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What is a Home Inspector? – From McKissock

McKissock Launches Another Funny, Meme-Inspired Video Answering the Question: What Does a Home Inspector Do?

Denver, CO, February 26, 2013 – What actually happens during a home inspection? It depends who you ask. Home inspectors are called upon every day to look at properties, but what do their moms, clients and the rest of the world think they do? “What is a Home Inspector?” is a funny video that answers that question from a variety of perspectives.

People often have different ideas about how a home inspector’s job gets done. Whether helping keep people safe from electrical fires, pointing out signs of water damage or confirming that a certain home is a wise investment, this profession is full of hard-working professionals. This entertaining, meme-inspired video takes a comedic look at what they do and don’t do!

McKissock, the creator of the video series, is a trusted resource for state-specific, state-approved, engineering, land surveying and home inspection courses, regulation information and compliance. This video is aimed at home inspection professionals who can laugh at the different perceptions of their career; check it out at http://youtu.be/JTS4X-k94Ds.

“Home inspectors deserve a lot of respect for the hard work they do every day to help us stay safe and warm. But they also deserve a good laugh,” says Annie Creek, Business Development Manager for McKissock. “We love this series of videos because, no matter the career, we all have inside jokes about what we do – and won’t ever do!”

In many states, home inspectors are required to hold a state license and keep up their continuing education. Because rules and regulations vary across the country, it can be confusing to know what the home inspector requirements are for license renewal, including how long it will take, what forms are needed and the related fees. McKissock serves as a comprehensive resource about continuing education requirements and more. For license- and education-related questions, contact 1-800-328-2008.

For busy home inspectors who need a reminder for license renewal (because they are too busy saving cats and babies or inspecting cellars as you will see in the video), McKissock offers a free reminder service that will notify you when your license renewal date is approaching. Visit http://reminder.mckedu.com to sign up.

“Professionals have enough on their plate, so we provide reminders, coursework and compliance information and serve as an ally,” adds Creek. “We have a deep understanding of the lives of people who spend a lot of time in the field and don’t want to be concerned about license deadlines and paperwork.”

McKissock has affiliations directly with many associations to better assist professionals in receiving their continuing education credits. For those with a home inspector job, McKissock has met the standards and requirements of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), the National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) and the California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA).

From the McKissock website, state-licensed professionals have access to all they need to fulfill state requirements. We offer governing agency information and mandatory topics needed for license renewal; visit today and you can begin taking required coursework immediately. McKissock offers customizable packages or individual professional engineer, land surveying and home inspector courses. For more information, visit www.mckissock.com and search for your specific profession and location.

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American Verified Home Inspections Help Make That Buying Property a Solid Investment

American Verified Home Inspections, a team of experienced and dedicate cincinnati home inspector professionals are continuing their mission to help every home buyer make the right decision, by stressing the importance of a thorough and effective pre-purchase home inspection.

The company claims that, when buying a home, choosing the right home inspector is just as vital as choosing the right financial planner.

That’s why the company carry out only the most thorough of inspections and provide each client with a detailed report of their findings.

Their experience covers all aspects of home inspections, allowing them to advise both buyers on any type of property – whether new or old.

As the company preach, a thorough home inspection will give any buyer peace of mind, and safeguard their investment:

“I recognize that the home buyer of today is more knowledgeable and demands the best in professional Home Inspectors. The time worn techniques employed by Home Inspectors in the past have become outdated in the age of the informed consumer. As a Professional Home Inspector I take pride in every property inspection and perform in and every Inspection report on” says the company owner.

The company’s services are certainly far reaching and valuable, making the prospect of hiring a home inspector attractive to even the most discerning of buyers.

To find out more about their services, and to book your home inspection today, please visit: http://www.americanverified.com/