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Advance Dental Arts Launches New Website

Advance Dental Arts, a leading dental healthcare company, is pleased to announce its newly designed website.

Norwell, MA – USA | June 10, 2021 — Advance Dental Arts, a leading dental healthcare company, is pleased to announce its newly designed website https://southshoredentalimplants.com. The modern design provides easy navigation, user-friendly, and offers engaging content to visitors to better understand the services.

The new site features allow customers to access vital information in the needs of emergency easily. The website will help outpatients to reach out to the doctors.

“After many months of dedication, commitment, and hard work, we are happy to announce our company’s website for our patients specifically designed for implants and implants related dentures. Oral hygiene has been taken lightly by the patience that leads to serious health problems overall,” said Dr. Nathaniel Chan, owner of the healthcare company.

He furthermore added and said, “I feel that this new initiative is going to connect us with our potential patients and we will be able to help a large number of patients at one time. The best thing patients can look forward to is our services, achievements, treatment costs, and everything else. They can check it and confirm the bookings as per their preference.”

Website is created with keeping user experience as the foremost priority. Hence, the features of the new website include:

* Easy Wayfinding: It is highly user-friendly, with the latest updates allowing users to direct through the services based on their requirements.
* Quick Access: The website visitors can stay updated with relevant information, corporate achievements, latest insights, events, product launches, and case studies in just a few clicks.
* Point Up Value Proposition: The updated content provides values of the brand from point to point and enhances its position in the medical industry.
* Easy To Understand: The information put on the website is easy to contain. The use of fonts, paragraphs, headlines, bullets, sentences, everything is designed looking at the patients’ perspective.

“For all the implant information, regarding surgeons, their achievements, year of experiences, they can find it all on the newly officially designed website. Every updated information, along with the costs will be put on the website to make it more convenient for the patients,” said Dr. Laura Rowan, Dentist.

About Advance Dental Arts:

Advance Dental Arts is one of the leading and fastest-growing healthcare providers, having many years of experience, offering end-to-end solutions to the patients. The brand is focused on providing premium services to patients. Dr. Nathaniel Chan founded Advanced Dental Arts. Through this medical line, you can get premium oral treatments. The mission is to educate people about oral health and provide various treatments for their overall health and well-being. “Changing lives with a smile” is their go-to motto!

For more information, please visit https://southshoredentalimplants.com or https://www.drnathanielchan.com

Press & Media Contact:
Advanced Dental Arts
353 Washington St.,
Norwell, MA 02061
United States
+1 (617) 934-7419

MN Dental Surgery Debuts Traveling Dental Surgery Services in the Twin Cities

MN Dental Surgery is debuting traveling dental surgery services in the Twin Cities. This new service brings all the expertise of a dental surgery center to neighborhood dentist offices and clinics.

Bloomington, MN, USA — MN Dental Surgery, a Twin Cities based dental surgery center, has begun providing traveling dental surgery services to dentist offices and clinics across the metro area. The company’s dental surgeons perform a range of common dental procedures when traveling away from their home office while providing the highest degree of professionalism and care in any environment. Traveling dental surgery services are offered each Thursday between 7:00am – 2:00pm. Dental professionals can learn more about this service by visiting http://www.mndentalsurgery.com/for-dentists or contacting MN Dental Surgery directly.

MN Dental Surgery’s traveling dental surgery services provides patients with the comfort and convenience of having their dental procedure performed in the comfort of a familiar dental office environment. In addition to saving patients’ time, MN Dental Surgery saves money by offering the same affordable in-office dental surgery rates for their traveling services:

• Sedation; $220 (standard add-on)
• Dental Extractions; $249/tooth
• Wisdom Teeth Extractions; $1,099 (includes removal of all 4 wisdom teeth, IV sedation, x-rays, and exam)
• Dental Implants; $1,399 (standard placement cost)

A free dental surgery consultation is provided to all interested in learning more about MN Dental Surgery’s traveling dental procedures.

“In every dental surgery procedure, patient comfort is key,” said Bennett Isabella, DDS, founder of MN Dental Surgery. “Our traveling dental surgery services allow patients to remain in the environment where they are most comfortable: their home dentist office.”

Dentists and dental professionals benefit from MN Dental Surgery’s traveling services as they avoid sending their patients to outside surgery centers and can be present during procedures. MN Dental Surgery’s surgeons include dentists in every pre- and post-op meeting and encourage them to be present throughout their patients’ procedures. By removing the burden of performing dental surgery from a dentist’s schedule, MN Dental Surgery allows Twin City dentists to better serve their patients.

Dental professionals interested in learning more about traveling dental surgery services should contact MN Dental Surgery directly at (952) 715-6262 or info@mndentalsurgery.com.

About MN Dental Surgery
Founded in 2016, MN Dental Surgery provides professional surgical services for common dental procedures at affordable prices. The company also offers traveling dental surgery services to Twin City area dental offices and clinics allowing patients to have their procedures performed comfortably and conveniently. Fully licensed and certified, MN Dental Surgery is led by Dr. Bennett Isabella, DDS, and Dr. Mackensie McBeain, DDS, who are committed to providing industry leading care backed by decades of combined dental surgery experience.

Media Contact:
Bennett Isabella
MN Dental Surgery
9801 Dupont Ave. S Ste. 320
Bloomington, MN 55431
Phone: (952) 715-6262
Fax: (952) 888-0878


Dakota Dental Announces Premium Dental Services Using the Latest in Technology

Dakota Dental stays up-to-date on the latest dental advancements and technologies to ensure patients have healthy teeth.

Apple Valley, MN, USA (November 22, 2015) — When it comes to dental work, it’s essential to keep up with the latest technologies. From cosmetic dentistry to general dental services, Dakota Dental is committed to treating patients with the newest and best practices in the industry to ensure good oral health.

Dental procedures have been documented since the time of the early Egyptians, when Aristotle and Hippocrates wrote about treating tooth decay and using wires to stabilize loose teeth. The field of dentistry has certainly come a long way over the centuries, and it is constantly evolving and expanding.

Dakota Dental uses digital x-rays, which are faster and contain less radiation than traditional x-rays. Not only is there less radiation, but dentists can zoom in for even more detail. Another advancement is with dental implants, which are screw-replacements for the root portion of missing teeth. These implants are used for patients with missing teeth that give the look and feel of a natural tooth.

Fillings have also come a long way over the years. In addition to the traditional amalgam fillings, Dakota Dental also offers tooth colored fillings to aesthetically blend in with patients’ teeth.

In terms of orthodontics, Invisalign braces are a practically invisible way to fix crooked teeth. Invisalign works by using a series of clear, removable, custom shaped aligners, which slowly straighten teeth. Compared to braces, the smooth aligners are more comfortable, faster, and invisible. Dakota Dental is a certified Invisalign provider, and provides a free consultation for patients considering if Invisalign is right for them.

Another cosmetic dental advancement is teeth whitening, which can lift off years of stains for a bright, white smile. Dakota Dental offers several solutions to whiten teeth, and walk patients through a custom teeth whitening plan that’s best for them.

These are just a few of the ways that Dakota Dental strives to use the newest technologies to make their patients more comfortable and give them the best possible dental care. Contact Dakota Dental today for more information or to make your next appointment.

Media Contact:
Dr. Shelley Wakefield
Dakota Dental
14682 Pennock Avenue
Apple Valley, MN 55124

Dakota Dental Announces Tips To Help Patients Maintain Great Oral Health All Summer Long

Apple Valley dental clinic Dakota Dental reminds families to maintain good oral health this summer by eating fresh produce and staying prepared for dental emergencies.

Apple Valley, MN, USA (June 30, 2015) — Summertime is the perfect time to leave the comfort of the couch and enjoy the warm weather, outdoor sports and activities, and in-season fruit and vegetables.

Dakota Dental dentists in Apple Valley, Minnesota are taking this opportunity to remind individuals and families to take advantage of all the season has to offer but to be mindful and cautious about potential oral health hazards.

When it comes to picnicking, Dakota Dental family dentists suggests passing up or limiting the salty chips and carbonated drinks in favor of the wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables available.

From melons to berries, tomatoes and peppers, cherries and corn, the variety of summer health foods is practically endless. By eating fresh foods, a person is taking in essential vitamins and minerals like folate, calcium, and vitamin C-all important to building bones, fighting diseases, and recovering from injuries.

Regardless of what foods are enjoyed during summer activities, brushing one’s teeth after (and flossing especially after eating corn on the cob) will maintain good oral health and better breath. In addition to tucking some toothpaste, floss, and a toothbrush in the picnic basket or sports bag, be sure to also tuck in Dakota Dental’s contact information.

Dental emergencies most often occur without warning so it is essential to have an emergency dental clinic on speed dial. Dakota Dental emergency dentistry and general dental services are available by appointment by calling 952-431-5774.

To learn more about summer nutrition and good oral health as well as dental emergency services, contact Dakota Dental at http://www.DakotaDental.com.

Dakota Dental, located at 14682 Pennock Avenue in Apple Valley, serves the southern Minneapolis/Saint Paul suburbs. Dakota Dental provides comprehensive dental services including, but not limited to, preventative dental work, dental implants, dental care for kids, cosmetic dentistry, and dental emergency services.

Media Contact:
Dr. Shelley Wakefield
Dakota Dental
14682 Pennock Avenue
Apple Valley, MN 55124

Dakota Dental is Helping Patients Prevent and Treat Unsightly Cold Sores This Summer

Apple Valley dental clinic Dakota Dental offers information, diagnosis, and treatment of oral health problems such as fever blisters.

Apple Valley, MN, USA (May 28, 2015) — Dakota Dental is pleased to assist clients in preventing and treating cold sores. The Apple Valley dentists are experienced in educating patients on and diagnosing a range of oral health problems including cold sores.

Cold sores, also known as fever blisters, are an outward sign of an inner virus. The herpes simplex virus is highly contagious and is easily transmitted. All it takes to transfer the herpes virus from one person to another is a kiss, a shared eating utensil, or even a communal bathroom towel. Even though this virus is easily transmitted from person to person, it still has no cure.

After the initial manifestation of the virus, it will lie dormant until triggered. Once the virus is triggered, an infected person will feel the tell-tale tingling, itching, and burning sensations of a sore about to appear.

Most cold sores are located on the edges of the lips, but sores can also manifest on the chin and cheeks, in the nostrils, and in the mouth. Once the fluid-filled sores appear, they will eventually burst and crust over. Within about two weeks, the sore will heal and gradually disappear.

What triggers cold sores? It varies by person, but most cold sore flare-ups are caused by triggers such as excess sunlight exposure, illness, or stress. There are some treatments available to reduce the symptoms and to shorten the duration of cold sores. These include prescription and over-the-counter antiviral creams to be applied as soon as symptoms are noticed. Pain killers may also be taken to reduce the discomfort.

At Dakota Dental, the family dentists are very experienced in diagnosing and treating oral health problems such as cold sores. There is no reason to be ashamed of dental health issues – the Dakota Dental dentists in Apple Valley are dedicated to providing support to any person seeking dental care and strive to make every dental service experience positive.

To learn more about cold sores or other oral health issues, contact Dakota Dental at http://www.DakotaDental.com or 952-431-5774.

Dakota Dental, located at 14682 Pennock Avenue in Apple Valley, serves the southern Minneapolis/Saint Paul suburbs. Dakota Dental provides comprehensive dental services including, but not limited to, preventative dental work, dental implants, dental care for kids, cosmetic dentistry, and dental emergency services.

Media Contact:
Dr. Shelley Wakefield
Dakota Dental
14682 Pennock Avenue
Apple Valley, MN 55124

New NanoMarkets Report States that Medical/Dental Ceramics Market to Grow to $2.3 billion by 2018

The worldwide medical ceramics market will grow from $1.1 billion in 2013 to $2.3 billion in 2018 according to a new report from industry analysis firm NanoMarkets.

Glen Allen, Virginia (October 28, 2013) — The worldwide medical ceramics market will grow from $1.1 billion in 2013 to $2.3 billion in 2018 according to a new report from industry analysis firm NanoMarkets. The report, “Worldwide Medical Ceramics Markets: 2013,” notes that ceramics are now widely used in medical and dental applications including, hip and knee implants; crowns, bridges and other dental implants; surgical and diagnostic tools, implantable electronic implants, and regenerative medicine. Ceramics are an ideal material in these applications because of their wear resistance, inherent stability and excellent electrical properties.

Additional details about the report are available at: http://www.nanomarkets.net/market_reports/report/worldwide_medical_ceramics_markets_2013.

About the Report:

This new NanoMarkets report provides an in depth market analysis of emerging medical and dental market opportunities for alumina, zirconia, silicon ceramics, hydroxyapatite, bioglass, piezoceramics, nanoceramics, and other materials. It examines the latest products, strategies and technical developments and the hurdles that these materials must overcome to achieve market acceptance, including the applicable regulatory regimes in leading national and regional markets.

This report also includes NanoMarkets’ assessments of the strategies of leading firms active in medical and dental ceramics space. In addition, the report contains granular forecasts of medical/dental ceramic shipments in volume and value terms, with breakouts by application, type of material and geographical region.

Firms that are discussed in the report include: 3M, Advanced BioHealing, Amedica, Biocomposites, Biointerface, Biomet 3i, Bonesupport, CeramTec, CoorsTek, Covalent Materials, Curasan, Deltex Medical, Dentium, Dentsply, DePuy, Eurocoating, Genzyme, Glidewell Dental Lab, Globus Medical, Hangzhou 3B Medical Instrument, Innovnano, Intra-Lock, Ivoclar Vivadent, Johnson & Johnson, Joint Replacement Instrumentation, Kinetic Concepts, Kuraray, Kyocera, MOJE Keramik-Implantate, MTC, Nobel Biocare, NobelProcera, Oral Iceberg, Organogenesis, Precision Ferrites & Ceramics, Smith & Nephew, Souriau, Straumann, Stryker, Synthes, Tosoh, VITA Zahnfabrik, Yancheng Skyortho Dental Supplies, ZFX, Zimmer.

From the report:

A major factor currently driving the medical ceramics market is growing skepticism with regard to the performance and long-term biocompatibility of metallic implants. As a result NanoMarkets believes that ceramic implants will experience considerable market growth. By 2018, the total value of ceramics used in implants will have reached $1.8 billion, going on to reach $2.4 billion by 2020.

Meanwhile, NanoMarkets projects that revenues from ceramics used in regenerative medicine will more than double to reach $356 million by 2018. Of particular importance here is the rise of scaffold-guided tissue engineering for which ceramics is ideal because of its biocompatibility. NanoMarkets also believes that ceramic powders using alumina and zirconia will be extensively used in the bone reconstruction market.

Although the medical ceramics business will be dominated by alumina, zirconia and hydroxyapatite, other materials are on the rise. For example, bioglass is expected to reach $240 million in sales by 2018, compared with around $110 million today. The NanoMarkets report suggests further that – among other markets — bioglass will prove useful in orthopedic reconstructions as part of trauma treatment and spinal surgery. The report also expects nanoceramics to do well. In fact many in vitro studies have shown that bone-forming cells called osteoblasts have proliferated on substrates with nanoceramic particles and coatings. However, there are still infection risks with nanoceramics that have yet to be addressed.

About NanoMarkets:

NanoMarkets tracks and analyzes emerging markets in medicine, energy, electronics and other area created by developments in advanced materials. The firm is a recognized leader in industry analysis and forecasts in the specialty chemicals industry. Visit http://www.nanomarkets.net for a full listing of NanoMarkets’ reports and other services.

Media Contact:
Robert Nolan
NanoMarkets, LC
PO BOX 3840
Glen Allen, VA 23058
(804) 938-0030

When You Should Get a Regular Dental Implant versus a Mini Dental Implant?

San Diego, CA – 02/03/2011: Dream Smile San Diego dentist office specializes in general dental services, cosmetic dentistry and emergency dental services, such as dental implants, tooth extraction, and crowns for patients in Pacific Beach, La Jolla, Ocean Beach and Clairemont.

I get a lot of emails asking me what the difference is between “mini dental implants” and “regular dental implants” so I would like to address the differences . . .

When we refer to a regular dental implant at San Diego Dentist Dream Smile, we are referring to an implant that is approximately 4.0 mm in diameter and is placed in a prepared site in the bone. These are the dental implants that were first introduced in the mid 1980’s and they were the first implants to show successful, long-term support for dental restorations. These implants actually come in a variety of shapes and sizes but they all require drilling of a site and placement of the implant into that site. Bone will eventually bond to the surface of the implant and the implant will become a “permanent” fixture in the jaw bone.

We have a tremendous amount of research and study from San Diego Dentist as to how this process works and verified statistics indicating excellent long-term success.

Mini implants have a diameter of about 2.0 mm. They are placed in the bone by San Diego Dentists as a self tapping entity which means that a site is not prepared. These implants seem to rely on mechanical stability and there are no studies that show any integration with the bone. As a matter of fact, there are no studies at all about these implants since they were merely designed to be used as temporary implants to be removed at a later time. In some instances, mini implants can last a very long time and they are very useful in stabilizing a lower denture, especially in an older patient who might not be suited for surgery.

There are lots of dentists saying that mini implants work just as well as regular implants. Dr. Fray Zerafat uses mini implants at San Diego Dentist Dream Smile the way they were meant to be used, which is cautiously and in very specific situations. Other dentists in san diego and nationwide use them for everything that regular implants are used for and get into lots of trouble with the failures. The bottom line is that mini implants are best used to stabilize a lower denture in a very economical manner.

If you are over 60 years of age, in poor health and need some stabilization of your lower denture, you might consider mini implants. If not, stick with the real thing. Consult with Dr. Fray Zerafat, San Diego dentist to get the proper dental implants and dental treatment you need.

About Sandiegodreamsmile.com

SanDiegoDreamSmile.com provides information about San Diego dentists who are experts in general dentistry, cosmetic dental services and emergency dental and provided detailed information about dental treatments such as as dental implants, tooth extraction, and root canals.

For more details about getting Dental implants san diego, visit: http://sandiegodreamsmile.com/dental-implants-san-diego/

Full Contact Info for press release
Dream Smile Dentist San Diego
Dr. Fray Zerafat DDS
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San Diego, CA 92109
Phone: 858-270-6626
Email: fray@sandiegodreamsmile.com