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// December 9, aim to provide secure viewing of all the various deals, offers and discounts in and to Dubai, visiting will

ensure the quickest and the easiest way to track events, offers, holidays, flights, hotels or any other special deals. We are committed to be working for both residents

and international visitors. We work hard to provide the b best of Dubai for less which means the best deals for our visitors

(clients) and we make certain that our partners provide us with all their latest special offers regularly. In return, we strive to help our partners to reach their

International potential.

London, United Kingdom (December 7, 2010) website has been launched to the Travel and Tourism Industry in and to Dubai.

The website combines a comprehensive listing of deals, offers and discounts in specified directories for local and global visitors who wish to see Dubai.The site will be of tremendous value for businesses working in and to Dubai’s Travel and Tourism industry.

“It’s offering full assistance to help both small and large businesses to promote themselves. This is a cutting edge Internet site far superior to anything in the

marketplace,” said Marcus Mas, Founder of the site. “We expect tremendous internet traffic through our convenient, user-friendly website.

“By utilizing expertise in web marketing and web optimization, we have developed solutions that answer the needs of today’s clients.”
These solutions allow you to:
• Increase tourist to your site
• Reduce marketing costs
• Increase customer satisfaction
• Local and International exposure of your business
• Carefully developed customer focused brand
• Low cost advertising
• Excellent internet presence
• Regular Updates of your Deals, Discounts and Special Offers

“In the hard times of recession, thousands of businesses are looking for the kind of solutions that saves money and also boost sales. It’s possible with, many business owners will now be able to reduce their marketing cost and also increase site traffic, in order to promote their Deals, Offers and

Discounts,” said Mr Mas.

The company’s mission is to provide both low cost effective advertising and marketing services to Travel and Tourism businesses in and to Dubai. Additional information

can be found at the company’s website Your site will be uploaded to and onto its partners’ sites within 48hours after the online


To add your site straight from here, click the link below;

For further info, email

Media Contact Information
Name: Tariq Masood
Phone: 44 (0)7903 670367
City: London
County/State: UK
Country: United Kingdom


American Novelist, L. J. Martin, Launches “From The Pea Patch” Blog!

December 9, 2010 – American author of more than 20 novel, two non-fiction works, and publisher of hundreds of articles, L. J. Martin, has recently launched the conservative blog, From The Pea Patch, destined to be the voice of those persons considering what is going on in Washington is an abomination.

“From The Pea Patch is one country boy’s opinion of, and reporting of, what’s happening outside, inside, and to our country,” said Mr. Martin, who before becoming a writer was a real estate broker, specializing in farms, ranches, and development properties and selling internationally.

Today, he considers himself an economic conservative and social liberal, in that he is his brother’s keeper, so long as his brother (in the broad sense of humanity) is legitimately in need, and not one of those far-too-many on the government tit for greed, not need.

Patti Johnson, one of Martins’ loyal followers, commented back in October on the website that “I am so glad you are taking the time to do this – be the voice for all of us who think what is going on in Washington is an abomination. We are headed in the WRONG DIRECTION – Socialism. Wake up America and listen to what this man has to say, he happens to be right!”

Martin, who concurs with Patti, sees his religion as that of the high lonely boy and his cathedral the alpine, above the timber line, and the monuments to and ideas of Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln. He believes in God, Country, and Family, and in the free enterprise system which has kept the U.S.A. as the go-to country in the world, and he damn sure wants to keep it that way. “I feel it is my responsibility to do so for our children and grandchildren,” said Martin, born and raised in the oil and rag town of Bakersfield, CA.

He also thinks compassion and political correctness have wormed their way into our society, and the psyche of our citizens, far too deeply, and it’s time “we heed to common sense for the true common good.”

Martin is married to an internationally published romantic suspense and historical romance author, and now lives in Montana. His interests include reading, writing, hunting, fishing, photography, gardening, and travel. His passions, other than his wife, are his children and grandchildren, politics, history, and his country.


If you share Martin’s passion of being his brother’s keeper, he’s inviting you to visit his new blog where you can your passion with him and his many readers.


L.J. Martin
From the Pea Patch
Phone: 888.815.5449

Want to improve your self esteem? can abet

Toronto, Ontario (December 9, 2010) – is a boon for all those who have low self esteem. This company offers an exemplary Self Esteem guide called self-esteem from the inside out. One thing I really appreciate about this e-book is that it offers easy to follow; in-depth methods which tell you exactly how to successfully improve your self esteem. No wonder this e-book is so recommended.

This guide brought in by has been crafted by Carla Valencia. She has been trained in energy psychology plus various schools of thought in the area of personal growth. All thanks to this e-book you will be able to kick low self esteem out of your life forever. This guide can help you out in learning root causes of your low self esteem and why they have made you the way you are and in discovering your deep, underlying beliefs which affect your self esteem and how to change them. By using this guide just few minutes a day; you will begin your building your self esteem once and for all. This guide also provides six most vital points which you need to keep in mind for having a consistently healthy sense of self esteem. also features an incredible YouTube video which will give you a complete hang about this self esteem guide. This e-book is without doubt a roadmap for more happiness and fulfillment and of course greater self esteem. It will take you by the hand and lead you from I cannot try that, I am not worthy to of course I am competent, I belong there. Within a period of three months you will be able to improve self esteem and your self confidence level will reach an altogether new height.

Client contentment is the main priority of that is why it has a brilliant refund policy. If in an unlikely event you are not pleased with this e-book then the company will have no problems in refunding your money. This offer is valid for a period of thirty days. This guide brought in by is so wonderful; I am confident you will not have to use this option.

E-book offered by can help you out in making certain real plus long-term changes in your life. This guide by can work wonders for your self confidence. It will definitely help you out in combating Low Self Esteem. Now that’s really amazing!!

This company offers a revolutionary easy-to-understand program which can enhance your self esteem to a great extent. If you want to restore your self esteem then; order self-esteem from the inside out at once. I am certain it will benefit you. If you want to know more regarding this e-book then please contact them at
661 Queen St East W,
Toronto Ontario,
Phone 416-996-5353

Bananagrams Games New Website Features Sizzling Hot Word Game – Bananagrams!

December 9, 2010 – Bananagrams Games today announces the official launch of its new website,, featuring the sizzling hot word game, Bananagrams.

“We are doubly excited about both our new website launch and Bananagrams, because our aim is to become the official Bananagrams games and informational website,” said Mike Bray, owner of the Bananagrams Games Site.

Board game players, particularly those who like Scrabble but get hung up trying to use those special point squares, are bummed when someone “steals your spot”, or dragged down by Debbie Dictionary or Slow Joe, would love Bananagrams, because it effectively solves those problems.

Because there’s no special squares (or squares at all), no points on the letters (all are worth the same), and no time to dawdle, Mike said that players are instead rewarded for speed and flexibility in making their own crossword. “You can completely pull apart your crossword and start from scratch if you need to or just swap out a letter here and there, but don’t get caught with a bunch of spare letters when an opponent goes out!”

According to the Bananagrams Games spokesperson, once people start playing Bananagrams they won’t want to stop. “And it’s easy to play anywhere, anytime because you don’t need pencil, paper or a bulky playing board. This fast, fun and exciting word game mixes the best qualities of Scrabble and Boggle and zips them up into an easy to tote along ‘banana’.”

Bananagrams, considered a fun game for 2-8 players with each round lasting as little as five minutes, allows all ages to put words together at their own level and still be competitive. Bananagrams comes with 144 playing tiles, a zip to close banana carrying case, and an instruction sheet with several variations on the game. Its portability makes it perfect for travel. Just grab the pouch and go.

“It is exciting and challenging to play this game with adults, but it can be fun to include the kids,” said Bray


If you’d like further information about Bananagrams and where you can get your own game set, please visit the Bananagrams Games website at


Mike Bray
Geo Marketing Service
Phone: 888.815.5449

Don’t Wait! Get Your Payday Loans Online

Camden,NJ (December-2010) – Payday loans online work exactly like payday loans that you can get in a physical location. You must be able to show verifiable information concerning employer, earnings, and when your payday occurs. It helps to have an active bank checking account in case any automatic withdrawals are required.

It just makes sense to utilize the internet to find a payday loan. The purpose you need the money for is usually urgent. You might have some bills that need to be paid right now. Vehicles can need instant repairs at any time. If you get sick, have dental problems, or have children with these types of reoccurring problems payday loans are a must. Almost all medical and dental providers will expect payment for services upfront at the time they are rendered. Do not forget that there will probably be medicine that will have to be purchased.

Getting money online is very beneficial for a number of reasons. You can get your money quickly. You do not have to subject yourself to public scrutiny or questions like you may be if seen at a physical location. The entire process is simple and convenient. Provide all the necessary information from the comfort of your own home. Save time getting your payday loan online from home because you can avoid any lines or crowds.

There is a difference between payday loans and cash advances. Your job and paycheck will be your collateral. There is no need to tie up the title of your car to secure the loan. Title loans are cumbersome and you do not want to have to place and remove lien after lien after lien on the title of your car.

It is wise to keep in mind that you should use payday loans for short-term purposes. Use the money wisely and judiciously and do not over extend your finances to the point repayment becomes hard for you. Always check the terms and insure that you know and understand all the key repayment terms. This will save you many headaches in the future. You will also be able to have the confidence that there will be money available when you need it the most. Peace of mind matters.

There are several good sources to obtain payday loans online. One of the better places is at Payday Loan The site is secure, fast, and effective. You just cannot beat a ninety second turn around rate to be approved.

PO BOX 209
Camden NJ 8104
Phone: 800-740-9497

Georgia Car Title Loans Makes Obtaining a Title Loan in GA Easier Than Ever

Georgia (December 09, 2010) – Consumers looking to obtain a title loan in GA can get the cash that they need quickly and easily by visiting Georgia Car Title Loans. The company offers the lowest interest rates on title loans in the state of Georgia with no credit check. Customers with bad credit can obtain a car title loan through the company just as easily as those with perfect credit scores since they do not require a credit check prior to issuing a loan. In addition to low interest rates, the company also offers an easy online application and no penalties for pre-payment.

In order to qualify for a Georgia title loan through the company, customers simply have to access the online application form. Information required to process the loan includes year, make and model of the vehicle as well as series or specific style of the car or truck and the approximate mileage on the vehicle at the time of the loan. Once the application is submitted, customers will instantly be sent messages of pre-approval along with instructions on how to obtain their loan cash. A representative from the company will contact the customer to answer any questions and to give information on any additional information or documents that are needed to process the loan. The customer will then simply need to visit one of the hundreds of storefront locations to finish the loan process and receive their cash.

Storefront locations range from Abba to Zebulon with every city in between. A title loan in GA allows the customer to retain the use of their vehicle. The title is kept by the company for securing the loan but the vehicle remains with the driver allowing them full use during the term of the loan. Once the loan is paid in full, the title is then returned to the customer. The actual loan amount that each customer qualifies for will be determined by the wholesale value of the vehicle and customers can check the Kelly Blue Book website for more information about the wholesale value of the car or truck they are planning to use to secure the loan. The only requirement by the company prior to issuing a car title loan is that the vehicle is completely paid off and registered in the name of the person taking out the loan.

Customers who want more information or would like to submit the online application form can visit the company’s website at

Contact: 888-252-8320

Android Gets Business-Class CRM Application from Companionlink

CompanionLink Software, Inc., today announced DejaOffice™ version 1.9 of its CRM contact management app for Android™-powered devices.

Portland, OR, December 09, 2010 — CompanionLink Software, Inc. ( ), a leader in data synchronization between wireless mobile devices and desktop contact managers, today announced DejaOffice™ version 1.9 of its CRM contact management app for Android™-powered devices.

DejaOffice provides business-class contacts, calendar, tasks and notes apps for Android. The free update includes new productivity, usability features and a split-pane view optimized for tablet devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

DejaOffice version 1.9 includes the following updates:
* An onboard Setup Wizard to help configure PC sync with Android in under 2 minutes
* Priority styles for tasks – Outlook Style, Palm Style, Alpha (Franklin Covey) Style
* Wi-Fi sync with PC using CompanionLink
* Easy call and text message buttons in the contacts view
* Calendar year-view
* Contact pictures

DejaOffice 1.9 adds many usability improvements that make the phone as productive and intelligent as PC contact management software. DejaOffice delivers the ability to link contacts to calendar appointments, manage color-coded categories, and attach alarms and alerts to calendar events and tasks.

The DejaOffice app is currently available at no cost from the Android Market. More information is available at

Optional software from CompanionLink allows DejaOffice to sync with PC software like Microsoft®Outlook®, IBM® Lotus Notes, Novell® GroupWise, Microsoft Outlook Business Contact Manager, ACT! by Sage and Palm® Desktop.

About CompanionLink Software:
CompanionLink Software is a pioneering developer of data synchronization solutions for mobile phones and CRM software and services. They are also a leading OEM synchronization and solutions provider for companies like Sage Software®, NVIDIA®, Google®, and Commence®Corporation. For over 15 years, CompanionLink has helped mobilize information across multiple devices, computers, applications, and web-based services. For more information, please visit

DejaOffice is a trademark and CompanionLink is a registered trademark of CompanionLink Software, Inc.
Other product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Press & Media Contact:
Victor Cruz, Inc
Portland, OR
(401) 349-3369

Zevrix Releases BatchOutput 3.9.10 for InDesign, Improves PDF Preflight

Zevrix Solutions announces BatchOutput 3.9.10, a maintenance update to its popular professional solution to automate printing, exporting and post-processing from Adobe InDesign. Developed originally for a major ad agency in Canada, BatchOutput offers output as single pages, link auto-update, PDF preflighting, variable file names, file delivery and other workflow automation solutions. The new update improves PDF preflight options and offers enhanced support for multiple versions of InDesign.

Toronto (ON), Canada, December 09, 2010 — Zevrix Solutions today announces BatchOutput 3.9.10, a maintenance update to its popular professional solution to automate printing, exporting and post-processing from Adobe InDesign. Developed originally for one of the largest ad agencies in Canada to boost productivity of its prepress department, BatchOutput automates and simplifies workflow of printers, service providers and publishing houses.

The new update improves reliability of PDF preflighting through better checking of Acrobat related software components. The update also offers enhanced multi-version support engine that allows users to install the same copy of BatchOutput with multiple versions of InDesign.

BatchOutput is more than just a plug-in – it’s a workflow solution that automates, streamlines and simplifies output tasks, whether it’s hundreds of files or a single document. Users only need to select the files and adjust the settings, and the rest will be done automatically. For example, users can let BatchOutput work while they’re on a lunch break, or leave it working overnight to output hundreds of documents – and the job will be done when they return in the morning.

As Tami Stodghill wrote in X-Ray magazine, “The complete automation hooked me – BatchOutput lets you work after hours without lifting a finger.”

BatchOutput supports printing as well as exporting to PDF, PostScript, EPS, Flash, INX, IDML and various image formats. It offers the following powerful key capabilities:

* Print and export hundreds of InDesign files with a single click.
* Output files as single pages.
* Update links automatically.
* Assign complex variable file names.
* Preflight final PDF automatically with Acrobat Pro droplets.
* Send output files to FTP, MobileMe, WebDAV and other remote and local destinations.

BatchOutput is also available in a server version which processes InDesign files automatically from hot folders.

Pricing and Availability:
BatchOutput can be purchased from Zevrix web site for US$129.95, as well as from authorized resellers. Trial is also available for download. Upgrade to BatchOutput 3.9.8 is free for users of version 3.x, and $51.98 from earlier versions. Includes free Deliver application for file delivery (a $19.95 value). BatchOutput is available for Mac OS X 10.4.2 and later, a Universal Binary, and works with Adobe InDesign CS2-CS5.

About Zevrix Solutions:
Located in Toronto, Canada, Zevrix Solutions provides productivity solutions for Adobe Creative Suite software, PDF and graphic file diagnostics as well as Microsoft Office on Mac OS. Zevrix is dedicated to help professionals increase their profits through automating everyday tasks, producing error-free documents, saving disk space and cutting production costs. For more information, visit

Press & Media Contact:
Leo Revzin, Owner
Zevrix Solutions
Toronto, ON. Canada

Wyedean Hardwood Ltd – Stunning Flooring At Amazingly Low Prices

WyeDean Hardwood, the leading wooden flooring specialist, import quality Hardwood flooring from around the word at competitive rates which they then offer to you.

Gloucestershire, UK, December 09, 2010 — WyeDean Hardwood, the leading wooden flooring specialist situated in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, import quality Hardwood flooring ( ) from around the word at competitive rates which they then offer to you. From an ultra-modern lacquered type of flooring to a hand distressed Dark Oak, they have the right product for you, all ready to ship and be delivered to your home or commercial premises immediately.

If you are looking for the complete stock in flooring and furniture, from Stepbridge Oak flooring all the way through to oak furniture, Wyedean Hardwood are able to supply of these products at amazingly low prices. The furniture sets this company have on offer are truly stunning; with high quality oak dining tables and chairs making sure that every lunch or dinner session at your home this Winter will be a very comfortable occasion.

The extra good news is that they have a range of special offers which now include:

* Solid Oak Rustic 120mm – Pre-finished (Oiled or Lacquered) Now £27.50 per m2

* Stepbridge Oak 140mm wide Multiply Unfinished Now – Price per m2: £38.95

* Oak Stepbridge 15 Oiled Now – Price per m2: £28.00

* Solid Oak Threshold Profile 2700mm Now – Price per pack: £25.50

All of the products purchased from Wyedean Hardwood Ltd ( ) offer the highest quality and assurance, with every piece of wood you buy from them being of the best possible standards.

Any product you buy from this company will look amazing on your floor and in your home. They can supply the complete range of flooring and flooring accessories with everything you could possibly need to lay a floor on offer from this leading company. Orders are usually despatched within 48 hours of purchase and if you do require special next day deliveries, all you need to do is call to discuss – anything can be arranged!

So, if you are looking to find a company than can supply a comprehensive range of Solid and Engineered wood Flooring, Oak Doors and Accessories, WyeDean Hardwood Flooring ( ) is your number one choice.

You can order on their website – or you can drop them a phone call on 01594 810110.

Press & Media Contact:
Dave Cole
WyeDean Hardwood Flooring
WyeDean Hardwood Ltd
Unit 5 & 6 Forest Of Dean Business Park, Stepbridge Road
Coleford, Gloucestershire, GL16 8PJ
Tel: 01594 810110
Fax: 01594 810101

Expert Assistance in Medical Field

Jaipur, India, 12.09.10- India Medihelp provides complete medical assistance to everyone. They give information about hospitals and their facilities, doctor’s details with profiles and list the different types of vacancies in the medical field. India health lies in the proper understanding of the each and every individual’s health. They make you to understand about your health problems, by giving you the brief description about your health by the medical professionals.

India Medihelp provides information about the Insurance details also. They connect the customer to the insurance companies and make them to take a smart decision. Today there are many job opportunities in the medical field. They shows the available vacancies in medical and so that any one can apply job from any part of the world. You can upload your resume, so that many hospitals and institutes may choose the best of it. It helps you to select suitable hospital for your problem and provides details about the location and address of that hospital. And also they list the treatments, specialists and facilities available in that hospital.

Traveling to some places and obtaining good health care is termed as medical tourism. India has become a best destination for medical tourism because of the expert medical professionals, advance technologies, improved infra structure and reasonable cost. Medical tourism in India also includes the mode of treatments like yoga and ayurvada that attracts many people from all over the world. Yoga is practiced for maintaining good health and fitness. Ayurvada is the oldest form of medicine that is originated from India that has no side effect.

India Medihelp promotes the medical tourism by providing a complete medical package covering; return airfare, accommodation and treatment expenses. The healthcare in India has seen a tremendous growth in infrastructure. Now a day the private sector in medical field has flourished with modern technology. In India about 80% of health care services and investments are run by the private sector.

About provides information about the medical field in India offered by India Medihelp. It is one of the most visited website in India. Detailed information about the solution for your medical problem, job opportunities and medical tourism in India can be obtained from this website.

For more information visit:

Contact Details:

53/23, Sector-5,
Pratap Nagar,
Near Airport,
Jaipur – 302021
Phone: +91-141-2793306
Mobile: +91-98875-57440 / 98286-33143 / 92699-65466