Perpetual Pointless Calendar available today

Pointless calendar that features a high resolution pointless picture each month and lists dates in rows of ten up to 40. An “Off the wall” idea to hang on the wall.

The days of the week are not included, although this could be seen as counter-pointless as the calendar becomes perpetual in that it can be used every year. Each page also features a different link to a pointless website.

The Calendar was inspired by the success of the company’s website,, a portal that for the last 8 years has listed pointless, weird and quirky websites. 160,000 visitors visit each month. The perpetual calendar was devised by the author of PointlessSites, Ian Andrew, who thought it was a good idea at the time.

The Pointless Calendar is printed on A3 300gsm art paper, Wiro bound and supplied shrink wrapped. A very unusual gift.

Price £9.95 plus P&P.
Available for shipping worldwide from and

This product has been priced using the psychology of numbers and the site

More details and sample pictures of the pointless calendar at

Ask for a free media sample and more information…
Contact: Ian Andrew –

Company info:
TrafficNames Ltd
Oaklands House
Reading Road North
Fleet Hampshire UK
GU51 4AB

Tel: 01252 360531
Fax: 01252 620519

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