Eye Tracking helps Internet Marketing and Online Advertising

Using the latest Eye Tracking equipment Vancouver area company I-METRIX can now help answer many questions using eye tracking technology samples of the webpage and ad can be viewed by test participants and their eyes tracked as they progress through the website.

Vancouver, BC, Canada (March 6, 2014) — Many companies and marketing managers invest in Internet marketing and online advertising, however they are not sure how the viewers will react to their adverts.

Banner blindness is a term used where viewers never see the ad due to them learning how to tune out items they consider advertising and that might slow them down with their endeavours. This can happen when a viewer is looking for particular information and goes directly to the area they are looking for.

Several factors can be involved that affect the success of online banner type ads.

Is this the right type of website to advertise on; are their visitors likely candidates for your offering?

What is the best position for the ad is it the Leader Board a Tower Ad or other position?

Are there too many ads competing for traffic on the page, is the webpage too busy with other information to distract the viewer.

Does the ad contrast with the webpage? Do animations in the ad help or deter the viewer.

Is the ad positioned above or below the page fold, or is it rarely seen.

If paying for impressions only it is critical that the ad at least gets seen. Will changing the ad style or even moving to a text ad improve the investment?

If images are involved will changing them to a different image improve click trough rates?

Many of these questions are difficult to answer often when low click trough rates are blamed on the website used for advertising and it could well be one of many other factors.

Using the latest Eye Tracking equipment Vancouver area company I-METRIX (http://www.I-Metrix.ca) can now help answer many of these questions using eye tracking technology samples of the webpage and ad can be viewed by test participants and their eyes tracked as they progress through the website. Tasks are often given to the participants and real time data and reports are generated. Often different scenarios can be created to determine which the most effective promotion for the campaign is. Similar services are offered by I-METRIX for customers that place advertising in video applications.

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Ecotech Institute’s Clean Jobs Index Shows a 19 Percent Increase in Clean Jobs in 2013

National study shows more than 3.5 million clean jobs available in 2013, with a 57 percent increase in solar jobs

Denver, CO, March 07, 2014 – Ecotech Institute’s Clean Jobs Index, a tool to compare states’ use and development of clean and sustainable energy, found more than 3.5 million job postings in the clean energy sector last year. This is a 19 percent increase from 2012. The Clean Jobs Index classifies clean energy jobs based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics description, which says that a clean job is part of a business that benefits the environment or conserves natural resources.

Ecotech Institute, the only college entirely focused on renewable energy and sustainability training, created the Clean Jobs Index to provide objective job information about the renewable energy industry. The Index also looks at various sustainability factors such as alternative fueling stations, LEED projects and total energy consumption across the U.S.

Highlights from the Clean Jobs Index 2013

Number of U.S. Clean Jobs Postings in 2013:
3,599,022 (a 19 percent increase from 2012)

Large Growth in Clean Jobs (compared to 2012 clean jobs postings)
Solar Jobs – up 57 percent
Wind Jobs – up 20 percent
Renewable Energy Jobs – up 9.3 percent

Clean Jobs by Population (Jobs per 100,000 residents)
1. North Dakota – 2,554
2. Iowa – 1,811
3. Massachusetts – 1,768
4. Delaware – 1,700
5. Alaska – 1,644
6. Minnesota – 1,557
7. Maine – 1,549
8. Nebraska – 1,510
9. Washington – 1,461
10. Kansas – 1,456

Clean Jobs by State
1. California – 276,493
2. Texas – 268,349
3. New York – 190,964
4. Illinois – 168,998
5. Michigan – 143,319
6. Ohio – 129,447
7. Pennsylvania – 126,012
8. Massachusetts – 115,748
9. Florida – 115,066
10. Washington – 98,252

States With the Most Incentives for Sustainability and Renewables (in no particular order):
New York

“Renewable energy is the future and this data proves that more than ever,” said Kyle Crider, Ecotech Institute’s Program Chair and Manager of Environmental Operations. “With solar jobs up 54 percent and clean tech jobs up overall nearly 20 percent, it’s definitely an exciting time in the sustainable energy industry.”

Ecotech Institute’s Clean Jobs Index is an aggregation of statistics by state. Although it may indicate a greater possibility for employment in the clean economy sector, the Clean Jobs Index in no way indicates the presence or the promise of any specific job opportunities. Data for the Index is gathered regularly from independent research entities including: American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency, U.S. Energy Information Administration, U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Green Building Council.

To learn more about the Clean Jobs Index, please visit http://www.ecotechinstitute.com/cleanjobsindex. To learn more about Ecotech Institute, go to http://www.ecotechinstitute.com.

About Ecotech Institute
Ecotech Institute is the first and only college entirely focused on preparing America’s workforce for careers in renewable energy and sustainability and is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. Launched in April 2010 in Denver, Colorado, it offers eight highly practical renewable energy degree programs that provide graduates with skills valued by today’s alternative renewable energy employers. Classes start once per quarter and applications are always accepted. Financial assistance is available to those who qualify. Ecotech Institute is a division of Education Corporation of America. For more information about Ecotech Institute, visit www.ecotechinstitute.com or call 877-326-5576.

Jenny Foust
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Welch Publishing Releases New Report on Improving Profits and Cash Flow

Welch Publishing has released a new special report filled with effective ways to improve business profits and cash flow. The eye-opening free report contains nearly 40 pages of ideas that can yield dramatic results.

Hanson, MA (USA), March 06, 2014 — Welch Publishing is pleased to announce the release of a new special report with a plethora of effective strategies that businesses can begin implementing immediately to enhance their profits and cash flow. The special report is aptly entitled In Pursuit of Profits. More than 50 control, expense, reduction and income producing strategies you can start using today to dramatically improve the bottom line of your company or the direction of your career.

With nearly 40 pages, the report covers a broad array of issues that impact almost every business, from credit and credit collections to customer service, advertising and insurance. For example, under credit and credit collections, the report discusses pursuing uncollected debts, errors in delayed payments, delayed billing, billing according to invoice size, identifying bogus invoices, paying early for a discount, and paying bills according to the terms. The report also discusses a myriad of other important topics, including:
* Following up on every sales lead to avoid wasting money
* Combining products and services for automatic cross selling
* Hiring and promoting the most capable person—regardless of seniority
* Hiring outside experts to control costs and maximize results
* Letting suppliers help lower your costs
* Letting suppliers be your “bank”
* Getting free stuff

The informative report was adapted from the ebook In Pursuit of Profits: How To At Least Double Your Profits Without Increasing Your Sales. The book, authored by Derrick Welch, is packed with more than 1,000 cost control, expense reduction and income generating tactics to help companies significantly improve their cash flow and overall earnings. Welch—who spent three decades in senior management positions with both large and small companies—created the ebook and report to not only address business owners, but to also help employees and managers get ahead by showing them how to make a bigger impact in their company.

“While the free report and ebook are written to show business owners and executives how to dramatically increase profits and improve cash flow, they will also help employees and managers improve job stability and move ahead, as ideas that improve the bottom line of a business can only help an employee advance,” Welch said.

However, Welch does more than just write about cost-saving strategies; he has successfully implemented them. For example, his concepts helped increase the profits of one company by more than 1,000 percent in just two years. They also helped reduce the cost of goods sold in another company by more than 10 percent over an 18-month period—resulting in an effective dollar savings of more than $350,000 or $1,405 per business day.

Welch’s special report and ebook provide access to many of the same tactics that have worked for him over the years. For a limited time, anyone who orders In Pursuit of Profits: How To At Least Double Your Profits Without Increasing Your Sales will also receive a complimentary copy of Welch’s other ebook Defy Mediocrity. Choose to be Uncommon. Think of the Alternative.

To download Welch’s special report or learn more about his powerful ebook, please visit www.inpursuitofprofits.com.

About Derrick Welch:
Derrick Welch is passionate about helping companies of all sizes and in all industries dramatically increase profits and improve cash flow. He has spent more than 30 years in senior management positions, developing his expertise in operations, administration, production and marketing. Welch has a track record of achieving impressive results in the corporate world. He previously served as vice president of a major Boston-based advertising agency at the age of 27, as well as chief operating officer and vice president of operations of a nationwide multi-million-dollar company when he was just 31. Welch has poured the time-tested strategies he learned in the trenches into Welch Publishing and his insightful ebooks, which are having a profound impact on people’s lives.

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ParaZapper realigns, updates zapper product line, and moves some websites

ParaZapper Hulda Clark Zapper and Rife Frequency Zapper products have been moved to huldaclarkparazapper.com while the book “Parasite Zapping and the Zapper” remains available from paradevices.com/

Pinson, AL, March 07, 2014 – Hulda Clark introduced the original zapper back in the early 1990’s in her book, “Cure for all Diseases”, and since then, it has grown in popularity and use all over the world. ParaZapper products from Para Systems, Inc. in Pinson, Al produces top of the line zappers and makes them available to the public at reduced prices.

ParaZapper’s top of the line zapper, the ParaZapper MY is available at the new site as is the ParaZapper UZI-3 and the economical midrange ParaZapper CC2. The new site also offers the Eliminator line of Frequency Generators for those who wist to do serious frequency specific research.

ParaZapper MY model. This zapper which has a total of 80 frequencies in 20 modes selection with better accuracy is designed to perform better than its predecessors. Due to its crystal operation, the MY has very tight frequency tolerance at most frequencies. In addition to the increased mode selections, the new ParaZapper™ MY model has a superior zapping ability able to more effectively kill microbes due to multi frequency operation. The MY model has a distinct specific frequency feature that allows specific frequencies to run for sufficient time. Also, the use of technology introduced by Dr. Hulda Clark combined with Rife Frequencies provides assurance of increased coverage for many pathogenic microbes.

These models employ the constant current or current controlled output technology which is better, safer output that meets Dr. Clark’s recommendations. Other cutting edge features found in the Hulda Clark ParaZapper that are not present in other devices in the market include:

a) Multiple modes of operation

b) Multiple frequencies

c) Automatic rest period: this model presents a selectable automatic 20 minute rest periods between cycles. Though not one of the Dr. Clark recommendations, this is technology gives an upper hand in zapping.

d) Good connection indicators: in this product, the status indicator serves as s good connection indicator with the changing colors without reducing that output.

e) Larger contacts: this provides a greater amount of electrical signal to produce greater effectiveness than would be achieved with smaller contacts.

f) Does not need different modules for different uses

“We introduced multiple frequency zappers because they can reach more organisms, and the MY model is the latest in the market with amazing capabilities in killing microbes” said CEO David Etheredge.

One of the most popular zappers is the Terminator style zappers and these are very popular for their convenience. According to David Etheredge, “These zappers are limited because of two features. First, these electrodes are only about the size of a penny, which is way too small, causing skin burns, even holes in the skin from usage. Additionally, these electrodes are right next to each other, essentially shorting out much of the signal.” People who have tried both zappers, while they still like the convenience of the Terminator, prefer the effectiveness offered by the best ParaZapper products.”

The best results come from using a 4 point contact system with one negative contact and 3 positive contacts. In some cases, using this configuration with paddles and pads can almost double effectiveness and satisfaction.

Para Systems Inc., the maker of the positive offset zapping products as specified by Dr. Clark such as the ParaZapper™ CC2, ParaZapper™ UZI-3, and the new ParaZapper™ MY model. For more information on pricing and delivery, visit Hulda Clark Zapper Co. at http://huldaclarkparazapper.com .

David Etheredge
Para Systems, Inc.
5537 Balboa Ct.
Pinson, AL 35126 US