Local Craft Brewers Monterey Bay Brewing and Carmel Valley Brewing Find a New Home in The Barnyard in Carmel with the Opening of a Brewpub in early September

After many years of conducting wholesale businesses locally owned and operated, Monterey Bay Brewing and Carmel Valley Brewing Company, have found a home of their own.

Carmel, CA, September 19, 2018 — After many years of conducting wholesale businesses locally owned and operated, Monterey Bay Brewing and Carmel Valley Brewing Company, have found a home of their own.

Before opening the new facility, which has been rebranded as Carmel Craft Brewing Company, Monterey Bay Brewing and Carmel Valley Brewing’s beers were only available at local restaurants, bars and stores.

According to CEO and Co-founder, Mark Fitch, the new brewpub is about 600 square feet, about the size of a small wine-tasting room that will seat 20. The rear portion of the facility will hold a brew house, so craft brews will be able to be made on-site. Plans are quickly in the making to expand into a larger space next door and a patio which will allow them to significantly expand the brew house and their seating.

“We’re really looking forward to it, it’s been a long time in the making,” said Fitch, who co-founded MBBC with Scott Coming in 2012. “We’ve received huge support from the Barnyard, too.”

Fitch said the new pub will start by offering 6-7 beers, beginning with the flagship Mad Otter Ale, plus a few styles from Carmel Valley Brewing Co. These will include Carmel Valley Brewing Co.’s Blonde and their IPA.

Fitch looks to add an American-style Wheat IPA, a Porter and a Cream Ale from MBBC. There will also eventually be guest taps from other local brewers, wines on tap and even kombucha on tap.

Carmel Craft Brewing Company’s offerings will start with fairly classic styles, most of them on the “lighter end of the spectrum.”

“We want to do what people like to drink,” says Fitch about the initial brewpub selections. “We want them to be able to drink what they already like.”

Carmel Craft Brewing Company will not offer food right off the bat, but Fitch hopes that patrons will take advantage of the many eateries in The Barnyard, including their next-door neighbor Allegro Gourmet Pizzaria, Flanagan’s just upstairs from them, plus Sur, From Scratch, Erik’s Deli Café, Lugano Swiss Bistro, Lafayette Bakery, Aabha Indian Cuisine, and The Noodle Palace. Eventually Fitch said he would like to offer a small pub menu, especially once they expand the brewpub.

A grand opening is planned for later this year.

About Monterey Bay Brewing Company

Monterey Bay Brewing Company began at the Mammoth Mountain Blues and Brews festival. Accountant Mark Fitch camped and went to the two-day event and experienced how everyone was going mad over craft beer. Realtor Scott Coming and Mark went the next year as well and this is when they knew they wanted to bring this kind of energy and excitement for craft beer to Monterey. Scott and Mark started to homebrew out of their kitchens and it was one early evening on the golf course that the name Mad Otter Ale sprang into Mark’s head and from that point on they knew they had something special.

About Carmel Valley Brewing Company

Established in 2007 by Dean Hatfield and Karolyn Stone, Carmel Valley Brewing is a tiny craft brewery on a ranch nestled in the hills of Carmel Valley near The Village. Since its beginning, each of the 3 styles produced has been brewed and bottled on premises using purified ranch water, and almost all wastewater is used to irrigate the 20+ fruit trees in the ranch orchard. Spent grain is composted on-site. All styles are produced under temperature controlled conditions and tightly filtered for long-lived flavor in bottle or keg.

Carmel Craft Brewing Company


3777 The Barnyard

Carmel, CA 93923

Mark Fitch:(831) 776-3379

Mark Fitch: mfitch@carmelcraft.com


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G-PMC Founder Daryl Guberman Sends Personal Message to Business Owners to Leave ANAB & IAF for More Ethical Accreditation

Many people are able to profit off of misinformation and lack of knowledge.  In the case of accreditation companies the ANAB & IAF this directly benefits anti-American elements.  Authority in the area Daryl Guberman is making a personal call for businesses to change their ways on YouTube.

New York, NY, USA, September 18, 2018 — It’s a fact that for a business to operate in many industries having third-party accreditation is a must.  Unfortunately, in the eye of business leader, potential  Senatorial candidate, and G-PMC founder Daryl Guberman, this accreditation is often obtained through working with sources that have a very serious anti-American bent.  Leading these is the IAF and the ANAB, who anyone with the will to look can see have ties and even leadership from places like China, countries known for practicing radical brands of Islam, like Iran, and even North Korea.  Hoping many American businesses who have been displaying the seals of the ANAB and IAF will realize the error they are committing when confronted with facts, Guberman recently released a YouTube video taking a no-holds-barred approach to the subject, titled, “Daryl Guberman’s Personal Message & Offer To ANAB & China-led IAF Accredited Businesses”.

“Why any business would want to be affiliated with an organization or organizations tied to countries who have clear ties to countries who call for the destruction of America and Israel is beyond me, as a Jewish-American businessman,”  remarked Guberman.  “But I do understand in many cases this is out of ignorance, so I am and will continue to educate about this.  American businesses need to stand with each other and with our country especially in these trying times.”

Guberman concludes by suggesting American businesses seek to obtain and maintain their accreditation through, trusted, American-based organizations like American Board of Accredited Certifications (ABAC) and get their quality needs in order with the help of his own G-PMC.  All this ensures that a company’s funds are not going to be redirected into anti-American activities, or even to something as terrible as terrorism.  All of this, in Guberman’s words, is “not a conspiracy theory”, but proven facts that can be confirmed further by any business who would like to look at the facts he has already provided or simply reach out to him for more information.

Contact Daryl Guberman at http://darylguberman.com and http://dguberman.com.

Press & Media Contact:
ABAC Headquarters (US)
41 Madison Avenue, 31st Floor,
Manhattan, New York, NY 10010-2202
+1 212-726-2320

Meet The President

Guberman For U.S. Senate

Big Sur Foragers Festival Dates Announced: January 17-20, 2019

Foragers Festival Fungus Face Off to be Held at Big Sur River Inn Saturday, January 19, 2019

Big Sur, CA, September 18, 2018 – The historic Big Sur River Inn serves as the host and backdrop of one of the Big Sur Foragers Festival’s most popular events, the “Fungus Face-Off,” set for Saturday, Jan. 19, 2019.

The Face-Off at the River Inn, set under the oaks overlooking the Big Sur River, features celebrated local chefs competing for the best foraged dish, and will include food tastings, fine wines, craft beers, raffles, a silent auction and more.

This event sells out early, and tickets will be on sale at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/big-sur-foragers-festival-2019-tickets-47639320490

The River Inn has a significant presence in Big Sur history and lore. The inn’s history goes back to 1888, when Jay Pheneger acquired a 160-acre parcel from the federal government and gave his name to the creek that bounds the River Inn on the south.

Homesteaders Barbara and Michael Pfeiffer bought the property, and in 1926, Michael, and Barbra’s son John took over the land on which the Big Sur River Inn now stands. The inn was opened in 1934 by his daughter Ellen Brown. She opened her living and dining rooms to the public and began serving hot apple pie, which is still served today and gave the place its first name, Apple Pie Inn. Lodging units were built and Big Sur’s first resort was established.

In 1943, Ellen’s sister, Esther Pfeiffer Ewoldson and her husband, Hans, took over the operation. Esther replaced her mother as Big Sur Postmaster and the Post Office was moved to the River Inn, situated where the front office of the motel is now.

With a lot of help, Hans built the General Store and lodging units 10 through 15. He rebuilt the dining room and “fixed it up fancy.”

The Pfeiffer and the Ewoldson families started a tradition at the Big Sur River Inn of fine food, excellent service, and warm hospitality. In 1988, the Perlmutter family, along with a small group of close friends, formed a partnership to carry on that tradition.

This year, the Big Sur River Inn extends its tradition of hospitality to host the Big Sur Foragers Festival.

The Foragers Festival has traditionally served as a fundraiser for the Big Sur Health Center. The community’s non-profit health center will receive the proceeds from the foraging events to continue to support the presence of local health care services in the Big Sur area.

The four-day festival affords Big Sur area restaurants the opportunity to host the culinary expertise of notable chefs, who will be preparing unique fare ranging from rustic to elegant, paired alongside the central coast region’s amazing selection of wine and beer.

In addition to the Fungus Face-Off, events will include:

>A Thursday Night Fundraiser at Lugano’s Swiss Bistro. Details to come.

>Friday night winemaker’s dinners as locations around Monterey County include Il Grillo in Carmel-by-the-Sea

>Saturday Foraging walk led by local experts. “Wild Mushroom Walks and Talk” led by Steve Copeland of Big Sur Guides and his team of expert mushroom foragers.

>Sunday we are finalizing several brunch fundraisers around Monterey County.

Stay tuned for more details coming soon. For event details and venue information, visit www.bigsurforagersfestival.org.


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Daryl Guberman of G-PMC LLC Shines Light on International Accreditation Forum (IAF) CEO Xiao Jianhua

In an ever more polarized world, whom a business chooses to work with can have a lasting impact. Accreditation expert Daryl Guberman has made it his mission to show some of the serious problems existing in this space today – recently with a YouTube video focused on the darker side of the IAF.

New York, NY, USA, September 18, 2018 — America, the American way of life, and its international allies have no shortage of enemies large and small. They often act in ways to move under the radar, using businesses and business industry associations to exert a negative influence. Daryl Guberman, possible Senatorial candidate and founder of compliance and certification firm G-PMC LLC, and his team recently put some of their investigation and research in this area up in a YouTube video focused on telling the truth about the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and who they describe as it’s “cartel leader” Chinese national Xiao Jianhua. Most Americans would find the information chilling.

“I don’t use the word ‘cartel leader’ lightly when it comes to Xiao Jianhua,” commented Guberman. “By the dictionary definition, he fits it perfectly. The business world needs to understand what goes on with the IAF that they may not be aware of, who it involves, and what it could mean to our nation.”

Guberman has built a reputation for himself as an expert on quality in business stretching back decades. He also has proven himself to be an independent thinker politically, inspiring his possible Senatorial campaign in the state of CT which gains more energy every day.

His YouTube expose of Jianhua, CEO of the IAF point towards the security risk of a well-connected Chinese national being given such access to American businesses of all kinds and their “secrets”. This is further fleshed out in the YouTube video with a look at what other countries are members of the IAF and it’s brother and sister organizations which as a literal “who’s who” of terrorist-sponsoring, openly anti-American and even antisemitic nations. Guberman smartly asks the question how American (and even some Israeli) based-businesses and even state operations can feel comfortable being part of such a business “family”, which is a question many concerned citizens will likely want to hear an answer to.

Expect more news on this interesting topic from Guberman and his team soon.

For more information on Daryl Guberman and G-PMC, LCC be sure to visit http://darylguberman.com and http://dguberman.com.

Press & Media Contact:
ABAC Headquarters (US)
41 Madison Avenue, 31st Floor,
Manhattan, New York, NY 10010-2202
+1 212-726-2320

Meet The President

Guberman For U.S. Senate

Stunning Carmel Valley Estate Boasts Panoramic Views, 5,500 Square Feet, Pool, Guest House

Perched high above Carmel Valley in the exclusive Oak Meadow community, this estate at 8 Oak Meadow Lane boasts panoramic views of the valley and beyond, 5,500 square feet of space, four bedrooms, four full bathrooms and a guest house.

Carmel, CA, September 18, 2018 — Perched high above Carmel Valley in the exclusive Oak Meadow community, this estate at 8 Oak Meadow Lane boasts panoramic views of the valley and beyond, 5,500 square feet of space, four bedrooms, four full bathrooms and a guest house.

This single-level home is secluded yet very accessible, and is equipped with a fabulous kitchen, spacious dining room, library, spa/hot tub, in-ground pool, deck/patio, gardens and a three-car garage.

Due to its terraced landscaping and gardens as well as its modern clean lines and abundant windows, this estate has more depth and dimension than similarly sized properties. It also boasts of a secluded patio with firepit and overstuffed chairs to relax in.

Asking price is $3,495,000 and is represented by Doug and Lisa Steiny of Sotheby’s International Realty.

The property features:


Air conditioning

Granite countertops

Guest suite

Hardwood flooring

Hi-speed Internet-ready

Home office


Security system

Spa/hot tub

Washer/dryer in unit


Deck / patio


Guest house

In-ground pool

On-site parking

3 Car Garage

Building amenities:



To view a video of the property, take a virtual tour, see images and the floor plan, go to http://6oakmeadowlanecarmelvalley.com/

If interested in the property, contact Doug and Lisa Steiny at (831) 277-2070 or by email at doug@dougsteiny.com.

About Doug and Lisa Steiny

As a fifth generation Californian and life long resident of Monterey Peninsula, Doug has been fortunate to live and work in an area which offers the highest quality of living in the world. As a licensed Realtor for over 30 years, Doug has experienced and has been involved in the growth of the Monterey Peninsula. His single mindedness in providing exemplary customer service has helped grow his business to more than $500 million in sales. Over 90% of Doug’s business is generated from direct referrals from previous clients, friends and family who recognize the benefit in utilizing his expertise in Real Estate and knowledge of the area. Doug has consistently been a Top Producer since 1990 with notable clients, including several presidents of Fortune 500 companies.

After 30 years as a top producer in the title and escrow business, Lisa joined her husband, Doug Steiny. Lisa relocated to Carmel with her parents when her father retired from the Air Force. Being from Southern California, the draw to the smaller community of Carmel was an enticing place to raise their family. Lisa prides herself in her service-oriented approach to helping clients. She is extremely detailed and brings to the team the ability to provide the best service possible. With 15 years of management experience, Lisa offers incomparable knowledge and skills to Doug’s team.

Doug and Lisa Steiny


Tel: (831) 277-2070

Email: doug@dougsteiny.com

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Ciel & Terre Delivers First California Public Floating Solar System for Lake County Special Districts – Kelseyville County Waterworks, Dist. #3

International Innovator in “Floatovoltaic” Technology Enables 252kW Clean Energy Project by Floating 720 Solar Panels on Kelseyville Wastewater Treatment Pond.

Kelseyville, CA, USA — Ciel & Terre USA (http://www.ciel-et-terre.net), innovators in floating solar power systems, today announced completion of a new 252 kW floating photovoltaic power system for the Lake County Special Districts on behalf of Kelseyville County Waterworks Dist. #3 in partnership with local contractor North Coast Solar. Financed by a municipal lease, the Ciel & Terre® Hydrelio solar power system is being floated on a man-made wastewater treatment pond in Kelseyville and is expected to produce up to 1,650 kWh in its first year.

This is the first public floating solar power system installed in California. The installation itself consists of 720 floating solar panels mounted together and delivering electrical power safely to shore using solar optimizers provided by SolarEdge to maximize inverter output. The municipal lease for the installation gives the county positive cash flow starting the first year, so no cash investment was required to pay for the system. Once the Kelseyville solar installation proves successful, the Lake County Special District is considering installing additional floating solar power systems around the county.

“We are excited to be able to take advantage of clean energy using Ciel & Terre’s floating solar systems,” said Jan Coppinger, Special Districts Administrator for Lake County. “We didn’t have available land or rooftop space suitable for this project, but our wastewater treatment pond had enough surface area to accommodate a sizable solar system. Floating is a great way to control algae growth in the pond at the same time we generate virtually free energy. All costs to provide utilities continue to increase, which forces Special Districts to seek out and implement any means possible to reduce future costs. This floating solar system will result in significant savings in future years.”

Floating solar is an ideal solution for any utility district since it generates clean energy at the same time it provides other water conservation benefits. Floating a solar array on man-made bodies of water improves energy production by keeping the solar system cooler. At the same time it reduces evaporation, controls algae growth, and reduces water movement to minimize bank erosion. It also makes optimal use of pond surfaces, providing clean solar energy without committing expensive real estate or requiring rooftop installations.

“Municipal water districts, wineries, farms, and others want to adopt solar but they don’t want to commit land that could be used for other purposes,” said Eva Pauly-Bowles, Representative Director for Ciel & Terre USA, Inc. “Installing floating solar systems gives them ready access to green energy while helping them manage their water resources. We expect we will see more demand for floating solar systems, especially in light of California’s commitment to produce only carbon-free electricity by 2045.”

The Kelseyville project is only one of four floating solar power installations being completed this summer using the patented Ciel & Terre® Hydrelio system in Q3 2018 delivering 5.3 MW.

About Ciel & Terre
Established in 2006 as a renewable Independent Power Producer (IPP), Ciel & Terre has been fully devoted to floating solar PV since 2011. The French company pioneered Hydrelio®, the first specific and industrialized system to make solar panels float on water, with criteria such as cost-effectiveness, safety, longevity, resistance to winds and waves, simplicity, drinking water compliance, and optimized electrical yield.

Ciel & Terre has floating solar installations in Japan, Korea, China, UK, France, Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy, Taiwan as well as the United States. The company has its United States headquarters in Petaluma, California.

For more information, visit http://www.ciel-et-terre.net.

Media Contact:
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