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Savinguae.com Expanding to Other Countries After a Great Success in UAE

Savinguae.com is affiliated with over 50 clients right now and increasing the advertisers’ day by day.

Dubai, UAE — GCC has great potential for online promotions and that’s why more new websites are entering to the market month on month. There are many e-commerce companies who are moving ahead to other parts of the United Arab Emirates to expend their business. On the other side affiliates are also creating more domains to Saudi, Oman, Egypt and Qatar to grab more organic traffic to boost sales.

Internet penetration in UAE is 91.9% now which is one of the highest in the world. (Source: http://www.internetlivestats.com/internet-users/united-arab-emirates). Saudi Arabia has only 64.7% internet penetration and have much more scope to grow. This is also the reason more companies are now moving toward the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There is huge potential for online shopping and travel in Saudi and many international brands as Amazon also entered the market by taking a stake in Souq.com, one of the largest ecommerce portal in GCC region. Expected revenue from E-commerce in Saudi by 2017 is US$5,471m and expected to grow by 21-25% by 2021. The market is largely set for fashion and there is huge potential of growth in the country.

“As internet shopping is growing, there is huge scope for affiliate websites and blogs to attract customers by offering them more deals and offers at one place. There are many coupon code / deal websites who are collecting daily deals or offers from clients and listing them on their website to make it convenient for users to get saving options at one place”. You can get Souq Promo code, Namshi Coupon and Groupon Coupon codes online for free and save from 5% to 70% with these free coupons.

Savinguae.com is affiliated with over 50 clients right now and increasing the advertisers’ day by day. All customers can get free coupons and deals from the website to use at client’s website for saving. There are both exclusive and generic coupon codes listed on website and helping 1000’s of customers to save money online with shopping, travel and other transactions.

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Consumers Finding Huge Savings Online With New Sources For Coupons

[Detroit, MI] – January 17, 2012 – In these tight times, more consumers are looking for ways to save on the things they buy and, as more and more people begin to make numerous purchases via the internet, coupons for web based shops are becoming even more popular. The online retail industry has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past decade and much of this is due to the fact that consumers can save quite a bit of money, time and hassle when the shop over the web. Since coupon codes are an easy way to save, these have become quite sought after over the years and many people share these codes online when they find them. This is a quick way to get an amazing savings that many people are delighted by and since there is no need to clip and save this type of coupon, it is very simple to use it to a shopper’s advantage right away. In addition to these types of coupons, some sites also offer coupons that can be printed out and taken to local stores as a way to find even more savings in a consumer’s local retail community. The combination of both of these kinds of savings are now what many want when they look for a site that can offer them great ways to save on things they had already intended to buy.

Trim Back is one such savings web site that has already made quite a name for itself. In this age of social media, it is no surprise to see that site has already garnered over 8,000 Likes on Facebook, a key determiner of web popularity in the social sphere today. Consumers can look here for online deals from some of the biggest names in internet retail today, finding savings on everything from shoes to kitchen appliances to video games and more. This kind of variety is precisely what has made the site so popular and the fact that it already features thousands of retailers that offer coupons means that getting the best deals here is much easier than other web based savings destinations that might focus on one or two categories. When consumers visit Trim Back, they really are able to keep their budget slim and effective, many say.

To learn more about Trim Back and what all it has to offer, visitors should head to TrimBack.com today. Here they can find deals, local specials specific to their city, and even grocery coupons.

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Coupons Can Save You Thousands of Dollars per Year

Coupons are valuable because they have a monetary value when cashed in while buying a product or service. It is true that they cannot be exchanged for cash, but the value of coupons is redeemed with every purchase in savings off the normal purchase price. If a coupon states you will receive five dollars off, then it is as good as a five dollar bill. The best aspect of using them is the fact that savings are instant. They are so much better than rebates that have to be mailed in and then you wait and wait and wait for that rebate check to come in the mail weeks after a purchase.

Coupon codes are very important and must be utilized to get the desired savings that are advertised. Coupon codes identify many important facts. They verify the determined amount of savings, i.e., a specific dollar amount off, or a certain percentage off the purchase price. The coupon codes are also important to the company authorizing the coupon to identify the source where the coupon was located. The company will know which provider to pay for the service of advertising and offering the coupon to consumers. So, coupon codes are a benefit both to you and the business advertising the coupons.

Online coupons have several advantages over the ones that simply come in the mail. One of those advantages is being able to find coupons for several companies all on one site. It will save much time and effort to do one-stop shopping on a good coupon site. There will be no need to hop from company-to-company, or manufacturer-to-manufacturer to find the savings that you are looking to obtain. The selection of companies offering online coupons is very important when choosing a site to find your desired coupons. There should be a wide variety of different companies offering many products to choose from. It helps to find coupons that offer a percentage off your purchase price so you do not have to search item after item to find a specific coupon for a specific product. One final advantage often found online is either the lack of an expiration date, or at the very minimum, an extended expiration date. This advantage is in stark contrast to mailed coupons that often must be used in a certain amount of time such as “the next 3 days.”

It is a great time to save with coupons found online. Do not wait for them to come in the mail to you. Find what you can use. Try Coupon Computer.com for the best offerings and selection of coupons on the internet.

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