Best Places to Work LAN Systems Named #3

No. 3 Small employer in Atlanta is LAN Systems, a leader in Business IT Support, in the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s.

Berkeley Lake, GA (USA), December 05, 2014 — No. 3 Small employer in Atlanta is LAN Systems, a leader in Business IT Support, in the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s.

Every two weeks, LAN Systems CEO Mary Hester hands out payroll checks to her employees, even though almost everybody has direct deposit. The reason? It’s a chance to say, “Thank you,” she said.

Prior to this year, Hester had considered entering Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Best Places To Work contest, but hadn’t pulled the trigger. This year she did, and doing so paid off: LAN Systems finished third in the small employer category.

LAN Systems provides information technology services for small to midsized businesses, and helps them choose the best services to fuel growth — including setting up cloud-based systems for companies that don’t have an IT team. “We want to help small businesses be competitive and IT is their competitive advantage,” said Hester, who bought LAN Systems in 2008. “You can’t grow a company today without some serious IT and without knowing how to use it.”

With an MBA and a background in electrical engineering, Hester’s initial hiring plan was more akin to how she’d staff an engineering firm: have a recruiting firm identify candidates, senior management interview them and then, ultimately, they’d meet with Hester. “It didn’t work,” she said. So she flipped the system. Now candidates interview with her first. “The majority of the people in the company are team players. They believe that for them to do better, you need to do better,” Hester said. “It’s why I believe we’re on this list. We hire smart, bright people and point them in the right direction.

Hester encourages employees to try new things. “It’s OK if it’s not perfect. Some people think that if they try and they make a mistake they’ll be chastised for their mistakes,” she said. She’d rather them try and, if it doesn’t work out, learn from mistakes. “I like them to think, think, think and to look at things. It gives them a chance to make a difference and to use their intelligence,” she said.

“I sincerely have nothing derogatory to say about my company as I have great affection for it,” said one of LAN Systems’ 15 employees in a survey taken as part of the Best Places To Work program. “Don’t take my word for it, go and meet with the people at LAN Systems, Mary the owner, Terry, Lauren or Joe or Aitor — any one of them will do. I think you will see why I enjoy working there so much and why so many of our customers trust us to help them with their vital IT infrastructure.”

About LAN Systems:
LAN Systems is a leading Atlanta IT Support company that provides people-focused IT solutions. As technology experts, LAN Systems helps companies make the most of their existing IT investment and choose the right solutions to fuel growth. LAN Systems is a leading provider of IT Solutions for growing businesses in the Metro Atlanta. For more information, visit:

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