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Gallery Sur also supports the all-volunteer Sahwira Fund, to build classrooms at the Maulana School for Orphans in Epworth, Zimbabwe.

Salinas, CA, August 10, 2017 – Gallery Sur also supports the all-volunteer Sahwira Fund, to build classrooms at the Maulana School for Orphans in Epworth, Zimbabwe. Supported by 10% of the proceeds of all sculpture sales, eight classrooms have been built and are now sheltering many of the 800-plus students at the school. Six more classrooms are planned to meet the demand.

Just announced. Gallery Sur’s “ART FOR EDUCATION” web page at, is currently offering one-off discounted fine art photographs and sculptures, of which 100% of the purchase of these selected artworks will be donated to the Sahwira Fund through Aug. 31 .

For more information on any of these works, please contact Gallery Sur at (831) 626-2615.

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As Far back in History as the mid 1700’s certain Experimenters have known that there are certain things that can kill Microbes and that had value in stopping infections but were being blocked from the public

The Hulda Clark Parasite Zapper has been around for many years, yet, you may have never even heard of it or you may have heard some negative comments from sites that are paid to suppress information.

Horton, AL, August 10, 2017 – The Hulda Clark Parasite Zapper has been around for many years, yet, you may have never even heard of it or you may have heard some negative comments from sites that are paid to suppress information. You may have not heard of the Rife machine nor of the Lahkovsky MultiWave Oscillator, as well as many other devices because the medical profession and the FDA work hard to keep people from leaqrning about these devices, even to the point of destroying historically significant objects. There is also a continuous stream if lies and misinformation claiming that things such as colloidal silver do not work.

As far back as the 1750’s, the first experimenters discovered that even low levels of electricity could kill the newly discovered microbes such as bacteria, protozoa, and fungi and resultingly could stop many diseases. The medical industry was extremely against such use because it was not profitable to them. One of these early experimenters was John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church. Over a period of time, he set up and operated 3 clinics in London that used mostly electricity combined with natural therapies to treat and heal the poor. The clinics were such a resounding success that the medical authorities tried extensively to shut them down. You can read more about this in The Electric Cure.

Since the time of John Wesley, there has been a stream of electric and electronic products that have been offered to help relieve pain and suffering, as well for fighting disease and illness in the human body. The FDA has stepped in at every turn to suppress the products in favor of expensive and profitable medicines. In the 1870’s a product called “The Medical Electric Battery” was introduced and was available up into the 1930’s when the FDA stepped in and shut them down. There were even more advanced products such as the Rife machine that has a long list of successes claimed by users. Not only has the FDA forced these products off of the market, they have suppressed the information about these and even destroyed the original products whenever there have been able to get away with it.

Another significantly important issue is the suppression of colloidal silver. Silver has been used for centuries to fight unknown causes of death, including microbes such as bacteria, protozoa, and fungi. Yet the current medical profession even goes so far as trying to tell people that it does not work and that it can turn you blue ( which is true if you take way too much of the wrong form ). There are many many thousands of users of colloidal silver, yet there are only perhaps 3 or 4 who have actually turned blue. A current improvement to the use of colloidal silver is a product called Nano Silver.

At issue is the current situation in the medical industry where many people are dying every day from infections, both, those aquired in the hospital and those which are established before going to the hospital. These infections are difficult to stop with antibiotics because antibiotics are slow in working and in some cases may even suppress the immune system and cause other problems such as liver failure and kidney failure. Yet from reported experiences, the use of LVPEF ( low voltage pulsed electric fields ) can actually destroy or incapacitate many microbes in minutes or within a few hours of usage. The off-label use of these products can possibly save the lives of your friends, family members, or even your own.

What can be done? First, contact your congerssman or congresswoman and make them aware that the FDA is using its power to suppress potentially life saving technology. There are thousands of signatures and comments at where you can add yours. Lastly, contact the FDA and let them know that this technology needs to be made available for the medical industry to use as well as for private individuals to use on themselves. Currently, this technology is used to kill microbes in water such as in cooling towers and backyard ponds. Similar technology is use to kill microbes in juices and drinks as well as elsewhere in the food industry.

Why should people die just because the medical industry does not want to allow this type of prduct for the sake of their own profits. The right to live is a basic human right and no one should be denied access to this type of product when life is at risk but that is the very reason that the FDA uses to justify preventing public access to these products. Their rule is that if it can save lives, it must be subjected to the most strengent and expensive regulations and requirements.

Notice: These devices are currently sold only for the experimental use of killing microbes in water. Any other usage is considered to be off-label and such usage is at the discretion of the user. This is not a Medical device and is not represented as such. The information above is posted only to highlight the potential of such use and to create public awareness.

About Para Systems Inc.

Para Systems Inc. is a US based maker of ParaZapper zapping products. They make a wide range of zapper models available for both US based and international customer from those countries that are not banned from trade by the U.S. government.



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Emblematic Artwork by Juan Luis Perez at Variations on the Same Subjects: People, Nature and Geometry Exhibition Curated by Mariavelia Savino

Special Artwork by Juan Luis Perez at Variations on the Same Subjects: People, Nature and Geometry Exhibition, curated by Mariavelia Savino, presented by Contemporary Art Projects USA.

Miami, FL, USA — An emblematic piece initiates the path throughout the exhibition “Variations on the same Subjects: People, Nature and Geometry” presented by Contemporary Art Projects USA and hosted by the ArtsPark @ Hollywood, FL. A large painting by the artist Juan Luis Perez, who was born in Cuba and lives in Miami, FL, Sombras de mi Pasado (Shadows of my Past) Illusions Series, is shown at the entrance of the space. Why? …because this artwork merges several concepts of the overall exhibition, in the intellectual, the creative and the technical ambits. As a curator, I believe that every artist is a communicator, who translates his/her own experience to the current moment in order to state his/her beliefs and messages to the present viewer, as well as to the future generations that later will contemplate the work. This particular artwork has figurative, abstract and geometric elements, creating connections with the natural, the human and the architectonical. Then, each artist is by talent and vocation an innovator, which does not mean that they would not use previous influences or inspiration by other artists. But, the important point, as it is for this artwork and for the artist in the exhibition, everyone is, and must be at the end, unique and original. Finally, any technique used has to be excellent and well managed. Well, I live now the artist to speak by his own. Juan Luis Perez says: “I consider myself away from trends. I create guided by my truest inspiration from total freedom of choice. Completely self-taught, I don’t believe in academic dogmas or market claims. I change style as if changing clothes. Art is passion, fun, great adventure. I use acrylic, oil, charcoal, graphite, resins, gesso, alcohol, and newspapers sheets, love monochromatic tones, rough or dynamic strokes, turning the spatula in my work’s biggest protagonist. I returned to my roots, expressing a traditions’ rich culture filled with energy from pure imagination. My interest revolves around human beings and their conflicts. My works are profound social portraits of a generation. I’m concerned in cultural dialogues between East and West, societies which, despite their differences, belong to the same condition: human.” – “…I use truth and fantasy bringing the viewer a sense of purpose, passion, realism as well as a timeless feel. Through abstract expressions I aim to achieve the emotional compass humanity reveals in all phases of life as a poetic evolution. With every stroke of the brush and a lyrical composition of visual effects I create a dramatic transformation of old and new …a profound connection to express the visuals of my soul.” – “I try to be unique in my own individual way, my work is a fusion of all my lived experiences and skills & techniques gathered over the years, combined to bring a personal expression of energy and a message to myself with a personal stamp that not even I can duplicate. Sometimes, I depict sceneries of natural culture with organic resources such as burlap, tree seeds, bark, raw rope, yarn to express what is available rather than what’s academic. However, from my early childhood Sandro Botticelli was the culprit of my love for visual art, and as a college student, José María Mijares, a Cuban vanguard artist of the San Alejandro School of Arts, was a personal friend and mentor in my beginnings. As I matured in my process, Antoni Tapies as well as Julian Schnabel became my greatest influences. The process of my work differs between installations, sculptures, and paintings. I can start my paintings several pieces at once and employ layers over a period of days. Sometimes I set them aside and finish months later, as they come complete in my mind and eyes. Others are finished rather fast, as I love the turnout of the accidents discovered in the process that then become as a rationalized finish. There are three key elements that separate free Caribbean and Latin American art from socially restrained Cuba and its artists: 1) A primary distinction for Cuban Art is the cultural inheritance of the Afro-Cuban culture and strong Spaniard influence; 2) The diverse level of creativity due to its social lack of resources elevates its inventiveness and passion for expression; 3) The inability to speak out in freedom promotes a more intense visual message.” To conclude, as in this exhibit every artist comes from a different place, background and experience, each artwork will communicate its own message to the public.

The exhibition will take place from August 19 – September 13, 2017.
Monday thru Thursday 11:00a.m. to 8:00p.m.
Closed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Free Admission
Opening Reception | August 19 | during Downtown Hollywood ArtWalk
6:00p.m. to 10:00p.m.
ArtsPark @Young Circle Gallery
One Young Circle, Hollywood, Florida 33020.

About Contemporary Art Projects USA (
Headquartered in Miami, Contemporary Art Projects USA is dedicated to nurturing new contemporary art by providing exhibition opportunities and resources for emerging artists and curators. Their mission is focused on promoting art appreciation within the international community, to inspire and assist with the process of the art collection, and to generate resources that support artists’ creative endeavors through art awareness, artist promotion and art procurement.

They work with the best minds in the industry and share their experience and passion for marketing the arts, culture, and entertainment. From Biennials and gala auctions to exhibitions and major international art fairs. Contemporary Art Projects USA has the experience, innovation, and creativity to engage audiences through inspired campaigns.

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