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New Zealand based Behemoth Brewing takes time off Trump bashing to raise $3.5m for a new brewery and restaurant

Auckland, New Zealand, 2019-Jun-09 — /EPR Network/ — Behemoth Brewing, the New Zealand craft brewer whom last year took a jab at Donald Trump with their cheekily named “Dump the Trump IPA”, have launched an investment campaign in New Zealand.

The campaign is looking to raise $3.5m (New Zealand Dollars) to help fund a new brewery and restaurant in New Zealand’s biggest city, Auckland.

Behemoth came to global prominence last year when it brewed the afore mentioned Dump the Trump, an American style IPA. It followed this beer up with another brew designed to rile the US President, a peach sour called Im-Peach-ment.

When Behemoth brewed the latest batch of Dump the Trump in May 2018, it managed to get them trolled by US right-wing internet warriors. The Behemoth facebook page received hundreds of bad reviews and comments within a few hours.

The trolling made News headlines in New Zealand and soon after the New Zealand public rose to the defence of Behemoth, pushed the average review score back up and gave the hardliners a taste of the Kiwi sense of humour with some classic parochial responses to the nasty comments.

Ironically the publicity that the Trump-o-philes inadvertently created proved a catalyst for growth for the Behemoth beers. In the last year, their revenues grew by 136%, and they now export to 11 countries over the world.

The investment campaign which is currently live is open to qualified overseas investors and runs alongside a New Zealand only equity crowdfunding campaign. Since they went live on Thursday afternoon, the campaigns have already raised more than $800k in investment, halfway to the minimum amount required to close the combined offers.

Andrew Childs, Founder of Behemoth, said “The campaigns are going along well. We have had several qualified investors put in significant amounts so far, including one investor putting in $100k. We have some big plans for the future and are looking forward to welcoming new shareholders on our beery adventures. It would be great if we could get a few significant overseas investors, especially given we are now exporting all over the world.”

The campaign will run for the next month, or until fully subscribed. Qualified overseas investors can follow this link to find out more information and download the Information Memorandum:

When Building Out Its Moonshots, This Washington DC Startup Knows When To Look For The Stars

Washington, DC, USA, 2018-Jan-15 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — The year 2017 was known in the world of cryptocurrency-based crowdfunding as the age of the Wild West — infamous for its massive, oft-unwarranted treasure chests being entrusted to companies barely out of the whitepaper stage during their TGEs — Token Generation Events also known as Initial Coin Offerings, or ICOs — offset by regulatory uncertainty, frequent multi-million-dollar scams, and sometimes even wholesale freeze-outs of crypto assets in several countries previously friendly to practice.

The year 2018, on the other hand, is expected to issue in a certain sense of clarity and solidity to the markets, populated with ambitious projects at last aware of their own strengths and weakness, and carried on the shoulders of teams capable of actually bringing their lofty visions to life.

WishKnish (https://wishknish.com), a Washington, DC-based startup providing turnkey, decentralized, gamified marketplaces to businesses, social causes, and communities — along with tailored BaaS (Blockchain As A Service) solutions to enterprise clients — aims to be one of these latter entrants.

By bringing in Mr. Mohammed Ebrahim Al Fardan as the Executive Vice President of the MENA and APJ region, the group has now expanded its core team to broadcast its messaging far beyond existing marketing frontiers.

“It is not often that such a fortuitous meeting of the minds happens so seamlessly over thousands of miles,” says Alisa Gus, CEO of WishKnish, “but when an opportunity presents itself, it is up to an exec worth his — or her — salt to answer. Really, Mr. Al Fardan’s experience and connections, and our shared goals for the region and the role of WishKnish’s Blockchain-as-a-Service arm in making them happen, will undoubtedly make this one of the most strategic hires any company can hope to make, especially as it closes in on its own token generation event.”

A 2014 Entrepreneur of the Gulf region recipient, Mr. Al Fardan is the mastermind behind the concept, technical study and master plan for the MENA ICT hub city, a first and only fully integrated smart city in the world as stated by industry experts, and for many years one of the driving forces for the region’s Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Luxury Goods, Investment, Travel & Tourism, and Pharmaceutical industries.

“When you are a VC,” shares Michael Kapoor, the WishKnish’s Chief Operations Officer, and formerly a managing partner of San Francisco’s Propeller Venture Capital, “you’ve got your pick of interesting projects. But occasionally, a project comes along that reminds you of why you started out as an entrepreneur yourself back in the day, and makes you want to get your hands dirty and make this remarkable business take shape. I imagine that’s how Mr. Al Fardan has come to feel, too, and I really can’t be happier to have him on the team.”

Long excited to bring in the vision, power, and security of blockchain technology to the MENA business and government structures, revitilizing and decentralizing its most vital systems, Mr. Al Fardan has this to say about his decision to join the advisory board of WishKnish:

“I am proud and excited to join a team of world experts in Blockchain technologies at WishKnish,” Mr. Al Fardan remarks “I found the idea behind the company so unique and the founders are top class professionals. Such a team with such experiences will no doubt disrupt the industry providing clients globally with great utilization of Blockchain. Having clients talking to us from regions like Middle East & Asia Pacific at this stage makes us more committed and accountable to deliver on their expectations and exceeding them.”

The excitement of new possibilities is felt across all levels of the project’s management team:

“The advent of a truly global economy has come to be possible thanks to blockchain decentralization. We cannot allow ourselves to focus only on the parts of the world familiar to us if we want to make an impact on this exciting space. But doing so without an expert local member of the team is something I would not be prepared to tackle at any stage of the company’s lifecycle,” says Eugene Teplitsky, WishKnish CTO and Alisa’s long-term partner in multiple projects. “That Mr. Al Fardan has agreed to join us while we’re still young is, I think, both a testament to his forward thinking on where the technology is heading in the next decade — as well as to his confidence in WishKnish’s ability to deliver on our now shared vision. We can’t wait to see what 2018 brings to all of us in these next few months!”

About WishKnish Corp.

WishKnish (https://wishknish.com) offers businesses, affiliates, and non-profits a decentralized marketplace platform for launching gamified, socially-engaged storefront communities equipped with the tools to turn regular users into super-fans and evangelizers while streamlining coin-agnostic e-commerce and fulfillment, as well as offering advanced blockchain-as-a-service tools to meet enterprise clients’ needs.

About Mohammed E. Al Fardan

Mohammed Al Fardan is a serial entrepreneur specializing in Computer Science, International Business and investments. Upon graduation he joined IBM, then Lexmark, Microsoft and other top ICT multinational firms. He has more than two decades of ICT experience, then he leveraged on his experience, knowledge and connections to introduce the Venture Capitals concept to the Middle East region as well as Entrepreneurship, in 2014 he was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Gulf region. He managed acquisitions and created venture capitals focused on ICT industry in the region. As well as he attracted many ICT firms to come and work in the MENA under his leadership.

WishKnish Corp.,
P.O. Box 2160, Reston,
VA 20195
(202) 800-2663

Brewery and Events Center Coming to Liberty Hill/Bertram Area

Lazy Tree Ranch to host Hops and Grapes Brewpub with beer, food and wine.

Liberty Hill, TX, USA — Hill Country has a new brewery and events center opening in the near future. Lazy Tree Ranch (http://www.lazytreeranch.com), located off CR 264/206 near the Best of the West Gun Range will be opening this summer for weekends and events. The 10.6 acre property has more than 100,000 square feet of beautiful lawn with hundred year old live oak trees. Hops and Grapes Brewpub will be offering its own brews as well as many craft beers and moderately priced wines for consumption on or off site.

The plan is to install a bark park, play area and disc golf course so families and even their pet can come out to the country for a day and enjoy great BBQ, beer and wine. There is an existing pavilion and plenty of seating under the canopy of trees.

“We’re looking into the future and seeing a great place for family events and the occasional country music act performing,” noted Carl Braun Managing Partner of Lazy Tree Ranch. “Hops and Grapes when finished will be a real asset to the area with excellent food and spirits.” He added.

Austin is the Live Music Capital of the US and Lazy Tree Plans on leveraging that reputation with live events.

The ranch is easily accessible from HWY 29 and only 1.4 miles off the main road along the Burnet County line.

The company just started a Regulation Crowdfunding campaign on http://www.wefunder.com/lazytreeranch and is seeking $500K in funding for the new buildings and equipment. Anyone can participate.

Media Contact:
Carl Braun
Lazy Tree Ranch

Record Breaking Crowdfunding at 5th Annual Global Crowdfunding Convention

Purchase tickets now for the October 2016 event in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas, NV, USA — The 5th annual Global Crowdfunding Convention (GCC) has announced their 2016 event lineup. The Las Vegas, Nevada, mainstay will take place October 15 – 17, 2016, at Planet Hollywood Resort. GCC is the largest worldwide gathering of innovators in the evolution of crowdfunding and regulation crowdfunding focusing on education. People attend to learn how to fund what matters to them and meet with industry experts, fin-tech, and professional service providers that are profoundly changing how people and businesses raise capital to bring innovation to life, and support causes they care about.

Tickets can be purchased from the Global Crowdfunding Convention website.

The 2016 GCC promises an information download from the world’s top crowdfunding experts who have broken records and raised tens-of-millions-of- dollars and are slated to reveal their industry secrets, ‘best practices’, top techniques and trade tools. The GCC is currently the only event offering information and education on all three methods of crowdfunding. More than 60 leading Industry experts will be covering event topics that encompass Equity, Donation, and Rewards based crowdfunding.

Notable speakers at this year’s convention include: Tony Drexel Smith, founder, and CEO of Blue Moon Advisors; Derek Fetzer, co-founder of CaringCrowd®; Douglas S. Ellenoff partner & owner, Ellenoff Grossman & Schole; Ruth E. Hedges, founder and EP of the GCC; and B Cavello, lead product development from Exploding Kittens, to name just a few. A full list of speakers can be viewed here, on the GCC website.

GCC represents the broad spectrum of industries redefining the entire crowdfunding ecosystem across every stage of development, target audience, and geographic location; offering comprehensive content, wide-ranging exciting exhibits and extensive networking opportunities.

Some of the companies participating this year are: Bluemoon Advisors, Ellenoff Grossman & Schole, Issuers Direct, CrowdfundingCRM, Caring Crowd, UNLV, CrowdfundX, Bankroll, Syndicated lawyers, CrowdfunCPA, InvestAGrand and so many other great companies.

Kickoff for the Global Crowdfunding Convention will take place on Saturday, Oct. 15, 2016, at 8 p.m. with the “Crowdfund Live Invest” pre-event.

Anyone who has dreams of becoming a ‘unicorn’ or who wants to learn more about the billion dollar crowdfunding industry is encouraged to attend.

In previous years, attendance has been chock-full of entrepreneurs, investors, non-profit beacons, small business owners, start-up moguls, college students, professors, financial advisors, government officials, lawyers, accountants, and anyone wanting to be educated in this exciting, new industry.

“With seven billion plus people on our planet, we have a great opportunity with crowdfunding to help so many of them understand how to use it. Recognizing the great transformations that businesses, economies, and societies are currently undergoing, we look to create ways that will focus on how to expand new crowdfunding models into collaborative sustained processes,” said CEO and founder of Global Crowdfunding Convention, Ruth E. Hedges.

Las Vegas is the convention capital of the world, known for bringing together people from around the globe while offering the best in business and entertainment. In addition to meetings, break out sessions and amazing networking in a very big expo and crowdfunding marketplace, GCC VIP attendees can expect to enjoy the red carpet “Crowdfundie Awards” followed by an after party at the London Club.

Save $300 NOW and get an early bird ticket for the 2016 Global Crowdfunding Convention. Don’t wait as prices will go up after July 6, 2016. Tickets can be purchased online at http://www.thegccworld.com.

Discounted accommodations are offered with a GCC booking code at Planet Hollywood for GCC attendees who book by September 15, 2016. After this date the rate is subject to hotel availability.

For more information on the 2016 Global Crowdfunding Convention, please visit http://www.thegccworld.com.

About the Global Crowdfunding Convention
From its inception in 2012, the Global Crowdfunding Convention (GCC) has seen the industry grow from $1.7 billion to over $35 billion in 2015. Moreover, crowdfunding is on a path to exceed venture capital investing in 2016. Fostering industry growth, the GCC has consistently hand picked the best and the brightest in the field to cover all topics of crowdfunding and the crowd finance industry. GCC is produced by Crowdfunding industry experts, therefore it attracts the world’s business leaders and pioneering thinkers to a convention where the industry’s most relevant issues are addressed. For more information visit http://www.thegccworld.com and follow the GCC on Twitter @thegccworld with real-time hashtag highlights #thegccworld.

Media Contact:
Audra Clemons-Abreu, GCC PR Director
Global Crowdfunding Convention

Bryn Mawr Brewing Co. to Offer Equity Shares to Investors Under New Crowdfunding Laws

Local brewery launches unique opportunity to invest in new Minneapolis craft brewery and tap room.

Minneapolis, MN, USA — Bryn Mawr Brewing Co. is offering accredited investors the opportunity to invest in the production, design, and creation of its full-production brewery and tap room. Taking advantage of new Federal equity crowdfunding laws, the Minneapolis craft brewery is seeking local residents and beer lovers anywhere in the country to invest and receive Series A Preferred Membership Units in its startup venture. This unique investment opportunity gives accredited investors a strong potential for a lucrative return on their investment while supporting a local business and its community.

Bryn Mawr Brewing Co. is seeking to raise $1,225,000 with a minimum investment of $20,000 per investor. The financing of preferred equity will be conducted through the brewery’s holding company, Utepils Investments LLC. Investors will receive accelerated cash distributions based on profitability of the brewery, which is projected to occur within three years of opening. Along with returns on their investments, Bryn Mawr Brewing Co.’s investors will also benefit from exclusive perks in the tap room and priority access to the annual Bryn Mawr Brewing Co. Beer Trip program.

Accredited investors interested in learning more about investing in Bryn Mawr Brewing Co. should visit the brewery’s investment portal at http://www.breweryinvestors.com. The secure investment portal contains comprehensive investing guidelines, relevant brewery information, and instructions for how to complete the investment transaction.

According to the Brewers Association, craft beer sales in Minnesota in 2014 averaged less than 9% of all beer sales, while the national average was 17.6%. This disparity has led to high demand for quality, locally produced beer and created explosive growth potential for new breweries entering the Twin Cities market. This ongoing growth trend presents an auspicious opportunity for investors looking to grow and diversify their portfolio by investing with Bryn Mawr Brewing Co.

“This publicly announced private placement is truly a unique way to fund the start up of a brewery,” said Dan Justesen, Co-Owner of Bryn Mawr Brewing Co. “We plan to brew finely crafted beer for our neighbors while also putting money back in their pockets. Bryn Mawr Brewing Co. will be a welcoming place where friends, families, and neighbors can get together to share stories, laughs, and great beer.”

About Bryn Mawr Brewing Co.
Bryn Mawr Brewing Co. is a craft beer brewery located in the Bryn Mawr neighborhood of west Minneapolis. The full-production brewery and taproom is set to open in late 2015/early 2016 and will specialize in classic European beer styles that can be enjoyed again and again with those closest to you. The upstart brewery is currently seeking investments from accredited investors and conducting a separate perk-based crowdfunding campaign through the brewery’s VIPer Program. Through this program, supporters purchase MemBEERships that come with a Host Of Privileges (HOPs) including free beer, special event programing, and a VIPer custom stein.

About Dan Justesen
Dan has over a decade of experience working in the Twin Cities craft beer industry. As a former Co-Owner of St. Paul’s Vine Park Brewing Co., he lead the once struggling nano-brewery to triple digit growth over the course four years. Dan is actively involved in the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild and currently serves as Vice-President of the Guild’s Board of Directors.

Media Contact:
Dan Justesen
Bryn Mawr Brewing Co.
225 Thomas Ave. N, Suite 700
Minneapolis, MN 55405

SaundersDailey Rolls Out First Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform in Twin Cities

Launch of Minneapolis-St. Paul-based real estate platform grants investors premium access to quality deals in their own backyards.

Minneapolis, MN, USA (July 13, 2015) — SaundersDailey, an online real estate investment marketplace, today announced its launch as the first local platform to offer community-funded properties in the Twin Cities area. Featuring opportunities with investments that start as low as $2,500, SaundersDailey gives accredited and institutional investors the ability to buy into properties located in the same neighborhoods where they live and work.

The company’s syndication platform guides members seamlessly through the often-murky waters of real estate investment with easy access to online viewing, investments at the click of a button and regular, digital property reports. Additionally, as a hyper-local platform, SaundersDailey is able to minimize the hurdles and risks associated with national property ventures.

“National platforms can provide pretty amazing offerings, but in many instances don’t fully understand the local market of a deal, which can lead to underwriting risks,” explains co-founder and managing partner, Marshall Saunders, who previously built, owned and operated the largest RE/MAX franchise in the world.

The SaundersDailey executive team brings together the brightest minds in real estate, investment and technology. As established professionals within the community, they harness an extensive understanding of the Twin Cities market and plan to utilize this insight to directly motivate local investors.

“Our team knows the Minneapolis-St. Paul market street-by-street. Through the platform, we hope to leverage our insider knowledge to benefit our investors and transform how people own commercial, multi-family and senior housing.”

The Twin Cities housing market is currently the healthiest it has been in more than seven years. As both the number and value of the area’s property listings steadily increase, now is the time for accredited investors to capitalize on this leading-edge opportunity by jumping aboard the crowdfunding bandwagon with SaundersDailey.

About SaundersDailey
SaundersDailey is an online investment marketplace that connects accredited and institutional investors to community funded real estate opportunities in the Midwest through its unique, online crowdfunding platform. Investors traditionally priced out of large deals can now invest moderate sums in real estate offerings through the company’s investment portal. SaundersDailey is committed to providing high-quality deals so that individuals can invest in their local market and reap the benefits of owning a stake in multiple properties, without the headaches of management and maintenance.

Media Contact:
Emily Thomson
Leverage PR

Navy Veteran Utilizes CrowdFunding To Open Meineke Car Care Center in Pensacola

Decorated veteran seeks financing via Boost A Hero program.

Pensacola, FL (USA), Wednesday – March 21, 2012 — After 10 years in the United States Navy, Tom Perez has signed with Meineke Car Care Centers to take over the location at 2871 West Michigan Ave. in Pensacola, Fla. Meineke quickly approved Perez’s franchise application because of his skills and personality. Meineke has discounted its franchise fee by 25 percent and is financing nearly 75 percent of the entire purchase, but Perez still needs to raise additional capital to get started. He is the first Meineke franchisee to use Sprigster’s Boost A Hero ( http://www.sprigster.com/boost-a-hero ) franchise crowdfunding program.

Perez, 31, who was honorably discharged last year due to downsizing, served as a master of arms in the Navy. He completed three tours in Iraq and many tours in other locations. Perez is a decorated veteran who has received four Navy/Marine Corp Achievement Medals, the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the Joint Service Achievement Medal, the Navy Unit Commendation, Meritorious Unit Commendation, three Good Conduct Medals, the National Defense Medal, the Iraq Campaign Medal, the Global War On Terrorism Service Medal, the Global War On Terrorism Expeditions Medal and the Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal.

“Tom is a great franchise candidate who served our country for 10 years and just recently returned to the U.S.,” said Dave Schaefers, senior vice president of franchise development of Driven Brands. “Tom has a great personality and the skills to be a successful business owner. Veterans make great franchise owners because they are hard working and know how to follow a system. We look forward to bringing Tom into the system and we’re doing everything we can to help him get the financing he needs to get started.”

Boost A Hero is dedicated to using crowdfunding to get U.S. veterans the start they need to be franchise business owners. Veterans who are accepted by Boost A Hero create a project campaign telling their story and funding goal. The projects can be viewed on the website ( http://www.sprigster.com/boost-a-hero ) where people can make contributions. View Perez’s project at http://www.sprigster.com/projects/6-help-navy-vet-tom-open-a-meineke.

“In my 10 years in the military, I spent half that time in hostile environments. Now I am ready to use my leadership and management experience combined with my education to be a successful entrepreneur,” Perez said. “I know that my military training will help me excel in business because it instilled in me the leadership skills and the work ethic to make it happen. I’m really looking forward to getting started with a great brand like Meineke and I’m very excited to be one of the first people to use the Boost A Hero program for financing.”

Meineke is owned by Driven Brands, the parent company to six franchised automotive brands. Other Driven Brands companies include MAACO Franchising, Inc. (collision repair and auto painting), Econo Lube N’ Tune (automotive repair/quick-lube services), Aero Colours (automotive paint repair), AutoQual (vehicle reconditioning, protection and appearance maintenance services) and Drive N Style (aftermarket installation services), as well as Tortal.net, a training company that specializes in developing interactive online training solutions.

2871 West Michigan Ave.
Pensacola, FL 32526
Contact: Tom Perez
Phone: 850-377-0561

Press & Media Contact:
Caitlin Varley
Sanderson & Associates, Ltd
Pensacola, FL – USA