Asterisk Softswitch and VoIP softphone is highly Significant

Softswitch is a software communication process that generally involves voice communication through a series of networks. These are gateways that help to interact with the use of different protocols and software. VoIP is the best possible way through which communication has become so easier. It is a hardware based system that allows us to interact leaving behind the traditional technique of processing a call.  It has also given a new direction to the business organization to flourish and create their own application that enables the organization to communicate with their clients and proceed with the business dealings. It has two primary levels: Firstly, it is telecommunication software that is used to connect calls through the use of internet. Secondly, it is an open gateway that allows media services to exchange service creation.
There are certain features of Asterisk softswitch:
•Functions related to call handling: Asterisk has the ability to handle the general call functions like call hold, call receiving, terminating a call, call waiting etc.
•Monitoring a call: This function is generally not available in our traditional phones. Asterisk enables an administrator to listen to calls and in case if there is any message of higher priority then they can easily interrupt the call and inform the person who is on another call.
•Recording the call details: It has an in built system through which it can record the calls and the duration spends on each call. It is being then exported in a file format to the administrator to monitor the call.
•Simple conference: It is possible to make conference call by keeping a person in hold and making a call to another number.
There are also other applications available in the market that has made our calling processes simpler and cheaper. VoIP Softphone  is a kind of software application that can only function if you possess VoIP phone system. This application can easily be downloaded from your internet and later you can use it in your PC, laptops and even in your smartphones. It is a unique process through which you can make and receive calls and can reduce the mobile phone bills. This application consists of certain features like:
•Call Recording
•Speed Dialing
•Application phonebook easily accessible.
It is an inexpensive way to process a call. It is one of the best possible techniques to improve the productivity and the most practical solution.
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