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USRoadWarriors.com Launches Careers, News and Lifestyle Site for Drivers and Truckers

Original content, entertainment, games, career opportunities and health and wellness features are provided on the free site plus more.

Round Rock, TX, USA — USRW LLC announced the launch today of USRoadWarriors.com, its new careers, news and lifestyle site for drivers and truckers. The website is free and offers many features including a Driver Job Center, original articles, videos and podcasts, Health and Wellness options including mobile medical referrals, weather and games. It is the first website of its kind in the marketplace.

“Approximately 15 million people in the US self describe themselves as Drivers. This includes all drivers from local delivery to over-the-road (OTR) truckers. We wanted to create a website that addresses the unique needs of all drivers and provide them with tools and resources to make their lives easier and more productive,” said Carl Braun, publisher and co-founder of USRoadWarriors.com.

“Original content is the key to the websites success,” noted John Fujii, co-founder. “Our team of writers are creating original articles that you can only find on USRoadWarriors.com and our affiliate sites. The website has a Driver Job Center with tens of thousands of career opportunities for drivers with all types of experience levels. In the next several weeks, USRW is launching niche employment sites serving the Veteran, Women and Diverse driver segments as well.”

“We have 20+ years of Internet job board experience and our website USTruckerjobs.com has been around for 8 years of that. Forty percent of the market are passive job seekers and we are dedicated to introducing passive candidates to excellent career opportunities through leading edge features and original content,” noted Braun.

Media Contact:
Carl Braun

USTruckerjobs.com Partners With Transportation Job Fair in Oklahoma City

The event, sponsored by The Oklahoman newspaper (OPUBCO) is the first of its kind.

Oklahoma City, OK, USA (October 2, 2014) — UStruckerjobs.com, the leading website nationally for truckers and jobs in transportation is partnering with The Oklahoman newspaper in its first ever Transportation Job Fair. The event is being held Saturday October 18 from 10am until 2 pm at the Plaza Mayor at the Crossroads of I-35 and I-240 in Oklahoma City.

According to USTruckerjobs.com, jobs in transportation and logistics are the number one need for employers in the US and the hardest jobs to fill. “Its one of the toughest categories for our clients, and salaries for experienced truckers and those considering the career field are at an all-time high,” noted Sela Rodriguez, VP of Recruiting.

Some of the regions largest transportation employers will be at the event conducting interviews. Industry titans like Schneider, Sunoco Logistics and Stevens Trucking will be on hand along with Vaughn Foods, Pro Drivers, Borden, Freshpoint, Coffeville Resources, Silver Star Construction Co., GP Integrated Services, Daryl Thomason Trucking, Cardinal/Greatwide, KIMRAD/BCT and more.

“We are so excited about holding this job fair and delivering top talent to our transportation employers while helping our readers find an excellent career opportunity in trucking and logistics,” said Nancy Simoneau Marketing/Recruitment Consultant for OPUBCO.

USTruckerjobs.com has listings of many of the jobs that will be available at the event and is specially designed to be used on a mobile device without downloading a special app, which is a real convenience for truckers on the move. Individuals that would like to be considered but might be on the road on October 18th can send a resume or job summary and contact info to Ms. Simoneau at:

Nancy Simoneau
Marketing/Recruitment Consultant
9000 N Broadway
Oklahoma City, OK 73114
405 475-3708

American Defense Project Supports Veterans, Truckers, & Impeachment Protesters in DC

The American Defense Project is releasing a statement today encouraging members and the public to support the three major protests against the nationally destructive policies of Barack Obama this coming weekend October 11-13.

Raleigh, NC, USA (October 10, 2013) — Contact: Jack@AmericanDefenseProject.com / (919) 964-0538

The American Defense Project is releasing a statement today encouraging members and the public to support the three major protests against the nationally destructive policies of Barack Obama this coming weekend October 11-13.

“The AD Project is forming to support American activists who are fighting to preserve our nation’s freedoms, principles, traditions, security, and integrity, and we see those desires reflected in the three major protests occurring this weekend.” said Jack Lawrence the Director of the American Defense Project. “We will help spread the word and encourage people to join with our veterans, truckers, and overpass protesters in what is clearly becoming a new and rising movement in America against Obama’s abuses of power that threaten the freedoms of all Americans.”

The American Defense Project, “AD Project,” is found online at http://www.AmericanDefenseProject.com where activists are encouraged to sign up for e-mail activism and newsletter alerts. The group has also started a Facebook group found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/AmericanDefenseProject.

AD Project hopes that supporters of the three protests will take an interest in reciprocal support for this new national organization.

The three protests AD Project is endorsing and supporting are…
Million Vet March on the Memorials

Truckers Ride For The Constitution

Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment

For more information, interviews, or to lend your support and participation, please visit http://www.AmericanDefenseProject.com.