management recommends the students and candidates verify the institute’s details before taking admission.

Some students have given negative reviews about the IMTS Institute on the Consumer forum or Consumer Court. What would the management like to say about that?

The Government Official website of the Consumer forum is www.ncdrc.nic.in, and all others are non-reliable. They choose a similar name to misguide people, such as consumer-court.in, complaintboard.in, mouthshut.com; etc. These are some of the websites that write and post fake reviews about any organization. The institute will soon be taking legal action against such websites that write fake reviews and misguide students and the public.

The IMTS Institute recommends all the students and candidates trust only verified and Government websites. It suggests not relying on the websites that write fake reviews to bring down an organization’s reputation.

Students can directly contact the institute’s administration or senior management team to have their issues resolved. The institute will take further action to address the students’ problems and have those resolved at the earliest. IMTS suggests the students never visit websites that are non-reliable and non-official. These kinds of websites post fake reviews with misguided information to grow their website traffic level.

IMTS Institute offers courses approved by UGC, MHRD, and other government authorities. Degrees offered by the institute are valid all over the world. Past 15 years, IMTS has contributed its knowledge to build the future of its students.

The head office of the IMTS institute is located in Noida, India. The institute is also planning to open a new branch in Dubai, UAE. It focuses on delivering quality education in India and abroad.

For more information, please visit https://imtsinstitute.com or contact the institute at +91 921098 9898.

Press & Media Contact:
IMTS Institute
G 38, 2nd Floor, Sector 3,
Noida – 201 301
Uttar Pradesh, India
+91 92109 89898

Courses Direct Announces Exciting New Accounting Courses

Courses Direct, a leading vocational educational provider that operates across the globe, is announcing a new set of accounting courses. Given the rapid changes in our current economic climate, Courses Direct is predicting a higher-than-usual demand for people trained and ready to provide accounting services in countries all over the world. They’re pleased to announced Multiple Nation Training.

“We believe that with every problem, we’re presented with an opportunity,” says Shane Ross Collison, a spokesperson for Courses Direct. “Some people look at the chaos all around us and throw up their hands in despair. We look at it, and we say, ‘So every country is going through a fiscal crunch right now. Great. That means someone who understands accounting in multiple countries is going to be especially valuable at this time.”

In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s a cinch that accountants need to make themselves especially valuable. “Courses Direct operates in lots of countries, including Australia, New Zealand, and the UK,” says Shane Ross Collison. “All of these countries are part of the Commonwealth of Nations, and they share a common economic history. But things are changing rapidly. For example, England is part of the European Union, but they still hold onto the British pound. Australia and New Zealand have their own currencies and laws, but they’re part of a special relationship with each other. The rules are constantly changing, and it is especially valuable if an accountant is versed in many different systems.”

The Multiple Nation Training from Courses Direct is aimed at training students to handle the economic differences and demands of different nations. Students will learn to understand and apply currency fluctuations, exchange rates, sovereign debt issues, and a host of complicated material. “By the time the student finishes this course, they will be uniquely empowered to meet the challenges of our increasingly complex, interconnected economies,” says Shane Ross Collison.

Courses Direct allows students the flexibility to learn anywhere, at any time. So the company believes that this new Multiple Nation Training will be especially useful for busy professionals who are already working. It takes out the stress associated with finding time to study late at night or on weekends. The courses are open now, and students are free to matriculate when they have time. “We’re not tied down to a particular set of classes or to a study year,” says Shane Ross Collison. “The plan of this new course it to give busy, working professionals the set of tools they need to survive in our cutthroat world, without eating up valuable time.”

Courses Direct expects to see many professional accountants who are eager to take part in the Multiple Nation Training Course. They have prepared to receive a large amount of students into the courses as soon as they want to sign up. “We’re open and ready to start making a difference with our Multiple Nation Training Course.” The company wants to add value to the students’ resume, and help them to become more valuable.

If you have a steady job, you might be shocked to know that you could be making the same mistakes that are destroying one of the major Internet companies. That’s right, of dialup Internet and free e-mail fame. According to experts in the field of job hunting, many people who are out looking for work right now are stuck in the unemployment lines because they followed the same destructive path as this company.

This international company just launched their new e-mail upgrades. The new features are nice, with smart ideas like supporting text messages, maps, and even photos inside e-mails. So what’s the problem? Well, for them, these nice developments come about five years too late. Everybody else already has that. After years of ignoring changes in the e-mail industry, the company is bleeding clients to companies like Google and Facebook. According to experts in the industry, this company has lost 23% of their subscribers this year alone. That’s several million people.

“The company didn’t move in any significant direction for years,” says Rob Gundersen, a motivational life coach and job search expert. “This company pioneered much of what we’ve come to expect from the Internet experience. But when other companies came along with a better idea, this company didn’t take the steps they needed to stay ahead of the game.” Mr. Gundersen notes that the time to prepare for significant change is before the change. “If you have a steady job right now, it’s the time to brush up on your education. To learn the latest in your field. Otherwise when the change happens, you’ll be working from a panic situation.”

“People need to forget the entire idea of job security,” argues Jennifer Landreu, who runs her own résumé polishing business from her home. “I can’t tell you how many clients I have coming to me who say, ‘I never saw this coming. I thought my job was safe.’ In this economy, it strikes me as foolish for anyone to assume that they will be able to keep their job indefinitely.” Jennifer says that the people who keep up with the changes in their industry are more likely to find new work – and faster – if they lose their old jobs. “For example, earlier this year I was working with a client who had been working in the banking industry for the last two decades. Unlike his peers, he had been reading up on all the new legislation that the U.S. and other countries were passing after the meltdown in 2009. Wouldn’t you know it, within less than a month, he found a new job with a U.S. firm – in his hometown. And he’s making better money than before.” She pauses before continuing. “None of his coworkers who got the axe are so lucky right now.”

Education is power. Both of these experts caution that people should never assume that they’ve learned enough when they get their diploma. “You can never know too much,” says Mr. Gundersen. “It’s never too late for a person to make a better life for themselves by gaining more education.”