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Intriguing, Interesting Indonesia

Singapore – 30/11/2010 – Indonesia has many exuberant sights which are the main tourist attractions and places of interest. A visit to these sights is highly a must. Excitehotels.com provides good and cheap deals on Indonesia hotels which offer tourists the best of comforts and ensure a pleasant stay.

One sight which is beautiful yet very less visited by the tourists is the Alor Islands. It is a virtual paradise and the surrounding seas are home to dolphins and whales. There are ancient villages where old customs are still followed. It has beautiful beaches and rugged terrains.

Bau Bau situated in the mountainous islands of Batung is another place of spectacle and splendour. Woli Fortress, built by the Sultan of Buton and the Sultan’s palace are places of tourist interest. They now display royal artefacts and souvenirs.

The world famous volcano Krakatoa situated in the Sunda strait between Java and Sumatra is in Indonesia. It is a magnificent and huge volcano from where you can view a beautiful and stunning sunset.

Komodo National Park, a world renowned national park which holds the history of the Jurassic era is also in Indonesia. It is a hot desert where visitors come to see the world’s largest lizard which is extinct everywhere else except in this park.

Bali is another must-visit place in Indonesia. The climate is perfect all around the year making it convenient for tourists. There are stunning sandy beaches, looming volcanoes and scenic scapes of rice and paddy fields. Bali is known for its diverse forms of art like handcrafts, painting, woodcarving and sculpture. Bali boasts of the most innovative and unique forms of art in the country which is now become popular worldwide.

Palau Pelangi, a small beautiful island is a part of the Thousand Island group. This island has mostly been developed into beautiful resorts which provide a holiday getaway for both the locals and the tourists. The pine and the lush palm trees along with the sandy beaches and clear blue sea make this island inimitable. There are shops for providing equipments for snorkelling, diving and fishing. There are beautiful floating restaurants which add glamour to the island’s appeal.

Semarang, a commercial port and gateway to the island’s interior is the administrative centre of central Java. It is considered to be the new building hub of trade and commerce. Excitehotels.com offers the best rate guarantees and deals on hotels in Indonesia.

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