First Edition Design Publishing Releases New Book, “Reinventing The World, We Can Do Better” by Ben Korgen

Reinventing The World, We Can Do Better, by Ben Korgen, highlights the stagnant repetition of ineffective leadership and how we can break free.

Hope Valley, RI, USA (January 24, 2016) — Ben Korgen’s Reinventing The World, We Can Do Better defines history recycling leadership spawning repeating cycles of prosperity, poverty, tranquility and violence.

This book suggests we can escape this by preparing political leaders for recruiting idea people, harvesting ideas, filtering out the best ones and subjecting them to worldwide referendums.

Humans will need fresh ideas. People tend to elect leaders whose image is a stable, solid citizen who can govern the ship of state with a steady hand on the helm. However, idea people usually do not make good leaders. Their most valuable thoughts pop into their heads at random in ways that prospective voters perceive as erratic and undesirable in leadership positions.

Science, engineering and technology have long histories of racing forward with little or no recycled effort. They have accomplished this driven by leaders who realize that maintaining the forward momentum depends on accepting the inputs of idea people.

This book addresses needs for a worldwide effort by offering a sample path for testing, adopting or discarding for something better. This path includes methods of world-scale recruitment of idea people, harvesting ideas, filtering them to winnow out the most promising ones and debating their value before worldwide referendums for approval and implementation.

Author Ben Korgen has had a highly varied career. He served in the US Navy, earned a bachelor’s degree at the University of Minnesota Duluth, earned a master’s degree at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, then coached high school football, earned a PhD in Oceanography at Oregon State University and had a long and rewarding career in Oceanography at the US Naval Oceanographic Office, the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and Tulane University in New Orleans.

Genre – History-Recycling Leadership, Idea People, Idea Creation, Idea Sorting, Linking Ideas to Leadership

The ebook version of Reinventing The World, We Can Do Better ISBN 9781622879823, published by First Edition Design Publishing (, is available on-line wherever ebooks are sold.

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First Edition Design Publishing Releases New Book, “The Holiday Party” by Brian Perry

The Holiday Party, by Brian Perry, reminds us of how ordinary people overcome difficult obstacles to become everyday heros.

Oceanside, CA, USA — Brian Perry’s The Holiday Party is a touching reminder of the sacrifices police and their families make, this heartwarming and inspirational book is for anyone that has been through a difficult time, or has regrets, or had faith and lost it. In other words, The Holiday Party is a book for all of us, and one that will stay with you long after you put it down.

“All cops go to Heaven. Cop killers, they go to that other place.” So says the narrator of The Holiday Party, a police officer who has seen his best friend killed in the line of duty.

Six years later…September 11, 2001. Struggling with alcoholism and on the brink of suicide, our hero finds himself buried beneath one hundred stories of concrete and steel. Now, in the midst of unspeakable tragedy, he fights to survive, even as he discovers that his greatest challenge is to escape the wreckage of his past and find hope for a better future.

As his situation grows increasingly desperate, a troubled hero learns those timeless lessons his own father never had the opportunity to teach him: love, forgiveness, and honor. But can he learn the final lesson – that though we cannot change our pasts, we can decide what type of person we want to be today.

Brian Perry is the author of the personal finance book From Piggybank to Portfolio: A Financial Roadmap for New Investors, as well as numerous articles which have appeared in a variety of print and online media. He lives near San Diego with his wife and son.

Genre – Christmas, Holidays, Police, Cop, Priest, Heaven, September 11, Alcoholic, Father, Son

The ebook version of The Holiday Party ISBN 9781622878772, published by First Edition Design Publishing (, is available on-line wherever ebooks are sold. The 174 page print book version, ISBN 9781622878765, is published by First Edition Design Publishing and distributed worldwide to online booksellers.

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