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Zeek Rewards and Lisa Kay have Launched a Program to Help Everyone in Network Marketing Create Income

Zeek Rewards Has Reached the Top of Alexa Worldwide for MLM’s With the Help of Lisa Kay.

San Jose, CA, December 12, 2011 – Zeek Rewards was created for anyone tired of working 9-5, anyone weary of watching assets dwindle amidst the adjustments & shifts in the financial community, or anyone working a home business.

FIRST, LET’S LOOK AT REALITY: 95% of people in MLM, network marketing, Internet marketing, or home business opportunities FAIL, Kay says.

They all fail for 4 main reasons:

1. Most people start their own businesses on a “shoe string” budget. Because they don’t know how to effectively advertise and promote their businesses, these folks quickly run out of money, without having the opportunity to effectively grow and explode their business.

2. Most people pitch their mlm, network marketing, internet marketing, or home business opportunities to their family, friends, and co-workers. This is a recipe for running out of people to talk to and for running out of money to advertise. That’s a sad scenario, not having enough qualified people to talk to on a daily basis. No business — even a franchise like McDonald’s — could survive on a daily basis unless they had customers.

3. Most people lack the tools, resources and sales training needed to put their potential new distributors or customers through a simple information process. “What is an information process?” you ask. An information process is simply: the resources for presenting your product or service to more people in less time. With a great information process, you can stop talking to people one-at-a-time, stop doing in home presentations, and stop going to hotel meetings. You can use technology to streamline the process.

4. Most people “can’t close their way out of a paper bag.” It’s sad to say most people join a home business before they realize they are suddenly in the business of sales. And they are either afraid of the phone or can’t close the deal. Bottom line: they don’t make any money.

Over the past few months Zeek Rewards has changed many people’s lives. Leverage is what this program brings to the home based business and this is why so many people are successful Kay says. When you teach people how to make money online you have a friend for life. When I first saw Zeek Rewards, I just knew I had found my Golden Ticket Kay says.

Here are the top reasons why Zeek Rewards is growing so Fast:
1. You Do Not need to Sponsor or Recruit to Make Money
2. Compound Income (you get paid 6 different ways)
3. You Can Join For Free!

As founder of LK Enterprise, Lisa Kay has stayed on the cutting edge of internet marketing and home business opportunities. Kay says, after intentionally staying on the fringe of the Home Business/Network Marketing Industry for a dozen years, the careful evaluation and due diligence of a dozen different top internet homes businesses, it was obvious that Zeek Rewards was a smart marketing strategy. Zeek Rewards had the perfect combination of product, training and appropriate market timing. It’s very rare to have all of these elements come together in one powerful structure all at the same time. Together we can make a huge and important difference in people’s lives. Whether you’re a part-time non-recruiter or a seasoned sales professional, Zeek Rewards offers you an opportunity to create whatever income and life-style you desire. To find out more on how Lisa Kay can help you build wealth contact at 408-372-2392 or http://www.WhoIsLisaKay.com

Lisa Kay
LK Enterprise
San Jose, CA 95101