Amar Naher joins Virtus Data Centres as Head of Strategic Business Development

Virtus Data Centres, London’s flexible and efficient data centre specialists, appoints new Head of Strategic Business Development.

London, UK, December 09, 2013 – Virtus Data Centres Ltd, (Virtus), London’s flexible and efficient data centre specialists announced today that Amar Naher has joined Virtus as its new Head of Strategic Business Development.

With over 15 years of experience developing strategic relationships within the Enterprise sector including time at Misys, Interxion and CBRE, Amar will focus mainly on three key areas; to strengthen Virtus’ presence in the Global Enterprise markets and further develop Virtus’ Strategic Partnerships and Channel Alliances.

Neil Cresswell, CEO of Virtus, commented: “I am absolutely delighted that Amar has joined our team. His breadth of experience working within the Enterprise sector is a valuable addition to our current skills and capabilities and will allow us to address new markets and opportunities more efficiently.

Virtus is committed to providing its customers with the most intelligent data centre solutions in the market, as well as, the most eco-efficient. Work has now started on LONDON2, our flagship data centre in West London and we are looking at sites for LONDON3. Although we are expanding fast, we will not lose sight of our core values – service, flexibility and efficiency, but ultimately lowest TCOs for our customers.”

About Virtus:
Virtus, London’s flexible and efficient data centre specialists, help customers optimize their IT for today’s challenges. We assist clients to power their 24/7 IT operations with enough flexibility to enable IT expansion and consolidation, which helps businesses to run smoothly and grow securely.

Our data centre and connectivity solutions provide the foundation for technology which is increasingly at the front and centre of every successful, connected business and helps make IT more efficient, flexible and more cost-aligned to changing requirements.

In the last five years we have built a reputation for exceptional service and value. We specialize in the middle-market for data centre solutions in London, incorporating the best of wholesale and retail models. Virtus solutions are ideal for businesses that need scalable, reliable and efficient colocation, with the convenience and rich connectivity of London locations. They are uniquely flexible solutions supported by honest, responsive customer support, at the lowest TCO available in London.

Virtus is London’s fastest growing specialist data centre provider. Our highly experienced management and operations team has a perfect track record of delivering 100% availability to our cloud, MSP, financial, media and education customers. All our solutions are delivered from large eco-efficient data centres that have been designed, built and operated by Virtus on land that we own. Our expanding portfolio currently comprises 28 MVA of power in 21,242 sq. m. of data centre space located in outer London’s Zone 5 and interconnected to key sites in London by 20 leading network carriers.

Today, we continue to innovate in the way businesses of all types deploy and acquire colocation and connectivity services.

Virtus is London’s flexible and efficient data centre specialists for IT Service providers and Enterprise IT Companies.

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Introducing the All-New ParaZapper™ CC2 Now with 29 Frequencies in 6 Mode Selections

Para Systems Inc. unveiled a new member to its family of zappers, the ParaZapper™ CC2 model. This zapper which has a total of 29 frequencies in 6 modes with better accuracy is designed to perform better than its predecessors.

Pinson, AL, December 09, 2013 – David Etheredge, President Para Systems Inc., as described the new CC2 model as a great midrange priced Hulda Clark Zapper, which delivers leading performance and quality, backed by Current Controlled (CC) output technology and Rife frequencies.

In addition to the increased mode selections, the new ParaZapper™ CC2 model has a superior zapping ability i.e. able to kill more microbes more quickly. The CC2 model has a specific frequency feature that allows specific frequencies to run for sufficient time to achieve the best results.

People today expect the best experience from their technology- they are counting on technology to kill parasites and microbes in many different situations, wherever they are. The new ParaZapper™ CC2 model gives customers the good experience they expect from top quality zappers, with performance that allows them zap with more accurate consistency, when they want, in a model they will be proud to own.

The CC2 model is designed with accurate frequencies utilizing many frequencies from the Royal Raymond Rife frequencies list and technology that far exceeds the old Clark zapper. The accurate frequencies help make the micro-controller zappers such as this one to work better.

This model employs the constant current or current controlled output technology which is better, safer output that meets Dr. Hulda Clark’s recommendations. Other cutting edge features found in the Hulda Clark ParaZapper that are not present in other devices in the market include:

Good connection indicators: in this product, the status indicator serves as a good connection indicator with the changing colors without reducing that output.

Larger contacts: this provides a greater amount of electrical signal to produce greater effectiveness than would be achieved with smaller contacts.

We introduced multiple frequency zappers because they can effectively reach more organisms, and the CC2 model is the latest in the market with amazing capabilities in killing microbes.

One of the most popular zappers is the Terminator style zappers and these are very popular for their convenience. These zappers are limited because of two features. First, these electrodes are only about the size of a penny, which is way too small, causing skin burns, even holes in the skin from usage. Additionally, these electrodes are right next to each other, essentially shorting out much of the signal. People who have tried both zappers, while they still like the convenience of the Terminator, prefer the power, multiple frequencies, and effectiveness offered by the best ParaZapper products.

The best results come from using a 4 point contact system with one negative contact and 3 positive contacts. In some cases, using this configuration with paddles and pads can almost double effectiveness and satisfaction.

Para Systems Inc., the maker of the positive offset zapping products as specified by Dr. Clark such as the new ParaZapper™ CC2, ParaZapper™ UZI, ParaZapper™ UZI-3, and the ParaZapper™ MY model. For more information on pricing and delivery, visit Hulda Clark Zapper Co. at

David Etheredge
Para Systems, Inc.
5537 Balboa Ct.
Pinson, AL 35126