Forex Trading Trainer and Mentor Craig Harris Trades Live in the Market with Students

Professional Forex Investments is now offering an innovative approach to forex training and mentoring style that give students an authentic experience with forex trading. Full-time trading professional Craig Harris trades live, answers students’ questions in real time and enhances their chance to succeed in the market.

Carson City, NV (USA), June 10, 2012 — Veteran forex trader Craig Harris of Professional Forex Investments LLC recently introduced a unique approach to forex training and mentoring that makes it easier for participants to succeed. Unlike many other traders, Harris trades live in the market with his students to provide them an up-close, realistic experience with forex trading.

“Students benefit from forex training with a professional mentor because they get to examine the market live as it’s moving,” says Harris co-owner of Professional Forex Investments. “They can ask questions live in the market and get real time answers as to why I may take or pass on a trade.”

Forex trading is a skill that takes a great deal of time to develop, according to Harris, who has been trading for more than 10 years. But inexperienced and even more seasoned traders can expedite the process of their forex training by taking advantage of Harris’ Natural Flow System, which includes a variety of elements that students must master to become professional traders. Thanks to Harris’ live forex trading, students can learn by seeing and doing while minimizing their mistakes. Harris explains: “You can have a check list and still not get it right. Being live helps reduce the learning curve and prevents traders from making costly mistakes or developing bad habits.”

Novice traders can perhaps benefit the most from Harris’ unique style of forex training and mentoring. They can start out learning the proper fundamentals of forex trading and avoid forming any bad habits. Likewise, Harris helps people who already have some trading experience to unlearn some of the habits they may have already developed. Regardless of their level of forex trading expertise, Harris allows his students to virtually peer over his shoulder and watch him make trades in his Live Trade Room.

During the live trading sessions, Harris calls out his trades and explains why he did or did not take a specific trade. Students can ask in-depth questions as they engage in their forex training and receive real-time analysis to help optimize their results. They can also benefit from hearing other traders calling out trades and listening to Harris’ constructive feedback on their decisions. Dexter Meadows, Harris’ business partner, says practical trading in the market is essential to mastering the techniques required for making profitable trades. “Live Trading on a daily basis with a live mentor is the only way to reduce your learning curve in this profession,” Meadows says.

Harris trades six hours a day live in the market with his students; he is available to his students six days a week. The live forex trading sessions are an integral part of the Natural Flow Trading System that Harris developed more than 10 years ago. Harris’ proprietary system combines training modules on topics ranging from trend identification and entry/exit points to money management and recovery.
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About Craig Harris:
A former construction worker, Craig Harris is a full-time, professional forex trader who provides a variety of forex training and mentoring services to students worldwide. Harris has spent nearly 10 years perfecting his Natural Flow System and the past five years teaching it to others. He distinguishes himself as a forex trainer by trading six hours a day live in the market with his students, explaining exactly how and why he completes certain trades. Having taught and trained hundreds of students, Harris is one of the most accomplished forex trading professionals in the industry. Based near San Francisco, Harris uses his unique trading system to help people learn how to do forex trading more quickly, effectively and profitably.

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