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Oregon Grow Cabinets Launches Today – Home Growing, Refined

Outside View

Bend, OR, 2017-Mar-08 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — New startup OREGON GROW CABINETS, launching today, is focusing on the burgeoning home-growing movement with a new suite of grow cabinets constructed to fine-furniture standards and equipped with innovative climate controls. “Our cabinets are an industry game-changer,” says Adam Bronstein, owner/founder. “They are designed to provide you with the perfect customizable growing environment while looking great in your home. Our grow cabinets are something you will be proud to display. There is nothing like our products on the market today and they are built here in Central Oregon.”

People are discovering that they can grow for themselves what they used to buy, and Oregon Grow Cabinets make the home-growing experience streamlined and easy. Whether it’s growing cannabis or vegetables, the climate-controlled growing environment inside an Oregon Grow Cabinet takes the guesswork out of gardening and helps to ensure that your plants thrive. Growing your own also allows consumers to avoid the pesticides and fertilizers used by commercial growers. “Nothing can match the reward of growing and providing for yourself,” Bronstein says. “If you don’t have control from start to finish, how can you really know what you are consuming? I like having the piece of mind of knowing exactly how my crops are grown. It also allows me to focus on the quality of what I grow.”

Inside View

A zero-compromise approach to form, function and quality all came together during the development of the suite of Oregon Grow Cabinets. “When I decide on making a significant purchase in life, I am looking for products that add value and provide me with day-to-day enjoyment. Like many others today, I’m tired of the cheaply-made, soon-to-hit-the-landfill, often gimmicky products that are being peddled. A fine furniture maker by trade, Bronstein reworked and fine-tuned the cabinet designs for more than a year before it met his high quality standards. He concludes, “I wanted to merge the worlds of indoor growing and furniture making together, and I am proud to launch Oregon Grow Cabinets and bring a beautiful and functional product to market.”

Oregon Grow Cabinets LLC builds high quality grow cabinets for the home in Central Oregon.

Adam Bronstein

Mall REITs Could Grow in Popularity, claims AAA

Mall REITs are becoming an attractive choice for investors, claims Alternative Asset Analysis, following the publication of a report on the issue in Forbes this week.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States, October 05, 2012 – Mall REITs are becoming an attractive choice for investors, claims Alternative Asset Analysis, following the publication of a report on the issue in Forbes this week.

Forbes real estate analyst Brad Thomas claimed that investing in Mall-based real estate investment trusts (REITs) can be a lucrative choice for a number of reasons. He suggested that the retail sector’s growth will mean strong incomes for malls as well as the construction of new malls across the US. There is already 1,400 malls across the US and the demand for retail mall space is increasing. This is all good news for investors, according to Anthony Johnson, AAA’s analysis partner.

Mr Thomas backs this view, explaining: “Excellent locations and moderate but steady growth in retail sales, reduces risk and provides for predictable and growing cash flows.”

The median occupancy levels for regional malls in the US is an impressive 94.2 per cent – showing that malls that are built, do not suffer from problems attracting tenants, and this, making income.

REITs are a popular form of alternative investment at a time when all kinds of alternative asset classes are growing in popularity. AAA advocates all forms of alternative investments, with an emphasis on ethical investments, such as forestry projects and social impact investing.

These types of investment choices are proving attractive to people who want to make a difference with their cash investments and reflects the way the markets have changed since the economic crisis. “People are less interested in short term gains and are more likely to be in it for the long-haul when it comes to investments these days,” explained Johnson.

He added, “Investing in a social fund that lends money to small businesses in a developing countries, for example, can be very rewarding and profitable. Investing in a sustainable plantation projects that helps reduce deforestation is also a lucrative and ethical choice.”

Anthony Johnson
Alternative Asset Analysis
71 Commercial St
Boston, MA 02109-1320