Home Foundation Repair – No Need to Pay For Up to 6 Months

El Dorado, Kansas – 2 Nov 2010 – Kansas Basement and Foundation Repair is located in El Dorado, close to Wichita, Kansas City, Lawrence, and Pittsburg Kansas. Basement and foundation problems can cause serious damage if left unattended for even a short period of time. The company is offering a smart buy program for house owners, who cannot only get their house repaired but also pay up after 6 months. It doesn’t get easier than this.

With their smart buy program, house owners can stop leaking basements and failing foundation problems immediately and the best part is they can take up to 6 months to pay back, interest free. All the individual needs to do are:

• Schedule the house project with Indiana Foundation Service.
• After talking with their financing partner who secures the payment for you
• The work immediately starts
• The individual receives a check for the amount requested
• The house owner has the option to pay after 6 months

The company offers the following services:

Basement waterproofing: Home owners would prefer to have a dry basement, but unfortunately keeping basements dry is a difficult task. The state of Kansas is known for its heavy rainfalls which make basements prone to flooding and when the water dries can lead to failing foundations. This leads to water logging in many houses, and seepage occurs from the flooring of the house. To stop this problem the company offers water guard systems and sump pumps. Using water guard systems, all the water can be removed from the basement. Sump pump systems help remove water from the basement by being placed at the lowest point of the home the device pumps the water out that the waterguard system channeled into the sump pump.

Foundation repair: Having weak foundations can destroy the home as it is one of the most crucial elements to stabilize the base of a house. Clear signs of a breaking foundation are when the windows and doors can’t close, the floors become uneven, and gaps are seen between the rims of windows and doors. Kansas Basement and Foundation Repair can help homeowners solve this problem by using anchors and push piers. Anchors strengthen the foundation walls of the house. The anchors can be installed in a matter of a few days. Push piers which are hydraulically driven down to the bed of the soil using high pressure equipment.

Basement flooring: This is one of the major mistakes that many house owners make. They don’t give proper importance to the basement flooring of their house. Since the floor on the main level is made from wood, the floor becomes dense and hard. This allows mold to grow and weakens the basement. This problem must be immediately dealt with. With the ThermaDry matting system, the flooring will remain clean and dry. This is a ThermaDry plastic membrane that is totally water proof.

Seasonal changes cause many problems with the foundation of the house. Rebuilding the entire flooring or wall is not the right solution. Now, nothing can stop house owners from getting a permanent solution for their basement and foundation problems.

If you liked the above article and want more information then feel free to contact Kansas Basement and Foundation Repair on (866) 321-7890 or email them at sales@ksbasementrepair.com.

Kansas Basement and Foundation Repair
804 North Haverhill Road
El Dorado, Kansas – 67042
Tel: (866) 321-7890
Email: sales@ksbasementrepair.com
Website: www.ksbasementrepair.com

Global health savers www.inversionmassagetable.com Ravi malhi

November 1, 2010 – Global Health Savers, CEO Ravi Malhi, is a specialty business focussing on providing customers with the highest quality Inversion tables and Portable massage tables. The ultimate goal of this business is to supply high end products at the most affordable prices. WWW.inversionmassagetable.com has one of the largest selections of inversion tables found online and offline. When we interviewed the CEO of Global Health Savers Inc he told us that there was a shortage of alternative method therapy companies in North America and he saw an opportunity.

After a few years cattering to customers online the amount of business has grown exponentially. Global Health Savers Inc is always receiving feedback from there customers and improving there product line. They have even teamed up with other Inversion table companies, namely Teeter and Iron man. Ravi Malhi felt it was imperative that when customer shop at his site that they are offered the very best inversion tables to choose from and the widest variety. One of the most popular questions customers have is why are the prices so cheap for products that are brand new? The answer the CEO gives is that there is no middle man.

The plan in the future is to continue to improve the current product line and to bring a larger variety. They serve customers both in United States and Canada. When it comes to inversion tables, as well as portable massage tables, Global Health Savers Inc is truly the very best. There customer service is phenomenal, and they really believe in what they sell. Many people who have written letters and left voice-mail messages thanking them for helping them overcome the back pain that had truly been limiting their mobility and dramatically impacting their overall quality of life. So if you are looking for an inversion table, or you’d like to learn more about the benefits of having an inversion table, then you truly owe it to yourself to learn more about there company and about what they do.

Global Health Savers Inc
9745 Arthur lanne.
Phone: 1-800-654-2248, 1-800-642-6858
Email: globalhealthsavers@gmail.com

The Next Dimension Internet Unwrapped: A Huge Range of Free Non-ICANN Domain Names Now Available Through ISPs Such as Dashworlds.com

New open pathways begin transporting visitors up into the next Internet Universe. A vast range of new Dashcom domain names and unclaimed free webspace is added to the uninspiring world of Dotcoms.

New York, NY, November 01, 2010 — Dotcoms have developed into Dashcom, and domain names have evolved. Today all the best addresses are available again – but this time it’s a level playing field open to all. Simply select any two words and separate them with a dash. Take “business” and “com” to create the website “business-com” (you no longer need the “www”). Use any combination in any language. Use “honey” and “moon” to create the website “honey-moon”.

More descriptive and memorable, Internet users are able to express themselves precisely. Websites like “movies-com” or “tennis-net” are now possible. You can own the “stock-market” or even possess “the-world”. Just about anything is possible and in whatever language or text you desire (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German and Spanish to name but a few).

DASHCOM websites are springing up all over the world. A new dimension has been added to the Internet that anyone can use. Think of this as your own Private Network in conjunction with the current DNS system offering unlimited possibilities for all those wanting personalization and easy-to-remember options. Dashworlds.com report mass uptake as the public continue to grab the most memorable, distinctive and potentially valuable names.

Dashworlds also provides free URL, IP and DNS forwarding. A personalised control panel is provided to enable users to publish their websites immediately. Coming soon, other free features such as Dashcom email, instant email, website design, upgraded website hosting as well as data storage.

DASHWORLDS specializes in providing the widest range of fully personalized Internet domain names through its global infrastructure.

For further details please see website: www.dashworlds.com

(also available on www.dotnote.com and www.spoiltcow.com)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=KT7F0EP9vJ4

DASHWORLDS has now linked up with other ISPs such as DOTNOTE.com and SPOILTCOW.com (Also accessible via DOTWORLDS.net) to offer the newly released “DASHCOM domains to the public totally free.

Press & Media Contact:
Brian Retkin
London, UK
+44 (0) 843 208 4638

Lawford Kidd personal injury solicitors give you 100% accident claims compensation

Lawford Kidd is a leading firm of personal injury solicitors in Scotland that offer ‘no win, no fee’, 100% compensation on Accident and personal injury claims.

They cover everything from Workplace Accidents, Car Accidents, Traffic Accidents and Whiplash Accidents.

Recognised as experts in accident claims, Lawford Kidd can help you if you have suffered an accident or injury that was not your fault.

David Sandison, Lawford Kidd Senior Partner, said: “Between our team we have a collective 70 years of experience. Lawford Kidd takes care of you.”

When it’s something as important as your health and wellbeing, you want to know that you’re in the hands of caring professionals. At Lawford Kidd, you’re in the right place.

With these personal injury solicitors your claim will be handled from beginning to end by a personal injury lawyer and this means the best compensation result for you, with maximum payout but minimal hassle.

Currently the personal injury lawyers recover over £7,000,000 in damages every year. Speak to one of the personal injury specialists today and it could be your claim they are recovering.

In serious cases, Lawford Kidd can recover costs such as future care or nursing and even compensate a relative who has had to look after you, following an accident.

The 2010 Chambers Directory placed Lawford Kidd in the top four personal injury solicitor firms in Scotland, saying: “David Sandison and David Short are both highly recommended”.

They have also been recommended by The Legal 500, as “a strong reputation for Union and Industrial Disease work”.

Our simple no obligation claims form means no fuss or hassle, purely 100% compensation.

It’s quick and easy to fill in online and when you say when the best time is to speak to you, Lawford Kidd will get in touch.

For the best Personal Injury Solicitors in Scotland, visit www.lawfordkidd.co.uk today or call our Claims Team now for free on 01312255214.

Brainloop Publishes New White Paper on Managing Document Security

“Managing Information Risk in the Extended Enterprise: Why Corporate Compliance & IT Security Must Join Forces”

Boston, MA, November 02, 2010 — Brainloop ( http://www.brainloop.com ), the leading supplier of software solutions for high-security management of confidential documents, today issued a white paper that looks at the challenges of managing security across the entire document lifecycle. Brainloop is used internationally by hundreds of renowned companies including BMW, Deloitte and Eurocopter, for document compliance management and secure collaboration involving highly confidential documents throughout the extended enterprise.

Titled “Managing Information Risk in the Extended Enterprise: Why Corporate Compliance and IT Security Must Join Forces,” the paper is authored by Michael Rasmussen of Corporate Integrity LLC, a noted authority in understanding governance, risk and compliance (GRC) processes and considered the first analyst to define and model the GRC market for professional services and technology.

The paper examines how the distributed nature of working with confidential documents in collaborative settings between employees, external auditors, strategic partners, or any other individuals outside the corporate network poses a serious security risk. Traditional IT security tools do not protect documents outside the firewall. Intellectual property, trade secrets, financial and legal papers, customer lists and other highly sensitive data must be managed under a set of controls that include authentication, audit tracking, rights management, and role-based access control.

“Risk and compliance issues are compounded by the pervasive nature of electronic documents. The more sensitive a document is, the more likely it will need to travel outside the organization, increasing the likelihood of risk exposure,” notes Rasmussen.

“The traditional infrastructure approach to security – firewalls, network access control, endpoint security – cannot protect collaboration in a dynamic and extended business environment. If an organization closely restricts and monitors online collaboration without providing a secure alternative, users are forced to send documents as email attachments — completely unprotected.-

One challenge the paper notes is the necessity of “changing the security culture in the organization from an endpoint or network infrastructure-centric view to an information-centric view of security. This includes a new paradigm of managing security across the entire document lifecycle – even when they are outside the firewall.”

The paper further makes the case for why compliance and IT security must join forces to deliver a secure online collaboration platform, with the stated goal of empowering end users, vendors and partners with a transparent means of supporting security policies.

Sourced and vetted by IT security, this platform must meet corporate standards for security certification, enterprise integration, choice of delivery model (cloud-based or onsite), Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and flexibility to apply the right level of secure collaboration relevant to the level of risk exposure within the document.

Compliance and legal issues such as electronic discovery and litigation risks weigh heavily on the decision and evaluation of a document compliance management solution. Legal, financial and contract-related licensing documents all require documentation of accesses, non-repudiation and control over document integrity.
Rasmussen writes, “It’s time to stop fighting collaborative processes that end-users have so avidly embraced, and objectively look at securing online document collaboration across extended business relationships to take full advantage of its benefits.”

To read the Brainloop white paper, “Managing Information Risk in the Extended Enterprise,” go to: http://www.brainloop.com/fileadmin/assets/PDFs/White_Papers/brainloop_white_paper_managing_information_risk.pdf

About Brainloop:
Brainloop, with offices in Boston and Munich, is the leading supplier of software solutions for high-security document collaboration. Brainloop’s secure online workspace is a virtual document safe that enables secure filing, editing and distribution of highly confidential documents within a single company, and beyond. All contents are powerfully protected from unauthorized internal or external access, and all actions within the application are documented by a tamper-proof audit trail. Frequent uses include contract negotiations, collecting data and compiling quarterly reports, collaboration with external auditors and counsel, and any other communication that contains confidential information.

Brainloop is used internationally by hundreds of renowned companies including BMW, Deutsche Telekom, Eurocopter, Galileo Industries, Premiere and ThyssenKrupp. Leading law firms and investment banks use this solution for the complete life cycle of M&A transactions. Strategic partners of Brainloop are HP, IZB, Microsoft and T-Systems Business Services. http://www.brainloop.com

Copyright © 2010, Brainloop AG. All rights reserved. All trademarks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners.

Press & Media Contact:
Victor Cruz, Principal
MediaPR.net Inc
Boston, MA 02101
(401) 349-3369

Visit onlineforpets.co.uk and get your dogs tail wagging

For the best quality cat beds , dog toys and dog training leads around, onlineforpets.co.uk is the place to buy.

The online pet store has some fantastic offers on all its pet supplies, so you are just one click away from nabbing that barmy bargain.

Get you paws on reputable pet accessory brands for dog training leads or a dog toy, such as, Lupi, Boomer, Coachies, Per Corrector, Sporn and Clix.

Whether you are looking for a bed for your pooch which compliments you decor, an indestructible dog toy or the right product to train your dog with, we have them all. And for your feline friend we have a huge range of scratchers and unique toys.

We are 100 per cent based online. Prices have dropped on all specialised items, the perfect chance for pet lovers to start planning Christmas presents in advanced.

All products are only of the highest quality at low prices to suit everyone’s requirements and needs. Bust most importantly, they are affordable.

There is a wide range of dog supplies available so why not treat the family pet and distract them away from chewing your couch or shoes!

Onlineforpets.co.uk are dedicated to offering their customers transparent delivery charges, fast delivery service, a no hassle return policy, customer satisfaction and the acceptance of all major debit and credit cards. And there is free shipping on all orders over £50.

The customer can track their order to check if it has been dispatched; to see how long it will be until it arrives.

To find more information about the products available via the site you can contact by emailing support@onlineforpets.co.uk. View all pet supplies today, at onlineforpets.co.uk

Cut to Length Wheel Weights are on a Roll!

Esys collaborated with 3M to developing a Weight Dispense and Cut System (DCS)

Esys took on the challenge to develop a Weight Dispense and Cut System (DCS) to complement 3M’s Wheel Weight System. The DCS was developed with few moving parts, making it easy-to-use and highly dependable.

In the tire and wheel assembly business, radical innovations are few and far between. So when 3M stepped up to the plate and developed a wheel weight technology that allows precision balancing, the industry took notice. The 3M™ Wheel Weight System makes wheel balancing easier, faster and more precise than ever while reducing inventory and freeing up floor space. In addition, the lead-free material has less impact on the environment than industry-standard lead weights.

Esys learned of this new product in 2008 and quickly jumped on board with 3M to develop a production worthy Weight Dispense and Cut System (DCS) using level wound rolls of 3M Wheel Weights. The Esys DCS was developed around the premise that it must be production worthy with as few moving parts as possible and virtually maintenance free. This project was a collaborative effort in which Esys equipment engineers worked closely with our customers and 3M engineers to create an easy-to-use and highly dependable machine. The ultimate test came once the machine was complete and 3M purchased one for its production facility in Minnesota. 3M production staff and engineers wasted no time putting the equipment to work and have since produced over 3,000,000 pieces! This enormous volume of production created a unique opportunity to learn how the equipment would perform in the real world. Many lessons were learned from this and have since been incorporated into our Gen2 DCS equipment. To the end user, this means a durable piece of equipment that eliminates the risk associated with deploying a new technology.

Over the course of the past two years, Esys and 3M have teamed up to conduct multiple online trials of this technology in actual production environments. These trials were conducted for several of the largest OEMs. The results of each test showed the ability of this technology to streamline the balancing process by reducing static residual imbalance by (up to 23.9%)   and couple residual imbalance by (up to 31%). To the vehicle buyer, this improved balancing technique will result in a smoother ride, better gas mileage and more even, reduced tire wear. To the assembly plant, this will result in fewer balancer rejects and less rework, fewer parts to keep track of and a more efficient assembly process.

For more information please contact:
Mark Compton
Director of Assembly Systems
(248) 754-1900 ext. 106


About Esys
Esys provides engineering services for a wide range of industries and applications. We are one of the largest service providers of open architecture PLC control systems but our capabilities don’t end there. Esys also offers design and build services for customized solutions including robotic systems and specialized machines.

Cerca Trova – Fast Becoming the New Jewellery Line of the Stars

Each piece of jewellery is hand crafted and developed with its own spiritual meaning.

Boca Raton, FL, November 01, 2010 — Cerca Trova – the jewellery and accessory line inspired by the Old World and designed for the New Economy – is fast becoming the new jewellery line of the stars.

Joe Perry and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith in concert with their Cerca Trova jewellery in full view

This sexy new line of men’s and women’s jewellery is worn by an ever-increasing number of celebrities, such as:

* Lead singer of one of the hottest Rock bands of all time: Steven Tyler of Aerosmith
* Pop and hiphop sensations: Flo Rida and 50 Cent
* Basketball great and Hall of Famer, Dr Julies Irving
* Dancing with the Stars, Melisa Rycroft
* Mike Sorrentino aka “The Situation” from MTV’s hit TV show “Jersey Shore”. (He never leaves home without his Cerca Trova necklace!)

Melissa Rycroft with her Cerca Trova jewellery

Each piece of jewellery and accessory is hand crafted and is one of a kind. Anthony Scirpoli, creator of Cerca Trova, says: “We put extreme thought into each and every piece of jewellery and we want every piece to have its own identity and originality.”

Prices range from $125.00 to $150 US dollars per item.

Cerca Trova jewellery and accessories can be found at many high-line boutiques and retail stores across the country, from the Vegas Royalty store in Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas NV to Premier Men located at The Beverly Center in Hollywood CA, as well as on South Beach in Miami, FL at U-Rock on Lincoln Road. Items can also be purchased from the company’s website at http://www.CercaTrovaFashion.com.

Press Release Submission by http://www.WorldWidePR.net London, United Kingdom

Please Contact:
Anthony Scirpoli
Cerca Trova
1289 Clint More Road
Boca Raton, FL 33487 USA
+1 561 306 0045

The powerful taste of chocolate is a real hit in coffee

Most people love chocolate and the majority of adults are coffee drinkers. Chocolate and coffee together enhance the taste experience as they draw out the best in each other. You could call these two flavours a “match made in heaven”.

Chocolate and coffee are more than just the worlds most widely distributed and appreciated substances, they are an unbeatable combination. There are more than a few who love a piece of dark chocolate with their coffee and, if you go to the better coffee houses, this is exactly how a real cup of coffee is usually served – with a piece of chocolate on the side. This is especially true of the traditional cup of coffee which is hot, black and burns the tongue slightly.

Today the concept of coffee is considerably more revolutionary, there is a coffee culture that has spread across the world. Coffee is available everywhere, and people’s expectations of the drink are only getting higher. Taste is obviously a subjective matter, and there is an abundance of ways in which this dark drink can be made and consumed. In hot countries it is common to drink iced coffee, while in colder climates it is usually preferred hot.

Espresso has really broken out in recent years, with a lot of people having their own espresso machine at home, enabling them to experiment with pressure, brewing time and different types of coffee. Espresso is the basis for most of today’s best liked coffee drinks such as cappuccino and latte.

Adding flavour to coffee is an indulgence. With the sweet syrups found in coffee bars and exclusive coffee shops it is possible to create a coffee drink that tastes more like a dessert. The syrups are full of sugar and, for this reason, are usually an infrequent indulgence.

Aromhuset’s coffee essences also add flavour to coffee, but without making it syrupy and full of calories. The flavours are sharper, with Chocolate being perhaps the heaviest and richest flavour of the four now being launched. The other flavours are Amaretto, Hazelnut and Vanilla. They all have distinct flavours, so there is something for every taste.

The bottles are small and contain 30 ml of essence which, if used in the recommended dose, is enough for 15 cups of coffee. Taking 2/3 of the bottle cap gives the correct dosage for one cup of coffee. A small pipette is also included for those who might want to experiment a little with the dosage.

Gert Strand, founder of Gert Strand AB, the company behind the successful Aromhuset concept, has been very thorough with the production of these four flavours. He predicts that coffee essences will be at least as successful as the 16 flavours for water he has already released. Chocolate is expected to sell especially well. Strand is also looking for more resellers for the essences which are now available to but online at www.allfreightfree.com.


Product picture at: http://allfreightfree.com/images/medium/70013_CoffeFlavor_Chocolate_MED.jpg

Prism Informatics acquires 51% Majority stake in Saudi Arabia IT Company

Prism Informatics Limited (BSE: 505530) Mumbai, November 1, 2010 – Announced the signing of a share purchase agreement (SPA) with Al-Suwaidi group of Saudi Arabia to purchase 51% shareholding in Information Management Technologies (IMT), the software arm of the Al-Suwaidi group.

Al-Suwaidi Holding Company Ltd. (ISO 9002 certified) is one of the top 100 Fortune companies of Saudi Arabia, Established in 1960, the company enjoys an unsurpassed reputation for executing large complex construction projects including petrochemical plants, electromechanical works, steel fabrication, etc. It is regarded one of the top contractors for maintenance and operation of many industrial facilities in Saudi Aramco, Royal Commission and other Semi Government facilities.

IMT provides end-to-end IT solutions for broadband wireless communications (Wi-Lan, Colubris), Infrastructure Management & Maintenance, SAP consultancy services, JD Edwards Application Service Provisioning (ASP), Crystal Reports framework, IT security solutions and E-Commerce applications.

Prism Informatics Limited is a rapidly growing consulting and IT services company having its footprint in Germany, Switzerland, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, US and India. It has a consolidated running rate revenue of over US $ 15 mn in under one year of operations, post acquisition by Idhasoft Limited. It is listed on the Stock Exchange, Mumbai, with a market capitalization of close to US $ 15 mn. With the acquisition of IMT, it is expected that the consolidated revenue would increase to over $ 22 mn.

Announcing the signing of the SPA, Mr. Qasem M. Al-Suwaidi, the Group Chairman and CEO said that he was extremely happy with the strengths brought in by Prism Informatics Limited and that he was confident of IMT becoming a US $ 100 mn company in 5 years time. Further, IMT would become the base for further expansion in the Middle East. Mr. Al-Suwaidi was extremely optimistic of the growth of the Saudi Arabian IT market and was confident of IMT becoming a significant player in the space.

Mr. Alok Pathak, MD and CEO of Prism, expressed happiness at the signing of the SPA. He was of the view that the Saudi market had not yet been tapped in a professional manner, especially for high end consulting and IT services. Even now, Prism has quite a few business dealings in Saudi Arabia, including one of the world’s leading manufacturers of petrochemicals, chemicals, fertilizers, plastics and metals. With the acquisition of the shareholding in IMT, Prism would have a local presence in Saudi Arabia and the reputation of the Al-Suwaidi group would go a long way in ensuring that business flowed to IMT. Further, Mr. Pathak felt that this was the start of a long relationship with the Al-Suwaidi group and that it would result in success for all the stakeholders.

Mr. Mohan Natarajan, Director Finance, Prism, felt that this was the culmination of a process started some time back and that this was an ideal time to venture into the Middle Eastern geography. The Saudi Arabian market is presently $ 1 bn in size, which is expected to increase five fold in the next 3 years.  This gives a substantial opportunity to various IT firms to grow by leaps and bounds. IMT would be able to leverage on the global strengths of Prism, in diverse areas from high end consulting to IT.

Mr. Gyan Prakash Agarwal, Head of Business Development of Al-Suwaidi group, expressed happiness at the successful completion of the entire process. He was of the view that the Al-Suwaidi group would benefit from the global expertise of Prism in consolidating its presence in the Saudi Arabian and Middle East markets. Further, he also felt that Prism would greatly benefit by virtue of establishing a presence in the Middle East, in partnership with an established group such as Al-Suwaidi group.

Company: PRISM Informatics
Website: http://www.prisminfoglobal.com
Contact Person: Pritesh Kenia
Contact Number: 022 67232900
Email: pritesh.kenia@prisminfoglobal.com