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Trevaron Tours and Travel is a company based in Kenya offering safaris to Kenya andTanzania. Their safaris cover the beaches as well as national parks in Kenya includingthe world famous Masai Mara National Reserve.

Trevaron Tours and Travel 27.04.2011, Trevaron Tours and Travel is a tour company withmore than 4 years wealth of experience in the tourism industry. The company has concentratedits efforts towards delivering quality service to all their clients. Their clients come from all overthe world including US, South Africa, Austalia, Canada, South America, Eastern Europe, Indiaamong many other countries. Trevaron Tours and Travel offer personalized service both duringplanning period until arrival and completion of their tours.

Their safaris ranges from luxury lodge/camping tours, budget camping, mountain climbing,mountain climbing safaris, water rafting, tailor-made holidays, honeymoons and private homestays among others.

Trevaron Tours and Travel provides interesting range of short tours and excursions in Nairobiand Mombasa. They offer many types of African safari holiday packages and you can chooseyour package depending on your budget. They also offer bookings for hotels, lodges and campsin Kenya.

Over a million wildebeests and zebras followed by the big cats cross over the rolling plainsof the Masai Mara during the months of early July to late September. This is the best times tovisit Kenya or Tanzania to witness this spectacular natural phenomenon. Masai Mara holidaypackages on offer at the site include the 10 days and 9 nights safari among others. This safaritakes you to Masai Mara, where the wildebeest migration will be taking place where you get tovisit the premier parks and game reserves of Kenya.. The sight of the mass migration is awesomeand its an event one cannot afford to miss.

Kenya beach and safari packages include full day in Tsavo east national park, 2 days/1 nightshimba hills national park, 2 days/1 night in Tsavo east national park, Maasai Mara flying 2 days/1 night kichwa tembo camp and Maasai Mara flying safari – 3 Days/ 2 nights Mara Serena lodge.

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Trevarontours.com provides information on safaris and hotel bookings in Kenya and Tanzania.The company offers personalized service both during planning period until arrival and completionof the tour in East Africa. Please visit the site and get more detailed information on Africansafari holiday packages, Masai Mara holiday packages and Kenya beach and safaripackages. Contact us for hassle free consultations

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