MARWIS Product Film recognized with international prizes

Fellbach, Baden-Wurttemberg (realtimepressrelease) May 27, 2016 – For all those who haven’t watched the film about the advantages of the mobile road sensor MARWIS yet, it’s now time the latest: A few days ago, two international awards went to the creators of the MARWIS film. They originate from the two most important festivals of the independent and short film industry. Thus, the filmmakers from NCP Film, whom Lufft again gave its trust, have continued with their success of the last two years, in which their productions for the sensor manufacturer were awarded with seven international film prizes in total.

With the MARWIS product film published in March 2015, NCP Film once again convinced international film juries. It became known on May 11, 2016 the latest, when the World Media Festival in Hamburg took place and the winner trophies changed hands. For the third time in a row, a Lufft production from NCP Film was amongst the winners there. The jury honored “MARWIS” with the highest prize level: the intermedia-globe Gold Award.

Almost in parallel, a WorldFest Houston Platinum Remi award in the category “Advertising/ Promotional” went to NCP for the same project. This represents the most valuable prize as well.

Lufft has collaborated with the filmmakers of NCP Film for two years now. The first joint project was about a new handheld instrument series. It was rewarded with an intermedia-globe Gold in Hamburg and a Platinum Remi Award in Houston. The second production has dealt with the Lufft I-BOX, a device allowing different climate sensors to be integrated into a measuring network and taking over different functions.

It’s always exciting to assist NCP Film in the planning, shooting and the editing of footage. It’s amazing, how much attention to detail and appropriated product know-how they put into a film production. With this studio, we found the right partner in terms of films and look forward to the next common project. It’s time to say thank you for the commitment to all those who were involved in the MARWIS film,” sums up Lufft Marketing Manager Tobias Weil.

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