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Dakota Dental Announces Timely Dental Services in a Relaxing Atmosphere

Dakota Dental provides information on what takes place during a typical exam to give patients peace of mind on what to expect at their visit.

Apple Valley, MN, USA — A patient’s first appointment at a new dental clinic can be filled with unknowns. To help alleviate those concerns, the family dentists at Dakota Dental communicate what happens in a typical appointment so patients know what to expect when they come for their dental visit.

The waiting room at Dakota Dental was designed specifically with their patients’ peace of mind as the priority. Comfortable leather furniture, an aviary with songbirds, and a fully stocked snack counter help to make patients feel comfortable from the moment they arrive. There is also a special play area for children with puzzles, books, and toys.

Following a short wait, a hygienist takes patients back to an exam room to go over any concerns patients may have with their teeth or overall dental health as well as review the patient’s medical history. They then check the patient’s vitals and begin the examination.

Hygienists examine teeth, checking for gum irritation or any signs of tooth decay. They remove any plaque or tartar buildup they find as well. After the examination portion of the appointment, the hygienist will polish and floss teeth. Depending on the patient’s history, they may also receive X-rays.

The dentist will come in and discuss with the hygienist anything found during the exam and cleaning, and will look over the patient’s teeth and X-rays. If any further steps are necessary for treatment, such as needing a cavity filling, a discussion will take place and a treatment plan will be made. At the conclusion of the appointment, the patient is led back out to the front office to set up their future or follow up appointments.

The dentists at Dakota Dental, Dr. Shelley Wakefield and Dr. Bennett Isabella, are both highly qualified dentists that are passionate about making preventative dental care and taking care of your teeth as easy and stress-free as possible. They believe that dental awareness and good oral health not only make their patients’ visits to the dental office less stressful, but also supports their dental health for the long-term.

Contact Dakota Dental to make an appointment or ask any questions on what to expect during an appointment.

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