The Danish Rock Band Dead Smiling Pirates Release a New Single from the Upcoming Album

Dead Smiling Pirates Release the New Single “By The End Of” on December 2th.

Copenhagen, Denmark, November 26, 2011 – Dead Smiling Pirates used in autumn 2011 focus groups from SoundOut to determine the quality of the tracks for their upcoming album “Harvest On A Hype.” Focus groups identified three potential singles. The band has chosen to release one of them as the first single. “By The End Of” is going to be released on December 2th.

Dead Smiling Pirates hails from Copenhagen, Denmark. The three pirates set sail on the musical oceans for a life of music piracy in 2006 and released a debut album in 2007. This power packed trio plays catchy alternative rock filled with an eclectic mix of influences highlighted by lots of tight breaks, trashy guitar riffs, and punk influenced vocals. They back up their sound with attitude focusing on the irony of life, and lyrics about egoism, ethics, and beyond.

The leadsinger Kim Burmeister says “Dead Smiling Pirates plays alternative rock and sounds like something between Paramore, Blink-182, Linkin Park and Metallica”.

Their motto “Release Your Inner Pirate” gives a hint of their ironic and challenging mindset. This take on life is bound to appeal to young and old alike, with the prerequisite being your own punkrock like attitude and undying nonconformist view of life itself with dead aim at the modern day corporate establishment. If you feel this way join the club and give this indie band a good listen. You are invited to take a voyage on their private ship of musical delights.

Listen to the single ”By The End Of”

Watch the music video ”By The End Of”

Kim Burmeister
Dead Smiling Pirates
Istedegade 55
DK-1556 Copenhagen
+ 45 26 83 68 51

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