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Free Chat Rooms Play An Important Role As Stress Busters

Social networks are ruling the online world of today and it is not just all fun and entertainment as it seems. There are many things that you can utilize with the social networks out there. The same applies for the free chat rooms available out there. However are people realizing the useful ways to utilize the power of communication and socializing with the free chats rooms? “Free chats rooms are not just for entertainment and obviously, using these free chat rooms are not just waste of time. Chat rooms can be used for gathering information and to know what is happening around the planet as well. Get into the right chat room and you can get the information that you are looking for in no time” says the spokesperson of

The media contact of added one of the greatest facts about the free chat rooms that they are excellent stress busters. According to the contact, “We are living in a busy world where people don’t have time to even stand and stare. But this is not for all the people out there. There are people who have enough time to socialize and share stuff. So consider a depressed day and you need to share your feelings with someone. There are opportunities for this in the free chat rooms for sure. Or to forget the hard times, just get into a free chat with someone and forget the worries as you communicate on something of your interest. So this is how the free chat rooms have become the most wanted stress busters of today.”

People out there are searching for ways to control stress and forget their worries. Though they know that sharing the worries will ease it up, they have a hard time in finding people. This is where the free chat rooms come into play. There are plenty of people out there in the free chat rooms who are ready to share thoughts, ideas, and motivations and so on. So why should you searching for the source to wipe your stress when the solution is right at your finger tips?

About is the best free chat sites that we have around. They have been constantly updating as per the trends of socializing online as well. For more information, visit

Storm Your Mind

Devon, 11.16.10 – In our day to day life we do many things and we could all do with an extra boost to help our minds to perform better. Using Mind power techniques can help you to achieve more in your life and be successful at whatever you do. John P Meaden has focused these Mind power techniques by creating a system called Mind Compass. The Mind Compass System has been developed to enable you to deliver positive and empowering messages directly to your subconscious mind. With the Mind Compass system you will discover quick results easily and effortlessly.

By using positive affirmations, the subconscious mind can be reprogrammed which is vital in changing the negatives into positives. Brain entrainment also helps you to train your mind and gives a fresh approach.

Subliminal MP3’s are a modern and technical approach used in influencing the subconscious mind with positive statements like I love myself., I am so happy, I like smiling and I am a complete person.

Subliminal MP3’s can be used during our day today activities, reading, relaxing, watching TV and even while sleeping. The power of subconscious mind is infinite and no one really understands the exact power.

Most people are unaware how to use their subconscious mind power. John P Meaden’s Subconscious mind power training course and MP3’s teach you how to use your mind and how to create success and wealth in all areas. It helps to send the right message to your subconscious mind that can help you begin to develop the power to create the life you want.

John P Meaden’s subliminal audio’s have combined the most effective subliminal message delivery techniques with binaural beats to get the most the effective subliminal audio recording available. His professional team worked hard to create the best subliminal audio which has one of the highest success rates and also used by various mind experts around the world.

There is also the subliminal software which delivers empowering and positive subliminal messages directly onto your computer screen. The subliminal software runs in all windows operating system.

Subliminal video’s can also have a very high impact on delivering the correct messages to subconscious mind.

About provides information about the Mind Compass system offered by J P Meaden. It is one of the most visited websites online regarding subliminal messaging. Detailed information about the various Mind power techniques and its uses can be obtained from this website.

For more information visit:

Contact Details:
11 Trafalgar Close
Newton Abbot
TQ12 2SJ
Phone No: 01626331046

Free PSP from

Company Name: Freebiefreepsper
Company Locations : Sydney, NSW, Australia
Company Contact:
Company Email:
Company Phone: 0433947779

November 15, 2010 – Looking for some interesting news on the internet? There could be nothing more interesting than the news that gifts are being given away to people just like that. Who would want to resist the temptation of receiving gifts that come your way for keep sake? Not me! Well this is the fact with freebie jeebie gifts site.

People may think this is a scam, but believe me it really works. Those of who thought it was a scam were in for a great great surprise. Then they started researching at giveaway websites like ours and found the best videos and pictures of free psp.

One of the best proof that attracted more and more people to our site was the NBC, CNN and BBC reports that vouch for the authenticity of the site and its process. Now you surely are eager to get your own gift from these websites. Well, you are not far from it.

You have to first log on to the website, choose your gift and complete a simple offer, some could be free or some paid offers. Usually freebie jeebie offers do not ask for payment, or you can select those which do not ask for payment.

The next step is very simple; you have to leave some referrals, which is very easy as you have a lot of friends on the internet who would also like to receive free gifts. Your type of gift depends on the no. of referrals that you choose if you are interested in a free PSP 2 the number of referrals mentioned against the gift should be made.

In this way you can get more and more gifts from us by visiting us often as each day has a lot of surprises and gifts for you to take away freely. Are you finding it hard to find referrals? Simply put up your referral link on the most highly trafficked face book, twitter, bebo or MySpace and watch how well they get recognized.

The next point is the verification process that your account will have to pass. The I.P. policies for freebie jeebies are very strict and members will have to follow these rules very strictly. You should not sign up for more than one account, as this will be checked along with other information. We can help you through this entire process by providing you the best assistance. Just feel free to contact us and feel relaxed.

We offer the best support that you could have asked for in signing up and referring friends to get your free gifts. Simply visit our site more frequently and enjoy the festival days of free gifts like the free psp 2, psp go etc.

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10,000 greetings cards given away free

10,000 greetings cards given away free

A NEW print-on-demand greetings card service launches this week undercutting the market-leader by two thirds. eCards Media, the greetings specialist behind the hugely successful ‘Postcards App’, unveils its new service today – offering 10,000 free greetings cards for the public to test the systems before the Christmas cards rush. To access the range of free personalised cards, visit using the voucher code OneFreeCard.

MD, Sam Heaton said, ‘We see no need to charge more than 99p for a personalised greetings card. We’re shaking things up and going head-to-head with Moonpig. Our print quality and dedication to our customers is proven by ‘Postcards’, which quickly became one of the Apple store’s top downloads.’

‘Giving away 10,000 free cards will stress-test our system in time for Christmas and help introduce the public to our quality greetings cards. We’re putting the smile back into sending cards.’

eCards Media’s unique system allows users to personalise any type of digital image onto the front of glossy A5 cards, which are then sent the same day via the UK post. The company’s wholly owned system uses daily FTP bursts (File Transfer Protocol) to transmit images to a state-of-the-art digital printers at 2pm each day; by 3.50pm the high-quality cards are ready for Royal Mail dispatch.

eCards Media are confident their affordable, flash-based user-interface and 200+ range of cards will be a massive hit with the public, they will massively undercut the market.

The current prices charged by greetings card operators in the UK are:

Web Site Ex VAT Inc VAT @ 17.5%
===================================================== 0.99 1.16
Snapfish 1.69 1.99
GettingPersonal 2.51 2.95
Funky Pigeon 2.54 2.99
Marks & Spencer 2.54 2.99
TouchNote 2.54 2.99
Hallmark 2.55 3.00
Moonpig 3.00 3.00

Printed eCards are traditional physical greeting A5 Cards which customers design online using pictures from webcams, camera-phones and picture storage libraries. Cards from eCards Media can be highly personalised with text and pictures easily changed. Each card is printed individually and sent back to customers (with a spare envelope) or directly to the intended card recipient.

eCards Media is the UK’s largest virtual-greetings card company. The business has 3.5 million customers and an advertising client base of major high street brands. Current clients include firms such as Gap, Optical Express and Ladbrokes.


The free give-away runs from 8 November to the 22 November. To see the range of highly personable greetings cards available and to send your own card from the 10,000 free cards available, please visit:

About Postcards

About Postcards

· eCards Media Postcards app was launched in May 2010. The global travel phenomenon quickly became one of Apple’s top 30 apps. The free ‘Postcards’ download lets users take a photo or upload from their library and input text to family and friends. It costs 99p to send second-class and £1.49 to send first class postcards anywhere in the world, processed via PayPal.

· Recently the company has unveiled an Android version with the same user interface. The app is available across a wide range of next generation smartphones designed by manufacturers such as Google, Samsung, HTC and Sony.

For more information , or to arrange interviews, please contact James Fenton at Watershed PR on 01308-420785, email

Meet New People And Indulge Yourself With FaceFlow

If you love the concept of social networking and the opportunity to meet new people online, FaceFlow should be one of the latest networks that you should sign up for. According to the spokesperson of the site, “FaceFlow is a unique combination of a networking site as well as a community platform. We provide the foundation for you to explore the online dimensions and get a chance to interact with similar, like minded people. You can have interesting and engaging discussions with complete strangers and soon turn them into your friends. The potential is endless and it is all in your hands.”

Speaking on the services, the spokesperson says “We offer free webcam chat so video conferencing and interaction among the members can help them get to know each other better. You can expect high quality and use the service to share your precious moments on video chat to your friends and family. It comes as a great alternative to Skype. The varieties of free flash games that are present on the site are sure to keep you entertained for a long time when there is no one online. Overall, you can expect a unique experience that is sure to turn into a pleasant addiction for your leisurely time.”

The spokesperson comments on the benefits of the site as he says “FaceFlow has a random webcam chat feature which pairs you up with a random stranger who can soon become your friend. The system is based on the chatroulette system and can help you find other people in no time, and stay in touch with people you find interesting directly on the website. The entire process is quick and easy and there is no download required.” He finishes his keynote as he says “If you want to explore the opportunity to meet new people, and communicate in high quality with your friends and family, sign up at and enjoy all the benefits of an all purpose social networking and entertainment platform.”

zip: K1B 3W1
City: Ottawa
Country: Canada

Animated Comedy Family Guy Episodes

Moon Media, 11.11.2010 – Family Guy Episodes is a famous American Animated Television program. Family Guy and its cast have been nominated for thirteen Emmy Awards and have won 4 Emmy Awards. All the Artists are talented and believe act by artists is the most powerful way to reach the most population. The aim of the company is to bring a lot of fun, enjoyment into the family. Family Guy Episodes centers about a functional family consisting of different characters like Peter, Meg, Lois, Chris, Stewie, and their pet dog Brian. The episodes use frequent cut away gags which gives in light to American Culture.

Family Guy Episodes was created by MacFarlane after developing two predecessor animated films, The Life of Larry and Larry & Steve. MacFarlane also changed the design of the protagonist Larry and was renamed as Peter, and changed the design of Larry’s dog Steve, and developed him into Brian. Shortly after the third season of Family Guy aired in 2003, the episodes were cancelled. Latter spurted by favorable DVD sales and high ratings on syndicated reruns, the network renewed the show in 2004.

The setting for the stories is a partially fictional town in Rhode Island, based on MacFarlane’s upbringing and education. Family Guy has always been really funny, the story always made sense, and followed some character throughout. There are a decent amount of specials for this show that is why everyone likes these episodes. With specials like “On the road to” You never know what to expect, but it’s always great. The show has changed over the years, but only for the better.

Family Guy has always been one of the funniest cartoons in all viewers mind. With the Cast and Crew working on the show, viewers always know what to expect, and that’s another fantastic episode. Moon media is a new paradigm for Advertising and Entertainment, Combining vast commercial Production and creativity.

About provides information about Family Guy Episodes where you can buy or watch all the Family Guy Episodes online. It is one of the most visited websites in US. This website brings lot of joy to the customers by providing Family Guy Episodes online.

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Contact Details: Liam
180 Moon Media LTD
Ph:0207 402 5923

KLM Distribution To Expand “Virtual Record Label” Services To Independent Music Industry

KLM Distribution, LLC announced that they are expanding their suite of products and services to the independent music industry.

Nashville, TN/Tempe, AZ, November 09, 2010 — KLM Distribution, LLC ( ) announced that they are expanding their suite of products and services to the independent music industry through the recruitment of 50 regional sales managers and 500 independent sales representatives throughout North America.

Scott Kelly, KLM’s National Sales Manager commented “KLM has been an industry leader in providing top talent and services to major labels and their artists and now through our North American expansion we can offer those same services to the independent community of labels and artists at an incredible value. In addition, we are now providing an opportunity for hundreds to have a career in the music industry”

Those wishing to apply for Regional Manager or Sales Manager positions may submit resumes via

About KLM Distribution:
KLM Distribution is a total music business solutions company that works with independent labels and artists worldwide, providing everything from major distribution (Sony®/RED) of a new release, to marketing, public relations, manufacturing, regional national radio promotions and more. Founded in 2008, KLM is based out of Nashville with additional staff offices in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Charlotte, Seattle and Dallas.

KLM’s strength is cemented in its veteran staff with over 100 years of major label expertise in all facets of the music industry, having worked with such artists as Carrie Underwood, Bon Jovi, KISS, Brian McKnight, Taylor Swift, Motley Crue, Kanye West, The Who, 98 Degrees and Led Zepplin, earning RIAA sales awards of over 100 million records.

Visit KLM Distribution online at

Press & Media Contact:
Scott Kelly
National Sales Manager
KLM Distribution, LLC
9920 S. Rural Rd. Suite# 108
Tempe, AZ 85284
(480) 206-3435

Fascinating lego star wars at discount price

November 7, 2010 – Lego star wars is the most thriving in the series of lego games, and indeed it is esteemed as a milestone in the kid’s toys. The series of lego duplo has been in the market since 1999, which has been continuously expanded upon. The highlights of this series of toys are the characters and the vehicles, which imitate the real episodes of star wars trilogy. In fact, they frequently release new set of toys and it encompasses the latest episodes of lego city. The hottest release includes clone wars, the animated movie and TV serial. The regular updates make it more alluring.

Virtually all the mainstays presented in star wars franchise can be seen in the lego star wars. The characters try to sustain the typical characters in lego duplo, in other words, all of them are made with square body and block shape head, but there is slightest variation in the colors, accessories such as hats, helmets and caps. The sizes and shapes of star wars characters have wide discrepancy and hence the lego star wars include original molds to make them unique. For example in the lego city, Darth Vader have easily identifiable head shape and similarly Yoda, Stormtroopers and other aliens are in their original getup. It is fascinating to see the lightsabers with unique figures.

Beyond the characters in lego star wars, all the vehicles and ships are generated from the original star wars. lego duplo includes millennium falcon, the icon of lego city, as it has been enhanced and tweaked than its original attributes. The pack of lego star wars incorporates the X-wing fighters, Rebel Blcckade Runner and a lot other speeder crafts. The lego city location sets enclose the Hoth Rebel base, the Death Star and more. The enthralling movie of star wars is now in your hands, to play and it adds more enthrallment while playing.

Apart from the lego star wars vehicles and characters, the latest sets include a spectrum of star wars accessories like technic line, the intricate part with complex movement. They may be less reminiscent to the classical block feel, look and construction of lego duplo, but certainly entices many people. In addition to these toys, you can also grab mini characters magnet series which has about a dozen interesting characters. The ultimate collector series is quite big and extremely complex in the designs. The latest Millennium Series include more than 5,000 blocks, the biggest and complex lego star wars series. Although video games on star wars are available in the market, the rage for lego duplo never emasculates. is the site, where you can obtain almost all the series of lego star wars. The site has offered bulk discount, which is £350 per kit. This is incredible opportunity should be certainly taken advantage. Further, they include free shipping offer for all the games. The site has obtained E-mark, which is the symbol for safe trade. Make use of this prospect and grab your pack of lego city.

Michael Nielsen,
Fjordvej 27,
9220 Aalborg,
Phone: 24926810

Top tips to have a fantastic Winter Wonderland Wedding at

When planning your wedding there are two main things that are the most important; the church or place you are getting married at and the venue you are having your reception. As guests walk into the room with all the tables laid out and decorated, it can really create a fun and elegant atmosphere to eat and celebrate in. has all the information, advice and tips you need to stay relaxed and plan your special big day, especially if you are going for the Winter Wonderland theme. With the new website launching in January, features loads of wedding ideas , and news to create that perfect wedding. Simply log on to the Wedding Forum and chat with other bride-to-be’s about themes, decors and fantasies, with hundreds of ideas at your fingertips to create the most unique wedding of a kind. Wedding planning can be very tense and demanding and the team here realise this. They know how time-consuming it is and how many people do not have the money to hire wedding planners. That is why they have built this website to contain all the information you need in one place, the perfect platform, to help those nervous grooms. , the UK’s No1 Independent Wedding Forum, bring together brides and wedding suppliers in the Wedding Forum to offer all sorts of deals and information that will meet your needs, requirements and taste. Forum topics include fashion and beauty, before and after, the big day, the reception and your suggestions. There are also other topics such as For Sale and Wanted. In these chats you can talk about anything from where to buy an ice sculpture in your area to how to do your makeup as an Ice Queen for the day. The website also features supplier directories with listings of wedding cake makers, local florists, dress makers and suit hire specialists. Visit the Best Online Wedding Portal for Wedding news at

DIY Band Promotion Site BandPromo.Me Giving Away 1,000 Facebook Fans

November 6, 2010 – Today’s Indie bands have it good. There are more free band promo websites than ever before, all offering a sophisticated mix of music marketing tools and online services. Those choices should make CD promotion a snap. Surprisingly though, most bands don’t know where to begin.

“Bands and musicians hear the same thing over and over again – go get some fans on the web, get on Facebook, get on some music blogs. But 90% of bands really have no idea what they’re supposed to do.” says Keith Fleming, founder of BandPromo.Me. “As an Indie musician I know how challenging the process is. What I realized is that most bands don’t succeed because they don’t have a plan. They don’t understand what they’re trying to accomplish or how to get there. I decided to take what I learned as a longtime brand marketer and apply that to band marketing. The result is a detailed roadmap for Indie bands, giving them everything they need to create and execute a killer online band promotion. To celebrate our launch, we’re kick-starting the process for one lucky band and driving 1,000 new Facebook fans to their fan page. Why? Because we rock.”

The music industry continues to morph as the Internet and social networking revolutionize how music fans discover and share music. The major label monopoly is gone and with it its chokehold on music distribution. Technology has ushered in a new wave of music: “DIY distribution” — where Indie bands and musicians have all the tools they need to deliver music directly to fans worldwide on their terms and at little cost. From Facebook, with its 500 million users, to the scores of Web 2.0 sites like Bandcamp and ReverbNation, independent musicians have more online music marketing choices than ever. For all their utility though, most music sites fall short.

“What online music sites don’t offer is tactical advice on how to promote your music online”, says Fleming. “Bands are thirsty for information. They want details. They want to know where to promote and what to say. They want to know specifics like how to get more Facebook fans. Or how to advertise on Facebook. We spell everything out and we know the tactics work because we’ve tried them. All you have to do is invest your time”.

As part of its launch, BandPromo.Me will create and pay for a customized Facebook advertising campaign to drive 1,000 new fans to one winning band or musicians’ fan page. Contest details can be found at Bands can enter free and the winner will receive a customized advertising campaign that will drive 1,000 new targeted fans to the winning bands’ fan page.

“We’re super excited about this promotion.” says Fleming. “Facebook fans are key to any successful band promo. We detail on the site how to build up a successful fan page yourself, but we thought it would be fun to showcase the impact that 1,000 new fans can have on one band’s success. It’s huge. This is a prize I wish my band could win.”

Contact Details:

Keith Fleming
77 SE Rockingham St.
Portland, OR 97204
Tel: 971-409-6608