E-scooter sharing company Wind deploys seamless and reliable identity verification solution from iDenfy


KAUNAS, Lithuania, 2022-Jan-18 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — Countries worldwide are constantly striving to reduce emissions and make their cities greener. It leads to them prioritizing alternative, sustainable means of transportation. However, not everyone can afford an electric car and going to work or simply travelling in the city on a bus is rarely appealing.

E-scooters are a great solution to this problem. Wind is a great provider of them, offering its customers the ability to travel in the city in a fun and eco-friendly way. It allows people to travel less stressfully and more conveniently, making the cities less crowded at the same time. The company is constantly making an effort to help the environment and has recently partnered with Treedom to contribute to forestation. Wind operates in France, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Korea, Norway, and the United Kingdom.

Wind has decided to implement an identity verification solution to their industry and chose iDenfy, a company offering a powerful modern solution complying with the latest AML, KYC, and GDPR regulations, as their partner. Wind’s customers can now enjoy a seamless sign-up procedure, making the onboarding process easy, safe, and reliable. At the same time, the company can be assured of the user’s eligibility – iDenfy’s solution features AI-based biometric recognition and accepts more than 2000 document types from 200+ countries.

It is crucial for both the clients and Wind that the ID verification process is swift and seamless. People today are always rushing and are used to services being provided quickly. Every second counts. Fortunately, verifying one’s identity with iDenfy is just a few steps away at any given time. All the user has to do to get on board with Wind is upload the image of their driving license or ID card (depending on the market) for age & identity verification and wait a few seconds to get it confirmed. That’s it!

“We are glad to welcome Wind as our partner. Eco-friendly means of transportation are rising in demand, and it is a pleasure to contribute to a company providing the supply. With iDenfy’s ID verification, the customer onboarding process will be seamless and reliable,” said Domantas Ciulde, CEO of iDenfy.

For more information, please visit https://www.idenfy.com/.

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The STOGA Animal Series Controller-Bear Wireless Pro Controller for Switch/Switch Lite Taking the Gaming Market by Storm

The Bear Wireless Pro Controller for Switch/Switch Lite is a suitable controller for the STOGA Animal Series. It has an adjustable turbo function, macro customization, and four different vibration settings.

Shenzhen, Guangdong – China | January 14, 2022 — STOGA Cooperation is situated in the United Kingdom and is a global leader and maker of high-performance gaming controllers. Gamers from all walks of life are flocking to it because it offers a wide range of high-quality accessories and completely customizable gaming controllers for both consoles and desktops (PCs). Customers’ needs are paramount to them, and they strive to provide the most innovative and excellent controllers available so that the users may become the best player.

STOGA’s activities are driven by a relentless focus on technological advancement. Vibration and Console wake-up, Turbo Mode, and Backside buttons are a few of the innovative features we’ll continue to add to our gaming controllers.

They’ve just released a new controller for the STOGA Animal Series, the Bear Wireless Pro Controller for Switch/Switch Lite. An adjustable turbo function, macro customization, and four various vibration modes are all included in this new model, which may be used for multiple purposes. For $39.99, you can get this game switch in either black or orange. If you’re a gamer, you need this switch. If you have a Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite, this controller is the only one that will work. Installing a driver application isn’t necessary. It’s a good pick because of its ergonomic design and lightweight materials. This pro controller for the Nintendo Switch has a manual turbo option, which is an incredible perk. The Nintendo Switch’s core functions may be assigned to the controller’s function keys using the three programming keys on the wireless controller’s back.

The dual-motor vibration included in the Nintendo Switch wireless controller may be adjusted to suit your preferences.It is also designed for players who wish to begin with a growing library of family-friendly games that will help them learn and develop as gamers using the STOGA Animal Series Controller. With other switch controllers on the market, you don’t have to punch a set of combination keys to pair your switch with this STOGA Switch Controller. The joystick is not required while using one-key direct reconnection.This is a terrific option as a family activity, a get-together, or as a festival gift.With two analog sticks, a non-slip mat, and a variety of buttons, the controller is ready for action. Also incorporated are NFC and a one-button wake-up function.

About STOGA Cooperation:

STOGA Cooperation is in the United Kingdom that makes high-performance gaming controllers worldwide. Founded in 1998,this is the year that the company was founded. Those who play games come from all walks of life because it has a wide range of high-quality accessories and completely customizable controllers for both consoles and computers (PCs). Their customers’ needs are critical to them, and they want to provide the most creative and excellent controllers possible so that users can get the best results.

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