Roadcase Royale to Release Brand-New Single Not Giving Up on May 12th

Not Giving Up marks the band’s second single and follows their debut single release Get Loud

Los Angeles, CA, May 10, 2017 – Rock and R&B-influenced group Roadcase Royale will be releasing a brand new single entitled Not Giving Up on May 12th.  The band is fronted by Rock and Roll Hall-of-Famer Nancy Wilson of Heart and Liv Warfield of Prince’s New Power Generation, and also includes members from each of their respective bands.  Not Giving Up is a hard rock song that contains politically charged lyrics, following in the footsteps of the band’s debut single, Get Loud, which debuted at the January 21st Women’s March. The video for “Not Giving Up” will also be released next week via the group’s YouTube channel.

The track opens with Ryan Waters iconic bluesy guitar riff followed by the powerful entrance of the full band. The intensity level builds up during the first verse and climaxes at the chorus with the return of the same driving guitar riff and Warfield’s searing vocals.  The song’s refrain sends a message to stay strong in today’s politically divisive times, saying, “We watch you building up the wall, We’re waiting just to see it fall,
I’m saying we’re not givin’ up, givin’ up, no.”  With powerful lyrics and their full-tilt musicianship, Roadcase Royale will be “Not Giving Up” anytime soon.

Nancy Wilson had this to say about the “Not Giving Up”:

“The first time I listened to Liv and Ryan’s track of Not Giving Up I was floored by the deceptive simplicity and the powerful message of their song. I could hear the potential to make it our own. I knew right away we would be able to take that song not just for a test drive but straight onto the big rock race track!”


Led by former Prince collaborator Liv Warfield and Nancy Wilson, co-founder of Heart, ROADCASE ROYALE has a rich background in rock and R&B. Warfield, Wilson, and their bandmates bring their decades of experience from the upper echelon of the music industry to ROADCASE ROYALE, along with a renewed sense of direction and drive. Joining Wilson and Warfield are Warfield’s lead guitarist and musical director Ryan Waters and Heart veterans Dan Rothchild (bass), Ben Smith (Drums) and Chris Joyner (Keys). Each of these members shine in ROADCASE ROYALE with their various sensibilities creating the group’s sensitive, passionate, and driving rock and R&B sound.






For more information or a review copy of “Get Loud” or “Not Giving Up” please contact:


Chip Schutzman

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Leading Software Reseller ISM Launches NellNube Cloud Hosting for ERP and CRM

Rebranded cloud-based service offers 24/7 IT maintenance and anytime/anywhere access to critical business applications.

Portland, OR, USA — Information Systems Management (ISM), a leading national provider of Sage business solutions and Acumatica ERP, today announced the official rebranding of their cloud-hosting services practice as NellNube. This announcement coincides with the launch of the service’s new website,

Under their new name and brand, NellNube will continue to offer the cloud-based application hosting their on-the-go clients require to access business applications anytime and anywhere. NellNube will also maintain a secure IT environment for supported business applications, including software patches, upgrades, and regular data backups.

“Data protection continues to be a particularly important focus for the businesses we serve,” said B.J. O’Reilly, president at ISM. “We’re proud to be able to offer the rock-solid IT maintenance security our clients require and take the headache out of cumbersome upgrades, patching, and data backups.”

In addition to their 90-second phone-response time guarantee for all clients, ISM’s NellNube service provides users with 99.9% guaranteed network uptime, a four-hour failed hardware replacement guarantee, and round-the-clock support.

“With enhanced services and new, in-depth technological offerings, NellNube clients will have access to 24/7 support, unmetered traffic, data security, and the reliable performance modern businesses require,” said Carla Brown, executive vice president at ISM. “Of course, none of this would exist without the dedication and wide-ranging expertise of the ISM team, and I thank them for making this possible.”

NellNube currently hosts Sage 100, Sage 500 ERP, Sage X3, Act!, Sage CRM, and SalesLogix (now Infor CRM) systems with affordable, easy-to-manage standard hosting packages, as well as custom hosting options for clients with non-standard configurations. “NellNube” is Italian for “in the cloud.”

About Information Systems Management (ISM)
ISM ( began with one vision in mind: “Simple answers to difficult questions.” Our diverse professional staff is uniquely qualified to support all major areas of business technology including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Accounting and Operations (ERP), and Human Resource Management and Payroll (HRMS). We also implement the most widely-used business and accounting software applications on the market, including Sage 100, Sage X3, Sage CRM, Acumatica, and many more.

Media Contact:
Brian Dunn

Austrian Contemporary Artist Chris Delias Awarded Solo Art Exhibition

The exhibit will be curated by Mariavelia Savino, Contemporary Art Projects USA’s Chief Curator, and held at West Gallery, 3800 N. W. 115 Avenue in Doral, Florida. The opening reception will take place on May 18, 2017, at 11:00 am.

Miami, FL, USA — Miami Dade College West Campus Gallery – under the umbrella of The Museum of Contemporary Art + Design, and in collaboration with Contemporary Art Projects USA – will host the first Solo Exhibition of Austrian Contemporary Artist, Chris Delias titled: #CityofLife. The exhibit will be curated by Mariavelia Savino, Contemporary Art Projects USA’s Chief Curator, and held at West Gallery, 3800 N. W. 115 Avenue in Doral, Florida. The opening reception will take place on May 18, 2017, at 11:00 am.

Two issues have developed into our society’s highlights and an important part of the fashionable industry. The first one is the digital cell-phone as a picture taking camera with the ability of allowing its users to take selfies that are then posted in Social Media pages to be seen through the same cell-phone or another, as well as in a personal computer. The second issue is branding. It will refer to the clothing of the posers, and even to the brand of their car. In addition to brands such as Chanel, Vuitton, Nike, Ferrari or Lamborghini, just to name a few, today distinguished just by a simple logo or pattern that entitles the bearer to feel a somewhat superiority, there is now the digital practice of working with symbols to reduce wording and sentences. This has created the fashion of communicating by using “emojis” or “emoticons” that have shortened our language to like or unlike, smiles, tears or hearts, just to express with one only image what we feel or think on almost anything happening in our lives. This can be at the same time a positive or negative phenomena according to the point of view from which we judge it. Certainly, it is making to communicate universal for anybody, no matter where they are or what language they speak, going beyond location and the nature of the event portrayed.

However, according to artist Chris Delias: “3D printing is revolutionizing the way we design and build things. Several Social Media concepts have tried to digitalize our daily lives and the relationships between humans, all they do is make our lives more public and predictable. But: Social Media is just the symptom! The root cause of this sickness is superficiality. The result is what I call ‘Anti-Real-Relationship’ demonstrated in the artificial connections and relationships on various social media. For me it is terrible to see how real friends, real relations and feelings become less important and more voyeuristic. Of course, these social media have revolutionized the way we communicate and made it easier to stay connected regardless of where we are at any given moment. Everything that makes our lives easier and faster has a chance to be successful, but it leaves a gap between the digital and the real. My art intends to close this gap… My art should depict emotions, humans, faces in a way that you can’t find in our digitalized society. For me the spotlight is on the beauty of humanity, it’s my first priority – emotions caused by love, music, harmony… But, not only the sunny side of the world will be represented in my art – people don’t just love one another – they hate and fight – they lose, feel intense pain, experience crushing war and destruction, all of which are part of human interaction… My work should not show the reality 1:1 – the colors, proportions and poses I use are reflective of my emotions and feelings during the painting process. It is an interactive process between my soul, the model or person and the canvas – an interactive realism. My art is a projection of the reality to my soul.” Mariavelia Savino is the Curator of the exhibition.

For more information, contact:
Tata Fernandez, Executive Director
Mariavelia Savino, Chief Curator
Contemporary Art Projects USA