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It’s Time To Promote Civility In the United States

JUNEAU, Alaska, 2020-Oct-13 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — What started out as a way to get his daily 10,000 steps, a local man hopes in the long run will change the course of dialog in America.

For 12 years during the cruise season, Robert Steinke has been coming to the Port in Juneau to greet cruise customers and welcome them aboard humpback whale watching excursions. With the pandemic in full swing, he still feels drawn to the Port and would visit frequently – focusing on his daily 10,000 step goal rather than greeting customers. These walks allowed for releasing some built up pandemic energy and passing the time listening to a little talk radio or podcasts.

It was during one of these daily walks while listening to various podcast’s that Robert was struck with an idea. “Sometimes on these call-in shows, things can get a bit heated,” stated Steinke, “then, one of the callers said ‘Why can’t we just bring back civility?’ I couldn’t get that thought out of my mind, I went to bed that night thinking about the idea of civility and how important that concept is to a democracy.” From that day at the Port, Steinke was inspired to help spread the idea of bringing back civility.

After chatting with his wife and doing some research, Steinke decided the best way to change the tone was for individuals to publicly share the concept of civility – almost brand themselves with the idea of ‘be civil’. So, Steinke launched the website BringBackCivility.com where individuals can brand themselves with the ideal of being civil to each other.

“We don’t have to agree on everything, or even anything, to be civil to each other. Being civil is really a choice,” stated Steinke. “This is just a simple way to remind ourselves and others to be kind and be civil to each other.” Since the launch of the website, the most popular items have been face masks and hats. Both come in a variety of colors and designs to suit everyone. “I like the face masks, they make a few different statements when you wear one,” stated Steinke.

The site will be up at least until the end of the year. Most gear will be shipped in 3-7 days and can be shipped worldwide. The company is also taking bulk orders from shops that are interested in carrying the line.


About BringBackCivility.com:

Founded in Juneau, AK by tourism veteran Robert Steinke, BringBackCivility.com hopes to change the tone of the discussion and remind individuals that there is more that unites us than divides us. Learn more at www.BringBackCivility.com

Media contact:

Robert Steinke
(907) 957-6712


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Popular Fisherman’s Wharf fishing and whale watching outfit, Randy’s Fishing Trips & Whale Watching, sold and will become two outfits to be operated as separate fishing and whale watching enterprises

One of Old Fisherman’s Wharf’s venerable institutions, Randy’s Fishing Trips & Whale Watching, has been purchased and divided into two new outfits, Discovery Whale Watch and J & M Sport Fishing.

Monterey, CA, March 30, 2017 — One of Old Fisherman’s Wharf’s venerable institutions, Randy’s Fishing Trips & Whale Watching, has been purchased and divided into two new outfits, Discovery Whale Watch and J & M Sport Fishing.

The two companies, one focusing on whale watching, the other on sport fishing, will officially open on April 1, with a public ribbon-cutting ceremony set for May 9th at 5:00 p.m.

Randy’s Fishing Trips & Whale Watching, which has been operating on the wharf since 1949 and since 1981 by Peter Bruno, was one of Monterey Bay’s top whale watching and sport fishing outfits, with two boats operating, the 61-foot Chubasco and the 53-foot Sur Randy our primary boat.

Discovery Whale Watch offers daily 3-4-hour whale watch trips narrated by a marine biologist/naturalist as well as ash scattering trips, private charters and other outings. Their mission statement is: “We strive to provide our passengers with an inspiring, educational experience on Monterey Bay.”

Trips are weather permitting and travel to different locations within the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary to view whales and dolphins and other wildlife throughout the year.

J & M Sport Fishing specializes in sport fishing trips for a variety of species, including salmon (in season), rock cod, ling cod, Dungeness crab, sand dabs, squid, mackerel, halibut and albacore.

The new owners of the two outfits are John Mayer and Mathew Arcoleo. They are currently updating the Chubasco to make it more comfortable and accommodating as a whale-watching vessel and making Sur Randy a fishing-only boat. They plan on adding a third boat to the fleet, which should be ready in time for the April opening.

About John Mayer

John Mayer was practically destined to become an owner of Randy’s Fishing Trips & Whale Watching.

At age 14 he got his first job washing boats at Randy’s Fishing. Within a couple of weeks he became a deckhand and by the time he was 18, he had logged enough hours on the ocean to apply for a captain’s license. And he got it.

He continued to crew on Randy’s boats as well as fill in as skipper when needed. He spent almost a dozen years working at the Fisherman’s Wharf institution.

In his late-20s, John decided to join Monterey Bay Whale Watch, where he ended up spending seven years and logged 3,000 trips out into the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

“I adapted quite well,” he says of the transition from mostly fishing trips to whale watching. “Whale watching was just as interesting to me, if not more. What really gets me going is I really like to try and figure out what’s going on in the ocean. All the little things out there and how it all fits together.”

Born in Santa Cruz, but raised in Pacific Grove, John, now 36, has always had a deep and abiding interest in the ocean. So being a partner in both a fishing and whale-watching enterprise is a dream come true.

“It’s something I’ve been dreaming about since I was a deckhand with Randy’s Fishing,” he says. “I’ve always admired and respected the people doing this. But this is an expensive business to get into and I said I would only do it if the right person came along. And in Mathew, I couldn’t ask for a better partner.”

John actually met Mathew through Mathew’s daughter, who was an intern with Monterey Bay Whale Watch. When Mathew came to Monterey with his daughter, the two men got to talking and found out they had similar visions.

The result was Discovery Whale Watching and J&M Sport Fishing (J&M taken from their first names, of course), in which they are 50/50 partners.

“We want to educate people and provide a great experience for them,” he says. “We want to tell the story about the ocean, its animals and its environment. And we’re putting together an all-star cast to do that.”

About Mathew Arcoleo

Mathew Arcoleo has spent almost 30 years in the high-tech industry in the Bay Area, but his roots are in Monterey and especially on Fisherman’s Wharf. You could say it’s in his blood.

Mathew’s great-grandfather was the first person to start a sport fishing enterprise on Fisherman’s Wharf and his grandfather and father both owned Frank’s Fishing Trips on the Wharf.

Not only that, young Mathew was affectionally known as a “wharf rat,” hanging out in his dad’s shop and working as a deckhand on his boats as a teen-ager before he left for college.

Born and raised in Monterey, Mathew attended Monterey schools as well as Monterey Peninsula College before he left to attend San Jose State, where he got a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. He also got his MBA at Santa Clara University and was well on his way to a thriving career in the semi-conductor industry.

But he also knew that he would be drawn back to Monterey some day.

“It’s something I’d always thought I’d do one day,” he says about his return to Monterey and a business partnership on the Wharf with John Mayer, a fellow “wharf rat.” “I always thought of Monterey as my home. I even have a boat that I take out fishing or whale watching with my daughter, sons and friends.”

And to solidify the Monterey connections even more, John Mayer was captaining the boat for Monterey Bay Whale Watching when Mathew scattered his dad’s ashes at sea; one of the principals of MBWW, Richard Ternullo was a cousin of his; and his daughter, Brooke, worked as a summer intern on one of MBWW’s boats, which also happened to be captained by John Mayer.

It was on one of these excursions that Mathew and John started talking about their own venture on the Wharf.

With Randy’s for sale, Mathew and John thought it was their chance to fulfill that shared vision, but only if they could do it the right way, and that was with two separate outfits and another boat added to the fleet.

“We believe in having two companies, each one focusing on its core,” says Mathew, who currently lives in Campbell, California. He has a wife, Carrie, an elementary school teacher, daughter and two sons. Mathew hopes to return to Monterey one day. “Discovery Whale Watching is for whale watching. The boats used will be clean and set up for that. J&M Sport Fishing is all about fishing.”

Discovery Whale Watch

J & M Sport Fishing

66 Fisherman’s Wharf

Monterey, CA, 93940

(800) 251-7440

(831) 372-7440





Marci Bracco Cain

Chatterbox PR

Salinas, CA 93901

(831) 747-7455


Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel and Spa Launches New Year Pin It To Win It Contest

On our to-do list for the New Year is to enjoy more of the beauty available to us on the central coast!

Monterey, CA, December 31, 2014 – On our to-do list for the New Year is to enjoy more of the beauty available to us on the central coast! From hiking and whale watching, to lazy days at the beach there is always something adventurous to do! We want to know….what activities would you love to do when visiting the area? Post your ideas in our new Pin-It-To-Win-It contest for the chance to win a two-night stay and a visit to Marilyn Monroe Spas at Hyatt Regency Monterey!

To enter the contest simply:

Pin It To Win It!

a. On our to-do list for the New Year is to enjoy more of the beauty available to us on the central coast! From hiking and whale watching, to lazy days at the beach there is always something adventurous to do! We want to know….what activities would you love to do when visiting the area?

b. Follow us on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/montereyhyatt/

c. Create A Board Titled: Fun On The Central Coast

d. Add a minimum of 5 pictures of fun Monterey County activities with the hashtag #FunStayAtHyattRegencyMonterey

e. Email a link your board to: marci@chatterboxpublicrelations.com

f. One lucky winner will receive a two-night stay at Hyatt Regency Monterey and a spa day at Marilyn Monroe Spas!

g. Winner will be announced February 5th!!

*Contest runs from January 1st- January 30th

About Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel& Spa on Del Monte Golf Course
Nestled in 22 acres of soaring Monterey Pines, the Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel & Spa on Del Monte Golf Course is a destination resort providing the discerning traveler the quintessential Monterey experience. Its location offers guests close proximity to downtown Monterey and Monterey Airport and easy access to some of the Peninsula’s most well known attractions. With its warm, contemporary ambiance, elegant furnishings and convenient amenities, the hotel offers both leisure and business travelers a Northern California respite of unmatched serenity and comfort. Features include 550 guestrooms including 32 suites, and the President’s house, TusCA Ristorante, Knuckles Sports Bar, Fireplace Lounge, personalized concierge service at the Regency Club, a 2,000 square foot fitness facility, tennis courts, pools and whirlpools, and 12,000 square foot full service spa. The hotel is located at 1 Old Golf Course Road in Monterey, California. For information call (831) 372-1234 or visit www.hyattregencymonterey.com/.

Marci Bracco Cain
Carmel, CA 93923

Not Too Late: Baja’s Famous Whale Watching Now at its Height

Thanks to La Niña, more “Friendlies” will remain in Baja until mid-April 2012.

San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja California Sur, Mexico (March 8, 2012 — Ecotourism-Newswire.com)

Each year, gray whales migrate thousands of miles, from northern Alaska to Baja. It is the longest migration of mammals on earth. And this year, it is still going strong. The Sea of Cortez has also filled with blue, humpback, Bryde’s, and pilot whales – 2/3 of marine mammal species call this sea home in the spring.

In the shallow, protected waters of three Pacific lagoons, the gray whales congregate to mate, give birth, and — in the case of “the friendlies” — interact with curious travelers.

February is often thought as peak season for whale watching. However, the whales do not migrate all at once; there is a steady stream of whales heading south in December. This year La Niña has created cooler water temperatures, and more whales are going farther south and staying longer in the sub-tropical areas. Thanks to the favorable conditions, the San Ignacio Lagoon has seen a record breaking number of grays this season. The migration north typically begins in February with the single whales leaving first; the mothers and babies stay long into April.

About “The Friendlies”: whales seeking the company of humans

San Ignacio Lagoon is the acknowledged “home of the friendlies.” For 30 years now, the whales here have seemed to actively seek out human contact. Mother whales wintering here appear to teach their babies to approach human visitors. This is not a staged experience performed by captive whales. These are free, wild whales who play with humans by choice.

Baja is the only place in the world where whales are known to exhibit this behavior. It is because of the “friendlies” that Baja Expeditions’ head naturalist Jose Sanchez calls San Ignacio Lagoon “the most magical place on the planet to see gray whales.” Sanchez says people love the intimate feeling of connection they experience when visiting the whales in this, the smallest and most conservatively-protected of the three lagoons.

A close encounter with a friendly whale can be a life-changing experience. “Whale Watching in Baja” is a featured journey in author Patricia Schultz’s book 1,000 Places to See Before You Die. Schultz recommends Baja Expeditions as “the only operator to use,” praising the company’s naturalist guides, small groups, seasoned crews and local chefs.

For more information visit http://www.bajaex.com


Note to Editors: pre-cleared photos and interviews are available upon request. “Spyhopping” photo, © 2011 by Jose Sanchez


Baja Expeditions organizes premier whale watching trips that start and end in San Diego’s Old Town. These multi-day trips include a charter flight direct to the lagoon, making transportation simple and convenient.

Guests are picked up by a luxury shuttle in San Diego, and flown in a 14 passenger Cessna Caravan from Tijuana (Click to see video of border crossing) to the lagoon. In San Ignacio, guests stay in sturdy waterfront cabanas or safari-style tents. Guests enjoy three full days of twice-daily excursions into the whale watching area, delicious meals, and happy hours beneath a star-studded night sky.

Dates available: March 10-14, 14-18 and 18-22nd. Prices have been discounted from $2395 to $2150/person. Call to ask about custom trips from now through mid-April.

San Ignacio Lagoon, a part of the Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve, was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1993. This designation protects not only the gray whales, but also seals, blue whales, sea turtles, and many species of birds and terrestrial animals and plants. There are 890 World Heritage sites worldwide, from Stonehenge to the Serengeti.

Click for a PDF of the San Ignacio itinerary: http://bajaex.com/Documents/WWSI-Itinerary-2012.aspx

Click here to see a short video of a whale watching excursion filmed in at San Ignacio Lagoon in February 2012: http://youtu.be/XKooWgNZUKQ

Click for a backgrounder on gray whales: http://www.marinebio.net/marinescience/05nekton/GWlagoons.htm

About Baja Expeditions

Baja Expeditions is the world’s leader in eco-adventures to Baja, and the oldest and largest adventure travel expedition operator in Baja California, Mexico. Founded in 1974, we have been protecting wild Baja for over 37 years by sharing the natural wonders with interested travelers. Baja Expeditions has offices in San Diego, California and La Paz, Mexico.

Whale watching, sea kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, hiking, scuba diving and natural history expeditions are Baja Expeditions’ featured trips. Guests include vacationers, families, school groups, honeymooners, corporate outings, as well as devoted ecotourists. The level of physical activity is tailored to the group, from “extreme” athletes to laid-back retirees.

Trips focus on education and preservation, and emphasize small group size, flexible itineraries, and the best guides and crew in the region. On service trips, laypeople can volunteer alongside scientists to tag whale sharks or monitor sea turtles. Conservation partners include: The Audubon Society, REEF (Reef Environmental Education Foundation), Broadreach (summer adventures for teenagers), The Nature Conservancy, Ecology Project International, World Wildlife Fund, Ocean Revolution, and Grupo Tortuguero.

Media Contact:
Emily Evans
Baja Expeditions Inc.