Dr. Leeds Offers Concierge Consulting Worldwide To Solve Healthcare Issues

Dr. Leeds has taken the concierge model of healthcare consulting to a new level, providing the best in medical concierge service.

Fort Lauderdale, FL – USA | September 07, 2021 — While you may be familiar with concierge hospitality services available at many five-star hotels, you may not have heard of concierge consulting services to help you to streamline your medical care.

Dr. Mark Leeds has applied his decades of experience in the healthcare industry as a concierge doctor, family physician and medical addiction treatment provider, as well as his problem-solving skills developed from extensive education and experience in mathematics and software engineering.

Dr. Leeds has taken the concierge model of healthcare consulting to a new level, providing the best in medical concierge service. The best in private concierge consulting for healthcare has arrived.

Are you struggling to find answers to your healthcare problems? Are your doctors not giving you time to ask important questions? Do their answers not make sense to you?

As a concierge consultant, Dr. Leeds, or an elite member of his team, will take the time to listen to all of your concerns. Dr. Leeds and his concierge consulting team will then work to resolve conflicts, issues, and misunderstandings created by a dysfunctional healthcare system.

You will be presented with multiple solutions, answers, and explanations. Dr. Leeds and his team will respect your intelligence and ability to make informed decisions when the information is finally delivered to you in a sensible and understandable manner.

You deserve concierge customer service in healthcare, just like you expect in other industries, such as hospitality, travel, and fine dining. You deserve the best in an expert private concierge physician as your concierge care consultant.

In addition to general advising on most healthcare issues, Dr. Leeds has focused his South Florida concierge practice in recent years on the medical treatment of opioid addiction, alcohol addiction, as well as other addictions in a private boutique medicine setting.

If you are concerned about what step to take next in getting help with overcoming an addiction, Dr. Leeds and his team can provide the answers you are looking for, just like he does for the patients in his Florida concierge medical practice.

Especially, in the addiction treatment industry, it is difficult to get a non-biased answer regarding your options. It is important to consider that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. And, there are often multiple solutions to an addiction problem.

Rather than having a rehab facility tell you what they want you to do, wouldn’t you rather have a full discussion about what options are available from an independent concierge consultant who will discuss all available treatments as well as the risks, benefits, and alternatives for each therapy?

While Dr. Leeds’s team is highly trained to provide the answers that you are looking for, if you act now, you may arrange for a session with Dr. Leeds as your private concierge medical consultant to personally handle your healthcare consulting needs.

Contact Dr. Leeds’s office now and arrange for your initial session and get started on getting a more clear view of the healthcare landscape and the options available to help you overcome your own healthcare challenges. If you are in Florida, you may also be interested in retaining Dr. Leeds as your personal and private concierge medicine physician.

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Veronica Vitale Announces “Transparent” New Music Single Against Bullying

IVEE International Recording Artist, speaks up on Abuse of Power.

Kennesaw, GA – USA | September 07, 2021 — Produced by Visionary Vanguard Records in the United States of America and Exclusively Distributed by Amadea Music and State51 Conspiracy in United Kingdom, “TRANSPARENT” is the new music single by Artist and Executive Producer Veronica Vitale that everyone is waiting for.

“Revenge is sweetest when it’s served up cold, and Veronica Vitale knows what She’s doing” – says Michelle Maynard Visionary Vanguard Records Spokesmen – “Well, you picture it, You’re the high school class’s leader, your school’s most feared bully, the centre-stage prom queen who teases the outcast, the outsider to the bone, and nearly 10/15 years later You eventually find yourself facing a titan, no longer the shadow, the little quiet girl with the glasses, but a Titan who speaks up like Veronica Vitale herself, an internationally respected artist and music producer with some remarkable relentless charisma and super talent, whose lightness and authenticity poised her for stardom already in 2017, c’mon! I mean, seriously, can you imagine? Do you really want to be that kid who pissed Veronica off? I don’t think so – Not right now ‘cause She’s coming atcha like a dark horse, a bounty hunter. Now it’s her time.”

Veronica Vitale announced on Wednesday that she would be dropping her brand new single, “TRANSPARENT,” on Friday, September 24, ending her 2 months-long social media hiatus.

Veronica Vitale has been mum on social media since June this year, only posting Stories on her Instagram from time to time. Vitale’s upcoming record is said to be one of her most personal projects to date, influenced by her memories and scars in middle school.

“It’s very difficult to suffer and fade into a lesser version of yourself” – says Vitale. “I struggled with the fact that I couldn’t do anything to help myself, but realised I could speak out against bullying through music. The idea of bullies draining the life and joy out of their victims kept playing on my mind for years, and again, when you become a public figure it doesn’t get any better, you are exposed to trolls, random haters and of course cyber bullying, people just feel entitled to hate and despite you. So I began to write a song with this theme and it is called TRANSPARENT. My bullies were making me into a ghost of myself, and it was very painful to feel. I want “TRANSPARENT” to become my signature’s song. I want it to be the Grand Opening to my new music production and revolution.”

With a new album and single right around the corner, fans are incredibly excited about their “IVEE” return to the music scene.


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