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Revealed, Why Vacations Make US Happier, Healthier & More Productive

Leading wellness travel brand, Wellness Tourism Worldwide, has just announced the results of a U.S.travel survey on the power of vacations in boosting heath, happiness and productivity.

Los Angeles (July 9, 2013) — Leading wellness travel brand, Wellness Tourism Worldwide, has just announced the results of a U.S.travel survey on the power of vacations in boosting heath, happiness and productivity.

Wellness Tourism Worldwide’s new report surveyed over 500 U.S. consumers to better understand the underlying psychology related to vacation motivations, perceptions and purchase decisions including preferred destinations, booking choices, trip length and trip spend.

The survey is part of WTW’s newly released U.S. Vacationers: Happiness, Health & Productivity – An Essential Report for Travel, Hospitality & Wellness Industries. Peer reviewed by experts and thought leaders in academia, hospitality, tourism and work/life balance, this report provides unprecedented information including survey data, extensive literary research and in-depth interviews with industry experts.

Wellness Tourism Worldwide Founder & CEO, Camille Hoheb, remarked, “Our survey respondents believe vacations are an important aspect of work/life balance – providing time for individuals, couples and friends and family to decompress, connect, explore, engage, learn, renew and transform. Our mission is to improve well-being and economic growth through travel and we believe in promoting travel as both a personal strategy for wellness and as an economic strategy benefiting businesses and communities.”

High Level Survey Findings include:

– Over 90% of respondents believe vacations can improve happiness.
– Nearly 90% of respondents believe vacations can improve health.
– 84% respondents believe vacations can improve productivity citing better problem solving, enhanced creativity, more resiliency, better ability to cope with daily stress among other factors.
– Respondents believe vacations provide an opportunity for life changing decisions and transformation
– 37% of respondents decided to start a health regimen while on vacation
– 21% of respondents decided to change jobs while on vacation
– 19% of respondents decided to start a new business
– 90% said they would look at vacations as being transformative in the future

One of the great challenges in the U.S. workforce is the ability for employees to take a vacation. Roughly one-third of respondents reported they didn’t remember they took a 7+ day vacation citing lack of time-off and money as the major barriers. Despite these challenges over 90% of respondents reported that taking a vacation was important during tough financial times and a majority planned to take a vacation in the next year.

Offering a timely perspective on what today’s American leisure travelers seek, desire and expect during a vacation, the U.S. Vacationers report is a resource used to aid in wellness promotion, travel marketing, and vacation policy development.

The Report Is Useful To:

Travel sellers, suppliers, destinations and all travel and tourism professionals
Associations and providers related to health, corporate wellness, travel and hospitality
Organizations focused on workforce sustainability & corporate social responsibility
Schools offering travel and hospitality programs, wellness coaching and workplace wellness programs



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