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Cool New iPhone & iPad Game ‘Little Bird’ Uses Apple’s Accelerometer & Gyro

Little Bird combines Apple’s accelerometer and gyroscope gaming technologies, exotic landscapes, objects and contraptions allowing you to interact with the game in ways that have never been seen before on an iPhone or iPad.

By tilting your device to the right or left, Little Bird uses the latest technology along with gravity and speed to build momentum so you can get through each of 20 one-of-a-kind levels.

Playing Little Bird is a fun, challenging and unique experience. Before long you’ll be rolling, jumping, bouncing, flying through the air, swinging in baskets, riding in carts and shooting out of cannons while avoiding obstacles, booby traps and enemies to help Little Bird collect coins along the path to safety.

Fredericktown, PA (October 6, 2012) — The medical doctor who created the fun loving “Whack-A-Kitty” video that went viral on YouTube when it was viewed by more than 5 million has created a new gaming app for iPhones and iPads that is sure to be a big hit.

Robert Belluso, DO, loves his medical practice but could not resist his creative longings and arcade gaming background and devoted his spare time to developing the Little Bird gaming app. (http://www.littlebirdgame.com)

Little Bird combines current technology, exotic landscapes, objects, and contraptions, allowing the player to interact in novel ways that have not been seen before in an iPhone game. Little Bird brings the simple idea of a real skill arcade game to the next level, offering a fun, challenging, and unique experience.

Unlike games that rely on tapping, sliding or swiping, Little Bird takes advantage of the latest iPhone technology. The user tilts the device to the right or left, using gravity and speed to build momentum to get through each level.

Before long the gamer is rolling, jumping, bouncing, flying through the air, swinging in baskets, riding in carts, and shooting out of cannons while avoiding obstacles, booby traps and enemies to help Little Bird collect coins along the path to safety.

“Little Bird brings the simple idea of a real skill arcade game, from which the concept was born, to the next level,” explains Dr. Belluso, “offering a fun, challenging and unique experience that will keep gamers coming back for more. Little Bird is a fun, gravity driven novel game played with challenging physics-based obstacle courses.”

For iPhone/iPod:

For iPad:

Although developed initially for iPhone, Little Bird is a universal app available on all devices that combines accelerometer and gyroscope gaming technologies. It features 20 unique levels with future levels coming and frequent updates.

Little Bird is rated 4+ (suitable for ages 4 and older). Gamers who enjoy Angry Birds, Feed That Dragon, Where’s My Water, Hank Hazard, Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope and Bike Baron will very much feel at home with Little Bird.

Little Bird is available on iTunes for $0.99

Key Features:
• 20 Amazingly FUN levels with more to come!
• Uses Apple’s Accelerometer and Gyroscope
• An Astounding 60 Frames Per Second!
• Sharp Crisp Colorful Graphics
• Optimized for Retina Display & the New iPad
• Little Bird uses the latest technology
• Gravity and Speed Are Your Friends!!
• Custom Music and Sound Effects
• You’ll Play it Again and Again
• It’s Tons’O Fun!
• Facebook and Twitter Integration
• Compete against Friends with Achievements and Leaderboards

Robert Belluso, an osteopathic physician since 2002, experienced first-hand the evolution of video gaming technology from “Pong” to “Super Mario” to online gaming with a dial-up modem and now to post-pc mobile gaming. He created Little Bird to replicate the skills of playing real arcade-style games as no tapping, sliding or swiping motions are used. Belluso graduated in 2002 from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and currently practices family medicine in Fredericktown, PA.

For more information or for an interview with Robert Belluso or to obtain a free reviewers code for Little Bird contact Scott Lorenz of Westwind iPhone App Publicity, Tel: 734-667-2090, E-Mail: scottlorenz[at]iPhoneAppPublicity.com, Web: http://www.iphoneapppublicity.com.

News from Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle for iPad. Halloween and more…

A very nice holiday Halloween is coming and an independent development company d-Studio, Ltd. wants to share its latest news and some plans about future versions of its puzzle applications. Today, “Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle” – the main puzzle game for iPad developed by the company – has reached a huge number of users all round the world, and became one of the most popular, interesting and natural jigsaw puzzle made for iPad.

Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle has already gained a loyal following of fans who truly love the game; with more than 320 ratings on the App Store, and with an average rating of or above 4.5 stars, Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle for iPad is an absolute winner.

Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle provides your a perfect opportunity to experience the feeling of vivid jigsaw puzzles. The game features highly natural and intuitive controls with a unique set of gestures that makes the virtual jigsaw puzzle experience even better than the traditional puzzle on your table.

Among all this, d-Studio, Ltd. has already lunched two beautiful and unique holiday editions of Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle game. Both of them, Hell Puzzle and Join the Hearts – Jigsaw Puzzle, are perfectly developed and designed to give you, your friends and family an unforgettable impression of assembling puzzles.

The most recent game announced by d-Studio, Ltd. – Hell Puzzle – which has just come to the App Store market and is now available on the iPad! Released just in time for Halloween, Hell Puzzle brings the easy tilt controlled game play and hours of fun to kids and parents alike.

Hell Puzzle for iPad offers action-packed Halloween fun for the whole family. In this game, well known jigsaw puzzle gets traditional Halloween style and inherits the best features from the Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle. It still has the most advanced puzzle engine with the most comfortable, realistic and natural control that will make you to enjoy the best possible holiday gaming.

Now you can feel the spirit of the Halloween wherever you want, because the jigsaw puzzle game Hell Puzzle will always be with you on your iPad. Beautiful graphics in the atmosphere of the Halloween, excellent collection of themed pictures and a big range of pieces to play with makes Hell Puzzle from d-Studio, Ltd exciting puzzle game for iPad that will bring much joy to you, your friends and your family and even won’t give a chance to get bored and stop enjoy yourself while assembling jigsaw puzzles. The Halloween spirit continues all over the game. An interesting surprise, which could become frightening for those who doesn’t know about it, is waiting for each user in the Gameplay.

We highly recommended “Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle”, “Hell Puzzle” and “Join the Hearts – Jigsaw Puzzle” apps to those who what to make an interesting, colorful and valuable present to friends and family on any holiday. Use “Gift This App” from iTunes and do not loose the chance to make a small, but very nice present to your children, girlfriend, boyfriend, friends and your relatives!

Among the main features of all d-Studio, Ltd. puzzles are:

  • Absolutely realistic control
  • A unique set of in-game gestures
  • Beautiful interface design
  • Ability to play puzzles ranging from 4-300 pieces
  • Zoom and ability to move around the game table
  • A variety of backgrounds to choose from
  • Ability to save finished puzzle images to iPad Photo Library
  • Puzzle assembly timer and top score tracking with and ability to tweet about results
  • Sound effects can be turned on or off
  • Full iOS 5 compatibility

Although, Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle has already got a lot of wonderful features which make gaming comfortable for everyone, d-Studio, Ltd. team does not spot on this point and continues to improve application for you. The next major update is coming soon before Thanksgiving Day and will bring few presents for you.

Previous versions of Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle for iPad have become popular in many countries and got a lot of positive reviews, so d-Studio, Ltd. hopes that latest puzzle products will also become one of the favorite apps for many iPad users.

d-Studio, Ltd and Join It team will be very glad to hear your thoughts and wishes as for the new version.