KastKing® Breaks Out Unique Fishing Reel

A new concept to thwart fishing line tangles wraps itself around the KastKing® Mako Spinning Reel.

Garden City, Long Island, NY (January 26, 2016) — KastKing®, a division of Eposeidon, Inc. (http://www.eposeidon.com), has come out with a new innovative spinning reel for 2016 named the KastKing® Mako 3500.

Although the key features of the KastKing® Mako 3500 include an impressive line retrieve rate for its size, an exceptional drag rated at 22 lbs./ 10 kg from its oversized drag washers, and 8 + 1 shielded stainless steel bearings, anglers will appreciate the revolutionary design rotor brushes that prevent their fishing line from dropping down on to the spool skirt during retrieve. The exclusive rotor brushes on the Mako spinning reels reduce loops and snarls resulting in a more pleasant fishing experience. This unique antifouling spinning reel rotor design is not available from other brands.

The KastKing® Mako 3500 reel gets its amazing smoothness from 8 stainless steel shielded ball bearings plus one instant stop anti-reverse. A beefy reel foot made from aero-grade aluminum alloy and a deep aluminum spool machined from the same material that retrieves 36 inches of line per turn of its handle give the Mako spinning reel a rock-solid feel.

KastKing® Mako 3500 reels are finished in black and silver with a distinctive spool lip gold accent, have a right hand or left hand reversible CNC machined aluminum handle, a 5.1: 1 gear ratio, and a EVA flat paddle non-slip knob. A Mako 3500 weighs 11.82oz/ 335g and has a line capacity of (mm/m) 0.25mm/190m, 0.30/130, 0.35/100 and a monofilament line capacity of (lbs/ yds) 8 lb / 240 yards, 10 lb /195 yards , 12 lb/ 165 yards.

“Like many KastKing® products, the KastKing® Mako 3500 stands out due to its inventive design features,” says Tom Gahan, marketing director at Eposeidon, Inc.. “Mako’s rotor brushes keep any line that has spilled over the spool up where it belongs and virtually eliminates line overrun loop fowling. There’s nothing quite like the KastKing® Mako out on the market.”

KastKing® Mako 3500 will have a MSRP of $69.98 and be discounted to sell in the mid-$40 range at http://www.eposeidon.com, http://www.amazon.com/kastking, and other select online retailers.

Eposeidon (http://www.eposeidon.com) brings a fresh, innovative approach to anglers by offering quality fishing tackle products at the best prices and no cost, or low cost shipping. Eposeidon’s goal is to exceed expectations through outstanding customer service and superior product value to their customers. Eposeidon is continually expanding its product lines, which include KastKing®, an ICAST 2015 Best of Show award-winning brand, fishing line, fishing reels, and fishing rods, MadBite fishing lures, fishing tools, and accessories, KastKing® Ecooda Pro Series reels, and other fishing tackle products, to meet individual fishing equipment needs. Eposeidon is headquartered in Garden City, Long Island NY, USA and sells fishing tackle products in more than 140 countries.

Media Contact:
Tom Gahan
Director of Marketing
Eposeidon Outdoor Adventure, Inc.
Main Office: 1-855-830-7430 Ext. 1002
Direct Line: 631-369-0063

ALIPAC Asks Trump Supporters To Contribute to Insurgent GOP Candidates

Raleigh, NC, USA — Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC | WilliamG@alipac.us | (866) 703-0864

With illegal immigration being the top issue of the GOP primaries for the first time in modern history, and with the leading GOP Candidate for President ascending due to his promise to deport illegals and Muslim refugees while financing his own campaign, ALIPAC is asking Donald Trump supporters to focus their donations on insurgent GOP candidates running against Republican incumbents that are likely to join with Democrats to oppose the Trump immigration plans.

ALIPAC has compiled an unprecedented list of Republican incumbents that have been documented supporting amnesty for illegal aliens despite the fact they are eager to convince GOP voters otherwise. This list is called the Cantor List and it now contains 178 GOP incumbents that stand with John McCain, Marco Rubio, Jeb bush, Eric Cantor, and Barack Obama in support of amnesty for illegal aliens!

“Since Mr. Trump has said he has no need for donations from his highly energized supporters, their financial support would be wisely spent backing GOP insurgent candidates that would back his tough enforcement agenda. The targets on our Cantor List are the men and women currently in congress that have blood on their hands for all of the deaths and destruction caused by illegal aliens that freely enter and roam America with government support due to Obama and his GOP facilitators and protectors,” said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. “Regardless of which candidate you favor for President, the ‘Trump Effect’ is creating a powerful campaign coattail by which any GOP insurgent challenger can rise to the top of the race by exposing the amnesty support record of the 178 incumbents on the Cantor List! But it will not help America to elect an outsider candidate to the Presidency if these GOP lawmakers that support amnesty in Congress are reelected!”

Many GOP insurgent candidates have already emerged against GOP incumbents and made the incumbent’s support for amnesty for illegals a top campaign issue.

Eric Cantor’s support for amnesty for illegals, like the 178 new targets on the Cantor List, is the main reason he lost his race in 2014 to GOP newcomer Dave Brat. While Cantor outspent Brat 40 to 1, Brad defeated Cantor in a landslide with the help of his campaign manager Zach Werrell.

Adding to ALIPAC’s ability to target GOP incumbents that agree with Democrats like Pelosi and Obama on amnesty for illegals, Zach Werrell has launched a new campaign consulting firm to help more GOP primary insurgents repeat the astounding overthrow of Eric Cantor. Many of the tips on how to accomplish such a feat are in Werrell’s first of its kind book How to Bag a RINO.

“We need America to hear our call!” said William Gheen. “We need more GOP primary challengers lining up against Cantor List targets and using the resources and know how obtained from the Brat vs. Cantor race. We also need all of those Republican donors that would usually focus their funds on the star power candidates for President to focus their much need donations on the candidates and effort to change Congress by electing more anti-establishment anti-amnesty republicans in the 2016 primaries.”

For more information or to schedule interviews, please visit http://www.ALIPAC.us.